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Fourth of July 2017

Hope you all had an amazing fourth of July with your friends & families!!

Monday we met up with some of our friends & went to a local fourth celebration with some food trucks & kids activities. We didn’t end up staying for fireworks because 1. HEAT and 2. the kids were just exhausted from walking/dancing/asking for snacks. One of my favorite parts of the day was that we gave Claire her first pigtails, that morning Eloise & Harper kept asking her if she wanted ponytails so we put them in her hair just like theirs and she loved it. When we were getting dressed up to leave, she brought me a ponytail holder and grabbed her hair and said “toe nails? toe nails!” Toddler language is my favorite ever!!

On the fourth, we spent most of the day at my parents’ neighborhood pool. They have a kids play area that is so perfect for our girls’ ages, little slides and a wading pool. Everyone was exhausted so we came home to nap in the afternoon while it stormed for a few hours. There is nothing better than snuggling up on the couch during a storm! The event we planned to go to got rained out early in the evening, so we took a detour and went out for tacos instead. We brought the girls home so they could change into their pajamas before walking to nearby fireworks. There were tons of fun fourth of July parties going on outside so we listened to nearby music & the girls danced around with their flags while they waited patiently for fireworks to start. The show was amazing & everyone did so good, no ear plugging or anything! πŸ˜‰

I will never get tired of these bomb pop jammies.

Have a great rest of the week, hope your fifth of July hasn’t been too rough! XO


Our Summer Reading List

Summer is the season of reading & relaxing. The only time I will ever get to dive into a book is when the girls are running in the sprinkler or going to sleep super early after a long day in the sun, and I am taking full advantage of it. We try to do thirty minutes of reading after breakfast and again before bed each night, so we are always on the hunt for more books to check out from the library or buy for our shelves at home! I wanted to share a few of my favorites & things that are on our reading list, which I will definitely have more time for since we are already finished with Orange is the New Black. Anyone else watch it this season?! I am so sad it’s already over, it was the best yet!!!

Currently reading:

The Woman in Cabin 10 // This book came highly recommended from my brother as a similar read to The Girl on the Train (which I loved!). I don’t normally read a lot of fiction or thrillers, but it’s a prefect escape when I am feeling overwhelmed with my to-do list or want something light to read outside. So far, I am a little over halfway done & loving it.

Hello, Glow // Full of beauty DIYs and ways to use essential oils, I have been making my way through this book for a few weeks and trying lots of things along the way. Highly recommended for anyone who uses oils & loves a good natural beauty remedy!

Morning Noon Night // A beautiful lifestyle book full of decor, recipe & overall inspiration. I need books like this to fuel my creativity!

I also picked up Love & Gelato yesterday, mostly because the cover caught my eye, but the reviews look good & it seems like a fun read! And I can never get enough of the second edition Domino book, so much amazing home & styling inspiration, it seems like at least half the pages are flagged because I’m obsessed with something on them!

What the girls are currently reading:

The 50 States // This is Harper’s favorite book, full of super fun illustrations and tons of facts about the United States. She’s obsessed with learning about different states and seems to remember everything. Such a great book to prep for Kindergarten.

The Wonderful Things you will Be // Eloise’s favorite book because, you guessed it, it has babies in it. This read will make you tear up a little bit, the illustrations are amazing and the story is so sweet. We read this all the time, and the girls love the costume pull out page.

The Fox Wish // The girls got this for Easter and it has become a favorite in our house, with classic illustrations & a little bit of magic.

And a few more that we have been reading over and over, I Had a Favorite Dress (which has never been more relevant as Harper is outgrowing so many of her favorite dresses!), Antoinette (a follow up book to Gaston!), The Little Island, and Narwhall: Unicorn of the Sea. It’s always fun to have books about the ocean & sea in the summer, it makes all the beach trips even more exciting for the kids!

What are you reading this Summer?! XO


30a Part Two

One of our favorite spots we went was the Airstream District in Seaside, a little street with lots of food trucks & the most delicious food. Everything was awesome, we loved the grilled cheese & the BBQ especially, so much that we ended up coming back a second time before we left. Afterwards we drove over to Rosemary Beach for ice cream at The Sugar Shak and it was just as good as everyone said! It was full of vintage candy and chocolate, the girls tried walking out with a two foot gummy snake but we convinced them that ice cream would be a better choice. I am usually not a fan of strawberry ice cream but theirs was soooo good! We came back home for a sunset swim & listened to the live music from across the street. Bonus, even though all three girls slept in the same room, it took them approximately thirty seconds to fall asleep. πŸ˜‰ All that sun & swimming paid off.

Saturday we started the morning at our favorite coffee spot, Fonville Press in Alys Beach. Not only was the shop itself so beautiful, but the coffee was amazing & they had the BEST macarons! The girls went nuts for them, they were blue & purple with sparkle sprinkles, so fun!! If you ever head to the area, add this as a must visit! We explored lots of Alys & Rosemary for a while and then had brunch at a cute spot called Grits & Grind. We sort of stumbled upon it (turns out it is relatively new!) but it ended up being delicious, it had a super cute, quiet patio & an amaaaaazing monte cristo! We went to Rosemary Beach where we spent over an hour walking up and down the shores collecting seashells. The girls were determined to collect enough to bring home & make necklaces! We stayed until early afternoon,Β then made our way back to our house for lunch, a round of naps & more fun at the pool.Β For dinner we hit up the highly recommended Red Bar in Grayton Beach, which was everything we hoped it would be + the best jazz music, and then came back to the Hub for ice cream (and margaritas). Our friends arrived at sunset to start filming our video, so we got to have a fun night out without the kids with them to catch up which was a blast. We had every intention of doing a double date night at Caliza but we were all exhausted, I am determined to make this our very first stop on our next trip.

Sunday we visited the Donut HoleΒ for an early breakfast & then headed to Inlet Beach, where we spent most of the morning. More sandcastles, digging out a pool for the girls to play in & listening to the Moana soundtrack on repeat. We were home early in the day to play in the pool one last time (the girls were so sad to say goodbye!) and then wandered back over to Bud & Alleys for tacos & grilled cheese! It started to storm in the afternoon, so we packed up most of our stuff and let Claire nap a bit before our last adventure to the shores of Alys Beach. The grey skies and rain made the beach SO beautiful (surprise, I loved the grey) and we got to see some super big waves coming in from the storm!!

How cute are those little tan, sandy knees?!

We were so sad to say goodbye to the beach but knew it wouldn’t be long before we would make our way back. This place is magical, if you ever have a chance to visit, you will absolutely love it!!! XO

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