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Harper’s 5th Birthday Art Party

This weekend we celebrated Harper’s 5th birthday with an art party at a local art/photography studio. This party was seriously SO much fun to put together! We loved this space because it was essentially a blank canvas, it had a bunch of kids tables and chairs, and lots of antique furniture & seating. So we were able to rearrange it the way we wanted, set it up and decorate, and didn’t need to worry one bit about the paint getting on the concrete floor, which it did! It totally set the mood to get the creative juices flowing! The room was so beautiful and had tons of space for the kids to have a dance party!

We started out with the table set for all of the kids to each have a canvas to paint. Harper picked out a bunch of different acrylic paints from Target and we ordered the paint trays, canvases & brushes from Amazon. We also had a big stash of paper, along with colored pencils & crayons for them to keep drawing while their paintings dried. They all had so much fun making their art, looking back I wish I had ordered a few extra canvases so they could keep going!! We had confetti cake, cupcakes & Harper’s favorite popcorn chex mix. I ended up leaving all of the paintings to dry since they were pretty messy, I can’t wait to go back and pick them all up to see how they turned out!!

Such a blast celebrating our sweet girl, in the middle of everyone coloring, she stood up and gave us a thank you card that she made right there for “making her party so perfect.” She has such a heart of gold!! The girls danced wildly to Trolls and Shake it off, and ended with them all falling to the ground in laughter, it was perfect. Thank you to all of our sweet friends who came out, and if you’re local and interested in this space, send me an email! ๐Ÿ™‚ย Happy 5th birthday Harper girl!

Picnics & Perspective.

We woke up to some beautiful weather over here & it gave us a little glimpse of Spring. We planned to lounge around the house today since the girls are out of school on “winter break” but instead we decided to go grab lunch & play at theย park.ย Somehow that turned into taking our lunch to the park, I don’t know if was the toddlers begging from the back seat or the packed parking lot and long drive through that made me do it, but I said yes. We grabbed some blankets out of the car, and took all of our food out to the grass by the playground to have a picnic. And you know what happened? It was a disaster. Everyone was crying about the sun being too bright, and the wind being too windy, there were not enough packets of ranch, and I forgot to bring the straws out of the van, there was grass on our blanket, our napkins were blowing away, yaddah yaddah yaddah. After three bites, everyone was done and wanted to go on the playground. But then we had meltdowns because the playground was packed (winter break) so I wouldn’t let them go on the big kid playground, because keeping track of three kids on a playground is like some awful where’s waldo panic attack simulation nightmare. Needless to say, we were at the park for a whopping thirty minutes, and then we made our way back home, all the while I am driving thinking why in the world did we even attempt that?

Once we got home, I put the little ones down for naps, and Harper tells me that was such a fun picnic and she can’t wait to do it again sometime. Huh? Were we at the same picnic?

And I realize, kids are resilient. They are eternal optimists! They don’t see half of what is going wrong, they are just thinking out loud, stuffing their face with chicken nuggets and looking at the giant wooden castle with all the heart eyes. And at the end of the day, what they will remember was the eleven minutes of me chasing them down the slide or how they got the giggles because Claire kept yelling “yogurt!” when she was swinging.

So if at the end of this long week, you are ready to throw in the towel & feel like all of your adventures were failures, just remember it is all about perspective. You’re doing an amazing job.

Have the best weekend, friends! XO


Happy Birthday Harper!

Oh my goodness, how is my baby girl FIVE?! She has been so excited for her birthday & woke up today with the biggest smile on her face. I am flooded with all of the typical mom emotions, like where has the time gone and she is growing up so fast. But mostly, I am just so happy. Harper is such a sweetheart, she lights up the room and is a true gift from God.

Five things about her, on her fifth birthday.

1. She has the biggest heart. She cares so much about others, always wants to make people happy & will go out of her way to do nice things for everyone. She makes love notes for all of us and happy mail to send to family & always has a compliment for anyone she meets.

2. She gets the giggles all the time & has the best sense of humor. She gets our jokes and our sarcasm, she even laughs at Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation from the other room when she’s not even watching.

3.ย Her imagination will take her places someday. She dreams so big, and will literally lay on the couch and close her eyes and tell us she is watching things in her mind.ย She dreams of airplanes and igloos and swimming with mermaids. She truly believes in magic.

4. Her favorite thing is being home with her family (so much like me!) she loves lounging around in her pajamas or dress up clothes (tutu, socks, sandals, etc.) and dancing or watching movies. We always say she is an old soul. She loves to make a “comfy couch” full of blankets, always asks for the fireplace on and will sit there so happy and content as her sisters run around her.

5. She is always excited for something. Whether it is her birthday, or going to grandmas, or just getting to have ice cream after dinner, she always has something to look forward to. I adore this about her, she never lets things get her down because she focuses on the good.

I have already watched so much of the baby side of her fade away, except every now and then when she stretches in the ย morning and she looks exactly like her newborn self. She will always be my baby, the girl who made me a mom, but today, she is so much more than that. She is my five year old best friend, and we love her more than words could ever express. Happy birthday Harper Eve, may all your wishes come true!