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Mini Style // Back to School

My very first baby is headed to Kindergarten this year & I am a complete mess over it. Sending your little one out into the big world (full of big kids!) is so much to handle, I fully intend to spend as many of my free hours volunteering in her classroom or at least sneaking in for lunch. Harper is so much braver than I am, she has been talking non stop about how she can’t wait to meet her teacher and make new friends, and to finally get to have a folder again! Sweetest girl. While I try to take my mind off of the hard stuff, we are taking the easy way out and talking about back to school styles!

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

Harper picked the cutest sparkly high tops & a few dresses that she loves (like the pink ballerina one above!). We are adding in some layers for cooler weather, some versatile pieces like a denim jumper that can be worn with short or long sleeves underneath (or a sweater over top), lots of sequins and the CUTEST backpack (similar one here) that we plan to accessorize with some fun tassels or patches! I also love to have lots of cartwheel shorts on hand so she can wear dresses as much as she wants (which is basically every day!) until we pair them with leggings or tights later in the season.

I loved reading all of your sweet advice on my Instagram post about kindergarten, if you have any other tips for the transition we would love to know! And where are you shopping for back to school this year?! Happy almost weekend, friends!! XO


Powder Room Makeover

Over the course of the last few months, we have slowly been updating our powder room on the main floor & giving it a much needed face lift. A few things about this space, the first being it is TINY and super hard to photograph, so bear with me. Second, the people who partially renovated the house before we bought it decided to tear out the original pedestal sink and install a vanity that was way too big for the space. Also, with young kids, we wanted to be able to also have step stool in place for hand washing since it’s the bathroom we use most and still be able to open & close the door, so we knew that going back to a pedestal sink would solve both of those problems. And the third component, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money but love lots of character in small spaces, so we did this entire makeover for under $500!

Here is the before photo, taken when we first moved in.

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Claire Bear Bash

We celebrated our sweet girl last weekend with a fun bear themed birthday party, the Claire Bear Bash!!

We planned to have Claire’s birthday inside around lunch time, but after a week of rain and finally a sunny day, all the girls wanted to do was go to the pool. They had their swimsuits on before breakfast and we just couldn’t say no, since it was just family coming over, we decided to push the party back to the evening. So we grilled for dinner & had her party outside right before sunset and it was the prettiest back drop for her bear bash!! The combination of summer + three kids exhausted from swimming all day lead to this being the most laid back birthday party we have probably ever had, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow! πŸ˜‰ Claire was the happiest camper with her bear cake (that Harper & Ellie decorated for her, can you spot the upside down teddy grahams?) and her balloons. The best part? The girls went straight into the sprinkler after cake to rinse off!

Love that the bear plates double as masks for the sweetest three bears! We had a blast at Claire’s Bear Bash & have decided we have to leave the chalkboard up for a while because every morning when I bring Claire downstairs, she points at it and says “mom! wook! me!”

Happy birthday sweet Claire Bear, may all your wishes come true!