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Fourth of July Entertaining

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, we are hosting family for the weekend & looking forward to all of the festive fun!! I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite foods & entertaining ideas for the holiday weekend.

We love to do fruit & cheese boards for every holiday, especially if we are entertaining. They’re easy, festive & fun for kids!! Anytime I am out shopping and find fun crackers, I will always buy them knowing I will find a way to use them in a platter later on. I thought these sourdough strip crackers were so pretty for this board!! I used red & blue fruits, and then just cut regular white sharp cheddar into star shapes using a small cookie cutter!

Our favorite Summer dessert is always Jell-O cake!! It is so yummy and refreshing, we usually end up just eating it out of the pan with a fork!

DIRECTIONS // For Jell-O Poke cake (in the simplest directions possible because that’s how we roll): make a white cake according to directions (I use a box cake mix). Let the cake cool, and then using a toothpick, poke holes in the entire cake, the more holes you can make, the more the Jell-O will be able to seep through to the bottom. Once your holes are poked, make your Strawberry Jell-O (one cup boiling water + one cup cold water) and then pour the mixture over the cake very slowly allowing Jell-O to penetrate the cake. Put in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours to chill, and then frost with whipped cream! I usually decorate with strawberries, but also add blueberries or blackberries for the Fourth! (more detailed recipe here).

A few other fun ideas that I have had saved:

These DIY patriotic popsicles.

The prettiest, most festive ice cubes of your life.

Mini pancake stacks, a fun breakfast idea!

Wishing you guys the happiest Fourth with your families & the ones you love!! Let’s hope our kiddos all stay awake til fireworks!! XO


For the Easter Basket

One of my favorite posts of the entire year, filling up that festive Easter basket!! We are so EXCITED have our first real Easter here, last year we were transitioning out of the hotel and into my parents house, it snowed & we couldn’t find any of our Easter stuff because it was all packed! So this year, we are going all out!!

Rounding up all of the goodies I am loving for baskets this year.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

One // Always books in the Easter basket!! I love this fun Mary Poppins book, the illustrations are so beautiful & of course the story is a classic. A few other suggestions: E.T, Pearl, Yellow Kayak & The Wonderful Fluffy Little Squishy.

Two // Pajamas! We always try to include pajamas as holiday gifts because 1. they always get excited for them 2. it’s an excuse to buy festive ones and 3. they need them anyway! This is one of my favorite sleep sets ever from Childhoods.

Three // All the accessories. All my girls are obsessed with rainbows lately, so they’re each getting one of these rainbow stretchies! Sunglasses, goggles, socks, slippers & keychains are also fun options!

Four // Glitter bunny ears are a must, and they’re on sale!!

Five // We are forever obsessed with Wunderkin bows, especially the oversized schoolgirl bows that can go over top knots or pony tails. My girls have almost outgrown bows so hopefully they will keep rocking this style just a little bit longer! I’m also Ryan & Wren’s biggest fan & their glitter snap clips are PERFECT for hiding in Easter eggs!!

Six // If you haven’t gotten your hands on one of the sweet Cuddle & Kind Dolls yet you absolutely MUST. They are so darling and fun!! Also, with each doll sale, they provide 10 meals to hungry children, the sweetest mission!!

Seven // These mini suitcase dolls are the cuuuuutest thing, they totally remind me of the original polly pocket from my childhood!

Each of the girls will get one or two main things + lots of little eggs filled with treats, accessories & love notes! What are you filling your baskets with this year?! Use the arrows below to scroll lots more fun picks, for boys & babies too!!


Valentine’s Day Cookies

This weekend, the midwest was basically a sheet of ice, so we decided to stay in and get some baking done! We go extra big on Valentine’s Day since it is Harper’s birthday eve (if you’ve been here a while, you know how we roll) so we baked up a giant batch of my grandma’s sugar cookies.

Watching the girls decorate cookies is probably my favorite thing ever. They concentrate so hard piling the frosting on two inches high and loading them with an impossible amount of sprinkles. The best part is loading up plates of them to deliver to our friends & neighbors, always double your recipe when it comes to sweets!

The recipe is super simple. I loved making them with my grandma when I was little and have her recipe card to keep forever, even though we know it by heart now.

Cream together: 1 Cup Sugar, 2 Sticks Softened Butter. Add: 2 Eggs, 4 Tablespoons Cream (Half & Half), a smidgeon of Vanilla. Mix Together. Then Add: 3 Cups Flour, 2 Tsp Baking Powder, 1 Tsp Baking Soda. Mix well (I used my hands here). Refrigerate dough at least two hours. Roll, cut & bake at 350 degrees for about 6-7 min.

We do a simple buttercream frosting using 1 cup softened butter, 3-4 cups powdered sugar, 2 tsp. vanilla & 2 tbsp. milk.

If you make these, be sure to let us know how you liked them!! Happy Valentine’s week friends!! XO