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Christmas Gift Guide 2017

It has been a struggle putting together a gift guide this year. Our kids rarely play with toys and haven’t asked for much for Christmas, they would rather be cooking in the kitchen or painting in the garage than playing with anything they have in the house. We have rounded up a few of the things to share with Santa for our 2017 gift guide this year, but also want to make note of a few things our kids have been obsessed with if you are looking for some fun activities & craft type gifts for your little ones.

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Our girls always love new pajamas, tights, slippers (exactly like mine!) and anything they can use for playing dress up. They’re super obsessed with puzzles, magnatiles and games we can play as a family. And we always wrap up a few books or fun stuffed animals, and this year a mini camera for Harper who loves to take pictures! The girls recently got these craft boxes and have spent hours playing with them, they also love these jumbo sticker books and barbie clothes for their dolls! Some of their favorite toys from past Christmases (if you’re still looking for a few things) are these play food sets (on sale!!) and these easels they still play with outside every day!!

Hope this has been helpful for you as you search for the perfect Christmas gift for your little ones, and if you have ideas that aren’t on our list, be sure to share them in the comments!! xo


Cookie + Milk Pairings

It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year!!! There is nothing better than the holiday season & all of the Christmas cookies that come with it!

fairlife® ultra-filtered milk is a forever favorite in our family, with more protein and less sugar than traditional milk, and we are partnering with them to share with you a few of our favorite cookie + milk combinations! Rich, chocolatey cookies pair best with skim milk, something super light & refreshing, while there is nothing better than dipping a classic chocolate chip cookie into a cold glass of whole milk!


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Favorite Holiday Movies

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is curling up on the couch with blankets, a cocktail & a roaring fire to watch Christmas movies! I mean, hands down, is there anything better?! We do movie nights every Friday with the girls, with either popcorn or hot chocolate, and it’s something we all look forward to all week long.

I don’t remember going to sleep once when I was little without the background noise of It’s a Wonderful Life playing on our living room TV. The black and white film & all of the music is so nostalgic for me and puts me in the most festive mood!! Our family can quote Christmas Vacation from start to finish and I grew up dreaming of living in the Home Alone house one day.

Sharing our favorite movies for those of you looking for a little movie night inspiration!

I would love to hear your favorites, are they the same as ours or something we didn’t think of?! And if you haven’t seen Prancer in a few years, be sure to add it to your list!! xo