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Summer Playlist

No season is complete without a great playlist, Summer especially!! These are our favorites on repeat over here, perfect for the pool, the lake or just a cozy evening on the patio! A little bit of everything, and always some country!

What songs are you loving right now?! We are always looking for more faves to add to the list! Also, if you don’t have a bluetooth speaker for all of your Summer adventures, these are our all time favorite and will definitely change the game when you are ready to jam out! XO


Our Morning Routine + Playlist

School is back in session so our morning routine just got real. I am a night owl so I’m always pressing play on just one more episode of The Office and then wishing I could sleep in the next morning! Anyone else?!

I wanted to give you guys a peek into our mornings during the week!

Brandon & I wake up around 6:15 so we can have a few minutes of peace & quiet before the girls wake up. We make coffee, I fill our diffusers & if the weather is nice, we drink our coffee on the back patio with Marvin. I almost always have to wake the girls around 6:45, they were sleeping in until after 8:00 all Summer so this has been an adjustment for us. I love to turn on a fun playlist in the morning to help wake them up & get everyone excited for the day!

Brandon handles breakfast while I make the girls lunches. We try to keep breakfast super simple during the week, we rotate cereal + fruit, yogurt + fruit, avocado toast, or bagels with peanut butter.

We have the girls set out their clothes the night before, this has been a game changer for staying on schedule in the morning. For some reason they’re a lot less picky when they choose clothes at night, and then in the morning they get dressed without all the drama. I do their hair, typically braids and a little mist of peppermint essential oil to avoid all the things that come with long hair + elementary school. 😉

We do vitamins & oils, they pack their own backpacks with library books & their snacks, and then we are out the door by 7:40 so we can walk to school. Walking to school is one of the biggest perks of where we moved to, we love the small town feel of our neighborhood & getting some sunshine first thing in the morning is the best! We are SO excited for some cool weather which will make it even more enjoyable!

When we get home from dropping off the older girls, Brandon typically heads to the gym or for a run with Marvin, and I take Claire bear to preschool. I do my best to not stop for coffee on my drive home, but typically get wrapped up in a phone call and find my way there. My goal this Fall is to get to the gym three days a week after dropping her off, but I just haven’t gotten quite that far yet. I usually just come home and get straight to work. One step at a time!

Lots of you asked about the morning playlist, I sent it out earlier this month to our email subscribers (you can sign up here!) and but thought I would share it here as well!! Sure to put smiles on everyones faces, even the grumpiest of humans who can’t find their other shoe.

Hope you are all having a magical start to the school year & aren’t to overwhelmed with the massive to do lists!! Thanks for reading, friends!! XO


Summer Movie Lineup

One of my favorite things about summer is evening storms! We seem to have them a lot lately, in the late afternoon or right after dinner, the sun still pours in our living room but the rain is loud and it makes for the coziest movie nights! We have pulled out our camping tent twice this year already, and the girls love to pull the pillows off the couch and build a bed on the floor for movies. The other night we were picking out some of our favorite movies to add to our queue, and I thought this would be fun for a blog post!! I love all the things that evoke the feelings of the season, so watching a good baseball movie on a summer night will always be my favorite! Field of Dreams, anyone?! 

Sources: Furniture // Coffee Table // Purple Rug // Jute Rug // Frames // Curtains // Curtain Rods // Fan // Light

Sharing a list of our favorites! Crack open the windows while it’s storming, make a big bowl of popcorn or some stovetop s’mores & throw back to some of the best summery movies of all time!

The Parent Trap

Eat Pray Love

Field of Dreams

Now & Then


The Sandlot

Wedding Crashers

Bridges of Madison County

500 Days of Summer

And if it’s after the fourth of July, well then Hocus Pocus is totally acceptable, my kids insisted in reading the Grinch last night before bed so we are really getting ahead of ourselves. What are some of your favorites (including any Netflix series!) that you love to watch on a stormy summer night?! I would love to hear all of your recommendations! Happy Monday!! XO604