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Sundays are for Snuggling.

Life tends to get busy, and with kids, sometimes it feels like we are always just trying to sty afloat. We go into every weekend with a list of things we want to do with the girls, stuff we need to do around the house and of course, so much laundry. Before we know it, Sunday is here, and the stress of the upcoming week starts to settle in. We call it the empties, some of our friends call it the Sunday scaries, do you know this feeling?

So we have made it a tradition for the last few months, to always be home on Sunday nights. To always do an early, extra long dinner together, make sure things are picked up and in their place for the week, and then spend the last few hours of the weekend together in our happy place. We have dance parties, rent movies & turn on the fire when it’s cold. The big girls love to read together (and fight over who gets to pick said movie) while Claire climbs around like our living room is her own personal jungle gym. One of her favorite things to do each night is milk delivery for everyone, she helps me put the lids on everyones cups, and she runs into the room to bring Harper (Happie!) & Eloise (Eyee!) their milks, before running back in for her own. Sunday nights are one of our favorite times of the week, the perfect time to unwind and to count our blessings.

I love the saying, a Sunday well spent brings a week of content. Hope you all had a great weekend & wishing you a happy week ahead!! XO

Super Powers

Harper has recently become obsessed with super heroes and has been asking so many questions about all of their magic and super powers. The other day after making capes for the girls out of dish towels, I heard Harper tell Eloise, “well, I might want to have all the powers from The Incredibles. Or maybe mom’s super powers, she can draw anything AND carry all three of us up the stairs at once!” I laughed so hard, and was so humbled by her sweet response. And I couldn’t help but think about all of the amazing super powers that moms really do have!

Moms can make themselves invisible when it comes to putting their children’s every need before their own. Moms have superhuman strength when it comes to protecting their families. Moms can heal with a kiss, and fix just about everything else with a hug or a hot glue gun. But that’s not all, we also have powers that even The Incredibles probably couldn’t pull off.

Like, the ability to make a perfect over easy egg while two toddlers physically climb you like zombies.

The ability to put on a full face of makeup, mascara included, in the three and a half minute Starbucks drive through.

Or maybe the ability to not completely lose your shit when all your kids are screaming at the top of their lungs about who got a bigger cup of milk, the tv is blaring at max volume 36 because someone is sitting on the remote, and your husband interrupts it all to ask you to put a duvet cover on.

Whatever it is, if you’re feeling defeated or wondering if you’re doing things right, remember that you are amazing! And you can do things that nobody else can. So pat yourself on the back & tell us what your super powers are, we would love to hear them! XO

March Madness.

And not the basketball kind.

It was class picture day for the girls at school this morning, so the girls requested some curls, chapstick, and two very sparkly headbands. I left Claire in the kitchen for a whopping three minutes to accomplish this, and came back to find that she had soaked her waffle in her cereal milk and then launched it at the wall, leaving soggy waffle shrapnel all over the kitchen. Mopping the kitchen floor at 7:15 this morning was high on the list of things I didn’t want to be doing. Happy first day of March!

It’s getting to be about that time of year where we need fresh air and lots of it! While we have had a few pretty glimpses of Spring, we are ready for it to stick around. A few things we are looking forward to this month.

Weekend getaways! We have the Spring travel bug and have a few super fun weekend trips planned! First up is Savannah, we have never been but have heard so many amazing things about this adorable city! We are also heading to Nashville again in a few weeks & also taking the kids to Rosemary Beach for the first time! We hear it is super family friendly so we are really excited to visit!

Warmer weather & wearing dresses, because I am confident I have lived in my husbands tshirt & Christmas pajama pants for approximately 89 days too many.

Taking Harper to see Beauty & the Beast. Tell me I’m not the only one who cried watching the trailer?

Our new print shop launch! It has been forever since I’ve been able to sit down and make prints & I miss it SO much. Lettering especially has always been such a creative outlet for me and I can’t wait to put more focus on it this year! I hinted in our plans for the new year to be able to offer tangible prints (printed & shipped right to you instead of just digital!) and to explore more than just chalk, and we are doing all of those things!! I can’t wait!


It’s going to be such a fun month! What are you looking forward to this Spring?! XO