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Eloise’s 3rd Birthday Baby Doll Brunch

This weekend, our sweetest Eloise Ruby turned three! As with every birthday, we are equal parts happy & sad, celebrating their little milestones while peeking back at photos from when they were born is always a recipe for tears.

Eloise loves her baby dolls more than anything, so when we asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted, it was no surprise that she said babies & pancakes. So I put together a little baby doll brunch, with pancakes on demand (thanks to chef daddy & grandpa who manned the kitchen all morning!) and each of her little friends bringing their baby dolls over. She loves blueberries (and anything blue really) so we did some blueberry yogurt parfaits (and blue cupcakes that we saved for later), made her a cake out of waffles & had her favorite cereal for snacking. I borrowed a few baby doll high chairs so each of the girls had a spot to put their babies to feed them as well, it was the cutest little set up, complete with OH BABY balloons that she loved!!

She wanted to make sure that we also wished her babies happy birthday, because of course they all had to share the big day with her, and she was over the moon excited about all of the new baby clothes (and even matching pajamas for her!) that she got to dress them all up. This is such a fun age and their excitement is contagious, we loved celebrating our Ellie girl!!

Eloise, you bring so much love & laughter to our family. We love listening to you tell stories & use your beautiful imagination, your smile has lit up the room since the day you were born. We love you more than words can say, happy birthday sweet baby girl.


Easter 2017

The girls were up bright & early this year, they came jumping into our bed before seven squealing about the Easter bunny. We ate a quick breakfast, and then they dove right into their Easter baskets. They each got a book & a doll (or in Claire’s case, a stuffed rainbow pillow) and eggs filled with little goodies like glitter play doh, dress up jewelry, Trolls band-aids & some candy. We usually do our egg hunt after church, but they just couldn’t wait. Claire stopped to open each egg individually in hopes of finding chocolate, Eloise & Harper on the other hand just wanted to collect as many as possible.

There was no chance Claire was standing still enough for a picture, she loves to run and do her own thing & her current favorite word is “nope!” I was just happy to get them all three in the same shot! 😉 After church, we had our family over for brunch. We had a breakfast casserole, fruit, toast & coconut cupcakes. The girls frosted cupcakes, painted the rest of their eggs & then decided they wanted to slip-n-slide because somehow it turned into Summer overnight.

We spent the rest of the night at my parents house for dinner & another egg hunt, I am convinced those never get old and we will be hiding eggs around here for weeks to come.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your family & friends! XO

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Easter Activities for Kids


We are excited to start planning some of our Easter festivities this year, I have been slowly working on Easter baskets & the girls are super excited. I wanted to share a few fun Easter activities to do with kids, if you’re avoiding the mess that comes along with dyeing eggs, this is for you!

1. Bunny toast! My girls loved this last year, toast your bread lightly, add jelly cheeks, and some banana ears. Give your kids some fruit or chocolate chips to add on the rest. Such a simple breakfast or treat, no baking, mixing or flipping required!

2. Make PEEPS play doh, it’s edible even, so totally safe if your kids like to chew on it more than play with it!

3. Indoor egg hunts! The Easter bunny isn’t the only one who can hide eggs & I am certain that kids never get sick of playing with them! Hide puzzle pieces, stickers or even snacks in them and send your kids on a hunt while you enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet.

4. Make Easter goodies & deliver them to friends. We have lots of new neighbors that we can’t wait to bring treats to, we grabbed these cookie cutters from Amazon and plan to bake & decorate them next week. It’s my girls favorite thing to do & it always puts a smile on their face when they get to knock on someones door with a basket of baked goods!

5. Find local events or activities at your church to participate in. There are so many fun things happening in our community, the girls have tons of stuff going on at school & church next week, along with a neighborhood egg hunt & egg decorating at a local art shop.

What are your Easter plans?! Would love to hear any of your fun ideas & suggestions as well. XO