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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

It has been forever since we have done a Friday Favorites post! We are about to head out with the kids for our Friday night pool + pizza tradition, but first, I wanted to share all the good things!

Our very first BOGO SALE in the print shop!! I am so excited to work on some new prints for the holidays, but first, we must have a sale! Grab your favorite two prints (like the set of Roald Dahl quotes!!) and use coupon code BOGO to get one free!!! This sale will last through Sunday night!

The brown butter popcorn you absolutely MUST make this Fall.

Wine delivery. Yep, we are obsessed. Since we started doing online grocery ordering + pickup, browsing the wine aisle is no longer a thing, and every time we wanted a bottle, we were out. I came across Winc a few months ago, we ordered a box & we freaking love it. I’m obviously a sucker for good packaging, but so far every single bottle we tried is amazing. We are really into reds and rosé for the summer, but I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these. This is totally not sponsored, but you can use my referral link (if you’re into that sort of thing!) for $20 off a delivery! And for reference, the Summer Water is hands down the best rosé I have ever had.

Our favorite tutu dresses for girls are back this year in all sizes & tons of pretty colors, they were wardrobe staples for Fall & Winter!

It’s Anthro Day, which means 20% off everything + free shipping. I couldn’t resist this pink globe!!!

My all time favorite essential oils diffuser blend that smells just like Anthropologie volcano candles.

Also, I’m calling it. Cutest skirt of the season! Ordered in all the girls sizes!

And last but very not least, our super simple strawberry breakfast pie (aka. jumbo poptart) recipe! We had a few jars of homemade strawberry preserves leftover that we made earlier this summer, so we decided this would be the best way to use some! Using a pre-made pie crust from the grocery store, I rolled it out, filled it with strawberry preserves & put the top layer over it. We pressed it closed, brushed it with a bit of melted butter & used a fork to seal the edges. I baked it at 425 for not even 20 minutes, cut it into smaller pop tart sized pieces & frosted it with a simple homemade buttercream. This was a super easy (and way fun!) breakfast that can be made in under half an hour. Plus it makes a ton, so we delivered some to our pregnant mama friends!! 😉

That’s all we have today, folks! Have the best weekend ever!! XO


Our Summer Reading List

Summer is the season of reading & relaxing. The only time I will ever get to dive into a book is when the girls are running in the sprinkler or going to sleep super early after a long day in the sun, and I am taking full advantage of it. We try to do thirty minutes of reading after breakfast and again before bed each night, so we are always on the hunt for more books to check out from the library or buy for our shelves at home! I wanted to share a few of my favorites & things that are on our reading list, which I will definitely have more time for since we are already finished with Orange is the New Black. Anyone else watch it this season?! I am so sad it’s already over, it was the best yet!!!

Currently reading:

The Woman in Cabin 10 // This book came highly recommended from my brother as a similar read to The Girl on the Train (which I loved!). I don’t normally read a lot of fiction or thrillers, but it’s a prefect escape when I am feeling overwhelmed with my to-do list or want something light to read outside. So far, I am a little over halfway done & loving it.

Hello, Glow // Full of beauty DIYs and ways to use essential oils, I have been making my way through this book for a few weeks and trying lots of things along the way. Highly recommended for anyone who uses oils & loves a good natural beauty remedy!

Morning Noon Night // A beautiful lifestyle book full of decor, recipe & overall inspiration. I need books like this to fuel my creativity!

I also picked up Love & Gelato yesterday, mostly because the cover caught my eye, but the reviews look good & it seems like a fun read! And I can never get enough of the second edition Domino book, so much amazing home & styling inspiration, it seems like at least half the pages are flagged because I’m obsessed with something on them!

What the girls are currently reading:

The 50 States // This is Harper’s favorite book, full of super fun illustrations and tons of facts about the United States. She’s obsessed with learning about different states and seems to remember everything. Such a great book to prep for Kindergarten.

The Wonderful Things you will Be // Eloise’s favorite book because, you guessed it, it has babies in it. This read will make you tear up a little bit, the illustrations are amazing and the story is so sweet. We read this all the time, and the girls love the costume pull out page.

The Fox Wish // The girls got this for Easter and it has become a favorite in our house, with classic illustrations & a little bit of magic.

And a few more that we have been reading over and over, I Had a Favorite Dress (which has never been more relevant as Harper is outgrowing so many of her favorite dresses!), Antoinette (a follow up book to Gaston!), The Little Island, and Narwhall: Unicorn of the Sea. It’s always fun to have books about the ocean & sea in the summer, it makes all the beach trips even more exciting for the kids!

What are you reading this Summer?! XO


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! The first official Friday of Summer and we have sunny skies for the first time in weeks! We are going big this weekend with an indoor camping trip for the girls tonight, fishing on Sunday & lots of time in the pool. We are also trying our hand at online grocery ordering + pickup so I am feeling extra productive already! 😉

I wanted to share a few Friday Favorites before we sign off for the weekend!!

My favorite leggings to keep cool in this Summer.

19 Popsicle Recipes to try.

The best distressed white denim for under $50.

The cutest baby girl ice cream dress, a summer must have! Love it in a onesie print as well!

Five Essential Oil DIYs.

Best gift for guys (got a few for my dad & Brandon for Father’s Day).

Have the BEST weekend friends, hope it involves lots of fun in the sun & a little ice cream too! XO