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Backyard Summer Fun

Our favorite thing about summer is low maintenance fun in the backyard! After the first few summers in our first house where we had no backyard at all, all I ever wanted was lots of flat grassy space for my kids to run through the sprinkler & play in a kiddie pool. Granted, all they really want in life is snacks, but this is a close second. Our backyard is completely finished now, we are working on the brick patio next & hope to plant some hydrangeas back here next Spring! Over the weekend, we grabbed a new inflatable pool for them + a dozen or so jumbo bouncy balls for them to play with. It might be the cheapest backyard entertainment ever, they love to play kick ball, see who can bounce on them the longest and always have enough to share with any friends we have over!

Claire is in a big kid bed now, so she can get out at her own leisure, and although she has been extremely good about staying in it, this past week she has been sneaking into our room bright and early with one arm out of her nightgown and her swimsuit halfway on over her diaper. Always ready to get the party started, just like her mama. 

Swimsuit sources: Colorblock One Piece // Rainbow Two Piece // Ruffle Stripe One Piece // And a super flattering coordinating option for mama!

Embracing each season as it comes is my favorite, and getting to experience them all for the first time in a new city just makes them all that more fun! Hope you are enjoying yours so far!!

PS. I also wanted to share this post from last year because we are about to queue this up for the weekend of storms ahead, our Summer Movie Lineup! xo


Bathroom Reno + Wallpaper Forever

Ahhhh!! Our powder room is the very first room in the house to be completely finished & we are basically in LOVE with how it turned out!!!! We decided to stick with the original plan of using our wallpaper in this room & I am so happy with it! Although I love it so much & might consider wallpapering my entire HOUSE at this point. Eeeek!! It feels just like my grandma’s house & that’s everything I wanted! Now to just keep my kids from coloring on it….

Sources: Wallpaper // Antique Brass Sconce // Round Mirror // Faucet // Pedestal Sink // Toilet Paper Holder // Door Knob

Ok so let’s rewind a bit, here are some before pictures of the room, when we bought the house & before they had to tear open all the walls for the electrical work. I fell instantly in love with this sink under the window like this, but unfortunately since we had to move the door out of the kitchen, the only way to make everything fit was to get a smaller sink & put it where the doorway was, and move the toilet under the window. There was also a super charming little ironing board closet, but it actually got taken out by mistake when they demo’ed this room. The miscommunication struggle is so real with contractors. I was so sad at first (I would have used it as a medicine cabinet and would have taken out the ironing board, so if you happen to stumble across a home with this, keep that idea in mind!), but we are over it and just so so so happy with this little space!!!! The original bathroom was seriously so cute and inspired the style for what we did.

^ Can you believe this was the view from standing right in the middle of the kitchen? 😉 No thanks.

Our kitchen renovation kicked off today and we are SO excited about it!!!! It’s going to be a long month, but we hope to have everything wrapped up in time for the Fourth of July! Stay tuned to Instagram stories for updates all month long!! xo


Our First month in Kansas City

Where to even begin!!

We left Georgia on March 22nd & did not get to sleep in our new house until April 27th. We spent a week in a hotel and the rest of the time living with my parents, who also moved to KC. The initial work we started doing on the house when we closed on it a few weeks prior ended up just being a way bigger project than anyone anticipated, and after that, it was just one small set back after another that kept us from moving in. It was hard being in transition, but the kids pretty much loved life getting to have grandma & grandpa around all the time. Harper has been in school for a few weeks and absolutely loves it, and we have been so fortunate in meeting lots of amazing families in our neighborhood. Morning walks to get coffee are also one of my favorite parts of living here!

I turned 32 this month, we celebrated at our current favorite place, Gram & Dunn and set out to find all the best margaritas in KC. We ate lots of birthday cake & toasted to lots of new adventures!!

I have said it a million times, despite all of the road blocks & unexpected problems, we are so happy in this house & love it so much!! We are looking so forward to getting more settled, getting unpacked & gearing up for an amazing summer!

Five things I am loving the most right now:

  1. It sounds silly, but the air & the grass!!! It’s still chilly in the mornings here, and the air is crisp, it just gives you all the good feels! And the grass, so good!!!  I forgot how soft midwest grass is, I just want to be barefoot in it every day.
  2.  Noodles & Company.
  3.  Already getting to see so many of our friends & family any time we want!!
  4.  Overgrown oak trees & lilacs.
  5. And the small town feel! KC is no where near small, but at least in our neighborhood everything feels so quaint & seriously exactly where I thought I would always live.

Hope you are all getting to enjoy some major Spring weather beauty, have a happy week!! XO