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Happy Thanksgiving week, friends! We have packed up and headed back to the midwest for the holiday week, we are spending time with both sides of our family in Iowa and getting a sweet reminder of just how cold it is here. Before we left, we hosted Friendsgiving with some of our favorite people and I wanted to to share a few photos from the evening as well as some recipes that would be fun to try for the big turkey day this week.

Table Runner // Black Dishes // Gold FlatwareΒ // Place Card Holder // Napkins

We made our traditional turkey, cheesy potatoes, mashed potatoes & gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, rolls & cinnamon butter, with apple pie for dessert. I had a few recipes pinned to try this year, but we opted to keep things simple so I’m going to save them for Christmas dinner. Just in case you need a few ideas, Roasted Cinnamon Butternut Squash Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli & Cauliflower Au Gratin and this Salted Caramel Apple Snickers Cake!

We will be off the grid for a few days but I wanted to tell you all how incredibly grateful I am for each of you, for your readership & encouragement! I sincerely hope you all have the happiest holiday week with your families, may you all have SO much to be thankful for!!! xo


5 Favorite Beauty DIYs

Cold weather has arrived, which means all the good holiday things are coming but so is dry skin.Β  I wanted to put together a few of my favorite beauty DIYs that I especially love this time of year for glowing skin, moisturized lips & healthy hair.

Lavender Lash Serum. In a 1 oz. amber glass dropper bottle, add 10 drops Lavender + fill to the top with 100% pure organic castor oil. Using a lash brush, drop 1-2 drops of serum on the brush and apply to clean lashes brushing across with eyes closed & then onto lashes like you would mascara right before bed each night. Can also apply to sparse eyebrows!

Long Hair, Don’t Care. After having my girls, my postpartum hair loss was crazy & I couldn’t believe how long it took to grow back. I had those short little unicorn hairs forever! Using this serum applied for a few hours before washing my hair, I noticed a huge difference & continue to use it now to support long, healthy hair! In a 2 oz. amber bottle, mix 10 drops Lavender + 10 drops Rosemary and fill to the top with jojoba oil. Apply to scalp and massage in, leave for 30-60 minutes before washing your hair. I also add a few drops of Lavender to my shampoo just for good measure!

Peppermint + Grapefruit Lip Scrub. In a bowl, combine 1 tbsp. coconut oil, 1 tbsp. honey, 3 tbsp. white sugar, 10 drops Grapefruit oil + 3-4 drops Peppermint oil. Mix together until you get a thick, pasty consistency (add a bit more sugar if it is too runny) and add an optional squeeze of grapefruit or beet juice for pink color. Store in a glass container, apply to dry lips to exfoliate & then wipe away with a towel. PS. Leave the peppermint out of this recipe if you are breastfeeding.Β 

Magic Blemish Roller. The perfect spot treatment for blemishes. 15 drops each of Frankincense, Tea Tree, Copaiba and Lavender in an amber glass roller ball with one pump of jojoba oil. Apply morning & night where needed.

Overnight Glow Serum. In a 1 oz.amber glass dropper bottle, 1 tbsp aloe vera gel (rich in vitamins c & e, helps to soothe skin & fight signs of aging), 15 drops Frankincense (brightens & tightens skin, fights blemishes & promotes healthy, glowing skin) and 5 drops Geranium (promotes cell regeneration & supports smooth, healthy skin) and top with Jojoba oil. Apply to clean skin each night before bed! I also use a drop of Frankincense + jojoba oil as my main moisturizer, no other lotions or skincare products in sight!

I hope you find these helpful, hopefully most of you have many of these things on hand already to make a few to start using right away. The lip scrub is one of my favorites for holiday gifting & stocking stuffers too!! If you want to learn more about essential oils & all the ways we use them you can read more in this postΒ or jump in to get started with oils for yourself here! XO


November Favorite Things

We are entering the season of holiday parties + gatherings, which means I can’t count on my pajama pants and worn out uggs to be my #ootd as often as I would like. Since I have already been doing some holiday shopping, I can’t help but come across all of the fun things I secretly want for myself, cozy sweaters, fuzzy slippers & of course stocking caps that will hide my unwashed hair a few days a week! πŸ˜‰ So I thought I would put together a few of the things I am loving for November!!

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven.

Did everyone shop the Magnolia line at Target?! I might have gone a little overboard with the x patterns + grabbed some new dishes for holiday entertaining!! Would love to hear what you got & what you are loving in November! xo