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Fall Family Photos

Happy Monday, friends! I apologize for the radio silence on the blog last week, we spent a few days in Chicago for a work event & celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary. Playing lots of catch up on the blog this week! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am so excited to share our family photos that we had taken a few weekends ago, the sweetest Amanda Marie Bannister shot these at our house (probably the easiest ever shoot location when you have kids!) and we love how they turned out!! I already want to do them again as soon as every leaf in the city turns YELLOW!

Outfit Sources: Claire’s Sweatshirt // Claire’s Glitter Hair Clip // Ellie’s Striped Shirt // Ellie’s Skirt // Harper’s Shirt // Harper’s Corduroy Skirt // Harper’s Bowย 

The girls personalities have been captured so well here, I love all of these little moments frozen in time! Thank you, Amanda for making this magic happen!!! Ok off to print a bunch of these & find a hundred other things to do to procrastinate unpacking. Hope you all have the best day ever!! XO


Fall Bucket List

On the eve of the first day of Fall, I asked the girls to help me put together our Fall bucket list! We love doing this for every change of season, it’s so fun to have things to look forward to and to cross them off as we go! Can you guess which things the girls wrote?!

chalkboard tutorial coming soon // crayon caddy // halloween pajamas

Rake the leaves and jump in it.

Go apple picking & make a pretty pie.

Carve pumpkins.

“Eat so much candy.”

Make treats to deliver to our neighbors.

Bring back Soup Sundays.

Go to the pumpkin patch & have a pumpkin painting party.

Make an amazing pot roast.

Go on a bike ride when all the leaves are falling.

Make Halloween chex mix.

Go to a football game!

Make homemade caramel corn.

Have a Halloween party.

Perfect our pumpkin pie recipe.

Watch Hocus Pocus at least a dozen times!

What are all the fun things you have planned for Fall?! I cannot believe our favorite season has FINALLY arrived!!!!!!!! Eeeeeek!!!! Happy Friday, friends!!! XO


Back to School 2018

Well, it’s official, the girls are all back in school for the year!! Packing lunches and waking up early are two of my least favorite things, but being back on a somewhat-schedule is good for all of us. This has not been the easiest transition for the girls, Harper had no problem jumping right back into first grade, Eloise & Claire, not so much. They were really comfortable with their old school, teachers & friends, but since they didn’t go back to school when we moved here, it is a big change for them. So we are still working through the morning goodbyes. Always a heart breaker!

After school naps are pretty much the cutest.

So, I have asked the girls the same few questions every year before going to school & love reading back on their answers, kids are seriously the funniest. I just wish I could accurately capture Claire’s little lisp in writing these.

How old are you?
Harper: Six and a half!
Eloise: Four!
Claire:ย Free.

What is your favorite color?
Harper: Pink
Eloise: Yellow
Claire: Pink AND yellow.

What is your favorite food?
Harper: Spaghetti.
Eloise: Sandwiches and grapes
Claire: ummm, a peanut butter shammich!

What is your favorite movie?
Harper: Tinkerbell
Eloise: The Greatest Showman
Claire: Peter Wabbit

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Harper: A singer
Eloise: A gymnastics girl!
Claire: Oh, Santa. I want to be Santa.

What is your favorite thing to play with?
Harper: Making art and books. And watching cooking shows on my ipad.
Eloise: My baby.
Claire: Mommy.

What do you love most?
Harper: Oh, definitely my family and God.
Eloise: Mommy and daddy and going to the pool.
Claire: Suckers. No, granola bars.

Happy 2018 school year to all of you & your little ones!! May the tears be few & far between!! XO