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Sharing Some Big News!

I am SO excited to finally share some big news, we are moving!!!


Although we have only been in our house a little under two years, we are taking a giant leap of faith and heading back to the Midwest!!

We are moving to Kansas City!!!!!

Let’s back up a little bit. We always kinda thought we would end up back in the midwest, closer to where all of our family lives, but we love it here so much that we never really put it on a timeline. After my grandma passed away last summer & then we went back for a wedding in the Fall, we really started to feel the tug to go back. In November, we went to Kansas City for the first time, and within two hours, we both immediately knew we wanted to move there. It’s hard to describe how & why, maybe it was the yellow leaves that covered every single square inch of city, or all of the cozy, midwest houses and nice people, but it just felt like HOME.

… a little sneak peek of our house, which I cannot wait to share more pictures of very soon!


More of the story… my parents moved here to be closer to us after we had Eloise, but at the time, my girls were their only grandkids. Now they have seven. They brought up the idea of moving closer earlier in the summer, so once we flew home from KC, we went straight to the drawing board with them to figure out if we could actually make this happen (they both work remote so they can really live anywhere). We decided to wait until after the holidays to actually move forward with anything, but it was sort of bittersweet knowing that we were already spending the last Christmas in our current house. As soon as January rolled around, we hit the ground running making plans. We finished up the renovations that we had in progress, got serious about house hunting & prepared to get our house on the market.

We had a little bit of an idea of what part of KC we wanted to live in, but again, we had only been once, so it involved a lot of research & prayer. I came across a house one afternoon and knew right away that it was the right house. I showed Brandon, he totally agreed, and we immediately called our realtor to see if they could go give us a FaceTime tour. We loved it even more on video, which I know is totally crazy, but we made an offer. Once we were under contract, we flew out for the inspection and confirmed once again, this was definitely IT for us! Back in GA, our house went on the market, we were scrambling to finish our renovations, show the house, keep our businesses afloat (hence the major radio silence here on the blog) and do all the things!! We went under contract right away which is just such a huge blessing after what we went through with our last house, and then we started packing!! We droveΒ  to Kansas for our house closing a few weeks ago (and listened to the serial podcast the whole way there!!!) and flew back, and now are just tying up loose ends before we head there for good next week!!!

We are SO EXCITED!!!!

Thank you all so much for being patient with us while we took a break from the blog, we will share lots more details & pictures soon!! And if you are from KC or know any fun things to do, share them all here, we cannot wait to explore our new city!


Sister Snapshot

It’s been forever since we’ve done a sister snapshot on the blog, and every time I look back to read old ones I am so happy I took the time to do them! I haven’t posted as much about the kids on here as I used to, and that is intentional, but I never want to keep them completely out of this space since obviously they are my whole life. It is freeing to keep my work so much more separate from my family these days, while we pursue lots of other things (both on and off the blog) and I really love being able to take breaks from social media. Lots of fun things happening very soon, but for now, I thought I would share a little update of the girls at their current ages & some pictures from our rainy day walk! I will never get over how beautiful the cherry blossom trees are here!!

Harper (6 years old!) – Wants to be a singer when she grows up, loves cooking shows & blows our minds daily with her art skills. She is always drawing, and writing little stories to go along with things, she even finds a way to get a piece of paper and pencil if she is in time out to tell us how unhappy she is about it. πŸ˜‰ She is still the leader of the pack & sets such a good example for her sisters, although we are getting to a place where she definitely needs one on one time with us where she doesn’t always have someone asking her to play school or draw things for them. She loves kindergarten, although she is exhausted at the end of every day. She always wants to help in the kitchen or help me with projects I am doing. My forever bestie. Her heart is gold & her imagination is wild!

Eloise (almost 4!) – Always dancing, still obsessed with babies (both real & fake) and never wants to change out of pajamas. She has always been the funniest kid, she is bouncing off the walls almost all the time and still rocks herself to sleep every night. She is constantly singing (all of her school songs are the cutest!) and makes up songs about almost everything. She still calls her bangs “fangs” and hates getting her hair brushed. She loves trying to keep up with Harper’s schoolwork, writing sight words or telling us to ask her math problems, she can’t wait to go to school with Harper again! She is definitely the most like me in almost every way except her crazy amount of athleticism, we are positive she will be an olympic gymnast some day. And just like the day she was born, I basically want to squeeze/snuggle her every second of the day.

Claire (2 and a half, but tells everyone she is 7) – Still loves coffee, asks all questions with her eyes closed & loves to carry things around in ziplock bags. We are in the thick of the terrible twos, but for the most part, Claire has gotten to be so much easier and sure knows how to charm us to get almost anything she wants. πŸ˜‰ She will do anything to make us or her sisters laugh, including saying “poopy pants” a hundred times in a row, and she gets the giggles so hard she will completely fall over. She is obsessed with our cat,Β  more than Harper or Eloise ever have been, she will spend half an hour walking around the house trying to find her & begs for me to put Izzy on her lap every time she is sitting down. She still calls pony tails “toe nails” and loves to eat every kind of cereal in the house all in the same bowl at once. My favorite part of the day with her is singing ABCs and Jingle Bells every night before bed, and come back in her room over and over for “one more kiss.”

Sources: Polka Dot Dresses // Rainboots // Sparkle Hair Clips

Hope you all survived daylight savings, here’s to early bedtimes and a happy Monday tomorrow!


Harper Turns Six!

This weekend we celebrated our Harper girl’s SIXTH birthday! It seems like just yesterday we were planning her little princess party for her third birthday, I’m not sure why that one vividly stands out so much to me but it just doesn’t feel like it was that long ago. Harper wanted unicorns & lemonade for her birthday this year, so that is just what we did! Lots of balloons, strawberry unicorn cupcakes & every flavor of lemonade you could think of! All of her little besties came over and the weather was beautiful, a sunshine day in the middle of two weeks of straight rain! The girls ate lunch, birthday cake & then ran around the yard for two hours taking turns jumping on the trampoline & doing sidewalk chalk. Also worth noting, Harper chose peanut butter & jelly uncrustables for her fancy birthday party meal & Eloise refused to change out of pajamas.

SIX things I want to remember about Harper right now:

1. She loves to express herself with art, she is always making the sweetest pictures of our family with thought bubbles and writing what people are saying or thinking. It is SO sweet. She loves to draw us love notes and leave them on our night stands. I will treasure her art forever!

2. She takes the best care of her sisters (and really everyone!) but will always find a way to make them happy. She reads to them, always lets them play with her dolls & tells them jokes when they’re upset (or getting their hair brushed and are unhappy about it!)

3. She is the girliest girl, always dancing, always singing & always wants to dress up.

4. She is such a daddy’s girl (how can you not be?!) she loves to ride in his truck or hang out in the garage with him.

5. She has such a sweet tooth, loves pancakes & wants to eat candy canes all year round.

6. She is so much fun to hang out with!!! It is so fun to take her places (just the two of us!) or even sit with her and scroll pinterest or watch cooking shows! I love my little six year old best friend!

Happy birthday, Harper doodle!! We love you so so much, stay magical sweet girl!