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Sister Snapshot

It has been forever since I shared a bit about the girls at their current ages & some of the fun conversations we never want to forget. After a whirlwind of holidays and lots of changes, we are entering the season of all my girls birthdays, each separated by exactly two months & eight days. Just enough time for me to stop crying over each new age, collect my thoughts, and plan another celebration.

Harper is going to be FIVE in February. How is that even possible?! She is so grown up it literally breaks my heart a million times a day. She is the most caring, compassionate little girl in the world, her first priority is to take care of everyone. Her sisters have no idea how lucky they are to have her. She changes outfits ten times a day, loves trying on my shoes and accessories & practicing ballet in front of her mirror. She is currently obsessed with art and making letters & love notes for everyone. Her stick figures of daddy and his beard are the very best. She loves to sneak away from her sisters and go draw upstairs, fold up her little papers into envelopes & hide them in the drawers of our night stands or bathroom vanity to find later. Be still my heart.

Eloise, my little lovable ragamuffin. This girl makes my heart swell and brings me to my breaking point hundreds of times each day. She can put a smile on anyone’s face in an instant & has the silliest little personality. She loves school, arts & crafts, and always tells us she’s a big girl and stands on her tippie toes. Her two best buds at school are Brody & Hollis, who she pronounces “booty” and “pelvis” and it has us dying laughing every night at dinner when she talks about them. She is happiest when snuggling or being rocked, and is almost always singing or dancing.

Claire is rolling into one of my favorite stages ever which is the word burst! She has been talking up a storm lately, her favorite sayings being GO CUBS GO and OH NUTS. Her daily struggle is just being too darn little to do everything that her sisters are doing, she will never understand why she can’t cut with scissors or drive the barbie jeep just yet. Her favorite activities include sitting on the side of the fireplace flipping through books like a little elf on a shelf, having her hair brushed, and playing in the shower. She loves all food, loves to hide snacks in her shirt or diaper & is always trying to steal a sip of my coffee. She also has the best kiss face ever & will always run full speed to hug our legs when we walk into a room.

I try to remind myself that these are the days. Even when dinner plates get flipped over on the floor & I am pulling my hair out because I just cannot break up one more fight or make one more snack, I have to just breathe deep and know that these days are fleeting. I want to remember at least one sweet moment from every single day, and I hope that they will too.


Snow Day

It snowed!!! This is a pretty big deal in the south, since snow days don’t happen all that often, so we make the very most of it! Friday night just before the girls went to bed, we looked outside & saw the big, beautiful type of snowflakes coming down. It felt like Christmas Eve, we were all so excited before bed & hoping it would all stick around until morning. We woke up to mostly ice, and about two inches of snow! We came out of our room to find Eloise & Harper camped out in front of the doors in the living room so they could look at the snow, it was the cutest. We made cinnamon rolls while we waited for it to warm up a bit, and then took on the 47 minute task of getting everyone dressed to go outside. Claire was bundled up Christmas Story style, there’s nothing cuter than a baby in a snow suit! 😉

We were in and out four times throughout the day, Brandon pulled the girls around in an old sled (R.I.P. inflatable swan), they jumped on the trampoline and attempted to make snow angels in between complaining that they were too cold and asking for hot chocolate. Seeing the kids enjoy the snow almost made me miss living in the midwest, until it came time to cram uncoordinated toddler fingers into gloves and mittens for the eighteenth time, and I realize maybe we Georgia isn’t so bad after all. Totally exhausting and so much fun!!! I love snow days, hopefully we will get one more before winter is over!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend & got to enjoy a little bit of winter magic wherever you are! XO

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! I hope you all had a wonderful week with friends & family. We had family staying with us for the last few days, we had SO much fun with them and the girls were seriously on cloud nine having their cousins sleep over every night. We had the most laid back (and lazy) NYE ever, it rained almost the whole week so we made do at home with lots of fun meals, board games & lounging in front of the fireplace.

I am always optimistic about a new year, a fresh perspective & a feeling of restored energy to make changes. 2016 was a big year for us, I haven’t talked much about it on the blog, but I spent the majority of the year not feeling like myself after I stopped nursing Claire and went on birth control (multiple different types, pills, IUD, bleh!). In late Fall I realized my body just can’t handle them, and finally started feeling normal again just before the holidays. The move was also a huge change for us, we spent most of Spring & Summer prepping to sell and our home didn’t really feel like home anymore, then after moving into our new house,we jumped right into renovations, back to school & Halloween shortly after. Things are still out of place just about everywhere, we have bare walls, half finished projects & storage boxes everywhere. It was a messy year. Our goal for 2017 focus on what is important, our health and our family.

This starts with getting our home in order so we can create healthy habits & happy spaces. I plan to dive right back in to one of my favorite books The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. We are in desperate need of organization & de-cluttering and this book really does work wonders if you follow all of the steps!

I want to make more time for adventuring with the kids, more fun weekends away, day trips to do fun things & saying yes more to all of their silly requests. Even if that means jumping on the trampoline in the rain or road tripping to meet family at an airbnb somewhere for the weekend.

I want to take more risks with my business, focus more on the things that I love and cut out things that I don’t. We are bringing real prints to the shop this year, along with tutorials & DIY ideas for printing the digital downloads. I also want to create more outside of just chalk, more hand lettering & painting to come!

More memory making, less social media. More new recipes, less donuts. More date nights, less obligations. More presence, less multitasking. More praying, less worrying. More intention, less clutter.

MORE LOVE, less of everything else.

We are always on board for a fresh start, and I couldn’t be happier to do it along side all of you. Thank you for all of the support and kindness you have shown us, we are so grateful & excited for everything that is to come!! XO