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Fun Snacks with Bear Naked Custom Granola

This post was sponsored by Bear Naked Custom Granola. I was paid for this post & received Bear Naked Custom Granola as compensation.

We are so excited to share with you guys one of the most fun snacks of all time! We have partnered with Bear Naked Custom Granola to share their new granola, where you not only get to create your own granola blend (think dark chocolate chunks & freeze dried fruit!), but you get to customize the packaging. We added the girls faces to each of their own blends & named them!

The girls had SO much fun putting their faces on the packaging, naturally Harper wanted to add a crown, Eloise a unicorn horn & Claire, some aviators!! Here are the three custom blends we made.

Claire Bear Blend // Honey granola + cinnamon + freeze dried apple slices + praline pecans. Brandon’s favorite by far.

Ellie Bear Blend // Honey granola + almonds + freeze dried bananas + coconut chips. The girls love this one, almonds are their favorite!

Harpie Bear Blend // Chocolate granola + dark chocolate chunks + organic cacao nibs + freeze dried strawberries. I almost ate the entire bag in one weekend.

The granola is so good it is hard to decide if you want to just eat it as a snack or actually put it over yogurt! This would also be such a fun gift, especially for a new mama! Have you guys tried it?! Take a look and tell me what kind you would make, you can use coupon code BEAR51 for 10% off an order!


The Pumpkin Patch

Taking our kids to the pumpkin patch is one of my favorite things of all time. Ok let’s be honest, everything about Fall is my favorite thing of all time. We continue to stop at almost every roadside pumpkin stand we come across because we really just can’t get enough, but we made our official pumpkin patch trip two weeks ago. I came home with way more pumpkins (and less pictures) than I had planned, but the girls were happy & the donuts were good!

How I imagined the pumpkin patch was going to go: girls happily frolicking around, smiling for a family photo, grabbing an apple cider donut or two & picking out one pumpkin each to bring home.

How the pumpkin patch actually goes: spending more time getting dressed & out the door than we actually will at the pumpkin patch. Leaving the house with perfect 72 degrees with overcast, but in the fifteen minutes it takes you to get there, the weather has somehow changed to 94 degrees and blazing sun. One kidΒ complaining she is hot, the other immediately has to go to the bathroom and one is crying because she wants to climb inside the petting zoo to see the baby pig. Everyone else in the state of Georgia is also visiting said pumpkin patch, trying not to lose anyone or let anyone get pecked by the angry chicken that is roaming around. Kids squealing laughing as they smuggle as many pumpkins as they can wheelbarrow but all of the tears when we try to put some back. Somebody mysteriously has a splinter & somebody else lost a boot. Seeing who can lift the biggest pumpkin while simultaneously trying not to rip the stems off them. Attempting not to knock over any glass jars of apple butter on our second trip inside to use the bathroom, snapping a handful of photos where nobody is looking at the camera & arguing the whole way home about who gets to paint which pumpkin what color.

Success y’all. I effing love the pumpkin patch.


Fall Entertaining

We just decided that we are going all out & having a Halloween party this year, complete with movie themed couples costumes & our Hocus Pocus drinking game! Hashtag never grow up. The other night I put together this festive fruit & cheese tray when we had a few friends over & thought this would be so fun to serve for Halloween parties, especially with a few fake spiders added to the mix!! I wanted to share it for a little bit of inspiration along with some of my favorite things for Fall entertaining!!

For this cheese tray we used blackberry goat cheese (the pretty purple!!), two kinds of crackers, mozzerella cheese cut into star shapes (pick your shape based on the holiday!), figs (always make things feel like Fall!), walnuts and some dark chocolate covered pretzels for a sweet + fun twist!Β I used my favorite polka dot cheese knives that I found last year (similar here!) but have also had my eye onΒ these gold ones that would work for any occasion! Check your local thrift stores or flea markets for the best, worn cutting boards, my mom found mine before Harper was born at Goodwill for under $10! I love this wood + marble cutting board and this super festive black & white stripe one!!

For our Halloween party, I plan to recreate this, but extra SPOOKY along with some dry ice witches cauldrons & as many sweet treats as I can get away with. If you have any favorite festive recipes or games, I would love if you shared them with us! Who else is Halloween partying this year?! xo