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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I know it’s very last minute, but I’m a last minute kinda gal. We are looking forward to a quiet Mother’s Day weekend with family, the only thing I am asking for is to sleep in & brunch somewhere on a patio with my people!! I wanted to share a quick gift guide for those of you still shopping for the moms in your life, a few of my favorite things and things currently living in my online shopping carts across the web.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

One // I love everything from Ban.Do and grabbed this Leisure Queen sweatshirt for our Seattle Trip. Who wouldn’t love this sweatshirt?!

Two // One of my favorite essential oil diffusers, it’s small enough to go anywhere in your house and the color settings are so pretty!!

Three // I have been obsessed with these earrings lately! I love how simple they are but they’re just sparkly enough to make a statement. I normally tell Brandon not to buy me jewelry, but hey babe, if you’re reading this, I’ll totally take these any day of the week.

Four // I love a good pair of sneaks in a fun color, I got these New Balance ones in lilac few weeks ago and love them. They’re so comfortable and cute for Spring! My mom & mother in law would both love these as a gift!

Five // When I find a good purse, I typically get really attached to it and use it for 2-3 years. I just bought this backpack purse last month and I love it SO much!! It has so many pockets & has kept me much more organized than my giant open tote. I also underestimated how convenient it is to wear your purse on your back instead of always having it falling off your shoulder. Highly recommend!!!

Six // Yes, my favorite denim jacket ever. It’s on sale for 40% off right now so don’t miss out.

Seven // This temperature controlled coffee mug was on my holiday gift guide and Brandon ended up getting one for himself because he loves to burn his mouth as many times as possible while drinking his morning coffee. It is actually amazing and such a good gift for the busy mama who is always throwing her coffee in the microwave.

Hope this is helpful if you are still looking for gift ideas!! XO


Snow Day Survival Guide with Kids

Snowstorm Harper is heading our way and that prompted me to finally finish a post I have been taking notes for, well, forever! Winter can get long and dark, and if you have kids, it can be straight up cabin fever after too many days stuck inside. Last time we had a bunch of snow/no school days in a row, I searched online for “fun snow day activities” and the first list I got included “banging pots and pans together.” HARD PASS.

So I’m sharing a few of our favorite ways to stay sane & entertained if you’re snowed in!

Games // We are obsessed with playing games as a family, it is such a fun way to spend time together, especially once your kiddos are a tiny bit older and have the attention span & understanding to play. If you’ve watched my IG stories lately, you’ll see that Headbanz is our current favorite, Santa brought it to the girls for Christmas and it is so much fun!! I would say kids as young as even 2 or 3 can play! We also love Zingo (really fun for little ones, can keep them occupied forever and ever), Candyland, Guess Who, Go Fish and Uno. If you have a little bit older kids who know all of their numbers, Racko is super fun, even for adults, Brandon & I played this with friends in town the other weekend (without the kids) just during conversation and it is a blast!

Get Outside // Ok sledding, snowballs & snow angels is the obvious answer to “wtf are we going to do all day.” But if you have little ones, you know you’ll likely spend more time trying to put seven hundred layers of snow pants on than you actually will outside. Saucer sleds are the easiest for little kids to use, but we’ve also used pool floats from summer & laundry baskets in a pinch. The girls always also love to build a snowman (or a snow family) and make snow cream.

Movie Marathon // Once we’ve had enough of the cold, we usually resort to warm bubble baths & a movie marathon! If you haven’t watched the Parent Trap lately, it’s so fun for kids of all ages and so nostalgic to watch again as an adult! The girls also love the original Mary Poppins, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and Sing! To make things even more fun, add a blanket fort to the mix.

Baking // We always end up cooking or baking something fun on snow days. I love letting the girls do most of the work, even if it means making an enormous mess. Sugar cookies are perfect for snow days! Another fun treat is popcorn bark, which is a great addition to the movie marathon.

And when all else fails, get your kids a hippity hop. Our girls never. stop. bouncing.

Stay warm, my friends! Happy Weekend!! XO


Christmas 2018 + Meet Marvin Garvin

Happy New Year, friends!! I can’t believe we are already a week into 2019! We took some major time off over the holidays to enjoy all of the festivities & time with family. This was our first holiday season here in Kansas City and we had so much fun making memories & new traditions. Christmas Eve weekend we took the girls out on a “family date,” which we decided we have to now do every single year because it was so much fun. We started the morning at Union Station seeing all of the Christmas festivities, got Root Beer Floats at the famous Fritz’s restaurant and saw a movie. We came home to rest of a little bit, and then went back out for a progressive dinner at all The Plaza restaurants and looked at the lights. The girls seriously had the best day ever and we will remember it forever! Christmas eve we wrapped up the rest of our baking, delivered goodies to our neighbors and then went to an early church service. We hosted my family for Christmas Eve dinner, and decided to make Chicken Parmesan, which was something our very first friends in Atlanta made for us on our first Christmas Eve there when we had no family living close by. We watched Christmas Vacation, drank some champagne & waited for the kiddos to go to bed so Santa could come! πŸ˜‰

The girls were up bright & early on Christmas morning and took turns running down the stairs to peek at the presents. They wanted bean bag chairs so bad & Santa delivered! They tore into their presents and stockings while we made homemade cinnamon rolls and waited patiently for the best gift of all to show up.

Rewind to last summer we decided that we wanted to get a Goldendoodle and were on a waitlist back in Atlanta to get one. We were weeks away from fencing in our yard when we decided to move to Kansas City, so we decided to put that all on hold. As soon as we moved here, we were given a referral from some neighbors to find a doodle and again, got on a waitlist. After months of not being able to find the right puppy for us, we were finally thinking we would be getting one in February, but got a call the first week of December with good news. A family had decided to move out of town and wouldn’t be able to take their puppy, a six week old red goldendoodle. The lady told us she was so excited to call because she knew we would freak out, and she was right!! Since we had two trips planned before Christmas, we decided to have him start puppy training for a few weeks and then surprise the girls on Christmas morning. My parents drove to get him early that morning, snuck him inside & we brought him out in the living room to introduce him to the girls. They were SO excited and happy, it was so much fun to see their reaction and we have it recorded to re-watch over and over. He immediately peed all over them, but they loved him through it!

We got to keep him just for Christmas, but then had to take him back to his puppy training for his remaining two weeks. We finally get to bring him home for good this Sunday and CAN NOT WAIT. Had we known how hard it would be to say goodbye (even briefly!) we probably wouldn’t have done it to begin with, but we are hopeful that he will come home peeing on just a few less things! πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait to share more Marvin Garvin with you guys and all the fun we will have with him!!

I hope you all had the most magical Christmas & New Year with your loved ones, cheers to the best year ever!! XO

PS. Send all the dog training advice & tips our way!303