Eloise’s 3rd Birthday Baby Doll Brunch

This weekend, our sweetest Eloise Ruby turned three! As with every birthday, we are equal parts happy & sad, celebrating their little milestones while peeking back at photos from when they were born is always a recipe for tears.

Eloise loves her baby dolls more than anything, so when we asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted, it was no surprise that she said babies & pancakes. So I put together a little baby doll brunch, with pancakes on demand (thanks to chef daddy & grandpa who manned the kitchen all morning!) and each of her little friends bringing their baby dolls over. She loves blueberries (and anything blue really) so we did some blueberry yogurt parfaits (and blue cupcakes that we saved for later), made her a cake out of waffles & had her favorite cereal for snacking. I borrowed a few baby doll high chairs so each of the girls had a spot to put their babies to feed them as well, it was the cutest little set up, complete with OH BABY balloons that she loved!!

She wanted to make sure that we also wished her babies happy birthday, because of course they all had to share the big day with her, and she was over the moon excited about all of the new baby clothes (and even matching pajamas for her!) that she got to dress them all up. This is such a fun age and their excitement is contagious, we loved celebrating our Ellie girl!!

Eloise, you bring so much love & laughter to our family. We love listening to you tell stories & use your beautiful imagination, your smile has lit up the room since the day you were born. We love you more than words can say, happy birthday sweet baby girl.


Sweet Spring Mini Styles

Our favorite local ice cream shop just opened back up for the year and we are all pretty excited about it! I got to spend a little one on one time with my big girls the other night & took them over for their favorite strawberry flavor + rainbow sprinkles.

The girls wore the cutest coordinating new outfits from the Jumping Beans line at Kohl’s, I could not get over this watermelon print & knew they would both love it. The Jumping Beans line is full of super cute, comfortable staples for kids. I love all the ruffle skirts & fun prints, and tutus in every single color (including blue for our Ellie girl) for under $10!

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like my kids have such a huge burst of energy in the Spring and want to do all the things. Minutes after eating their ice cream (and getting “freeze brain” as they call it) they were somersaulting across the grass, running laps with their new friends & then asking if they could stay up late and make popcorn. Do they ever get tired? Feeling so thankful for the extra hour of sunlight to help us keep up!

Hope you have had an extra sweet start to your Spring! XO

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Thoughts on Thirty

I turned 31 yesterday, which is hard to believe because I most certainly still feel like a college kid. This year flew by, and they say time will only pass more quickly as you age. It’s funny to think of how old I used to think thirty was (like back when I was sixteen and thirty seemed so old) and now I’m here and it’s not so bad. It’s pretty great actually.

What I thought thirty would be like: wearing mom jeans, driving around in a mini van & having a million kids. Having my shit together, always being on time everywhere & eating kale on a regular basis. Waking up by five, doing zumba & in bed by nine. Strictly drinking sophisticated things like tea & red wine. Saying things like “thirty is the new twenty” and probably cutting my hair short.

What thirty is actually like: loving mom jeans, driving around in a mini van & feeling like I have a million kids. Still completely unorganized, late to (almost) everything & rapping Nicki Minaj on a regular basis. Barely waking up before my kids do, considers vacuuming an acceptable form of exercise & stays up way past bedtime watching netflix & drinking margaritas. Fueled by iced coffee & creativity. Feeling incredibly blessed and thankful for my amazing husband, sweet babies & the rest of our family & friends who make our world go round.

Thirty was good & I am so excited and optimistic about the rest of this decade. Thank you ALL so much for the birthday wishes, I am so grateful for all of you & this little community. XO

PS. This dress, to everyone who asked about it on my Instagram, I bought it a few months ago to wear to a wedding later this summer & wanted to break it in for my bday! Sadly it has been sold out for a while, but I found a bunch of similar styles for anyone who is interested!! Also my bag is by Cult Gaia (Brandon makes fun of it and calls it the birdcage) & my shoes are these in Mushroom.