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Newborn Favorites

It feels like I am writing this post for the millionth time. And I’m sure you feel like you’re reading it for the millionth time too. But! Baby products are always changing, and getting better & better along the way, so I am sharing just a few things I am loving this time around.

Halo Swivel Bassinet // Knotted Baby Gown // Angelcare Bath Seat

 Having my third c-section, I have learned the hard way about what makes those first few weeks especially tough, and that is the middle of the night feedings that include sitting up, twisting & bending over to pick up your newborn. With a pack-n-play or traditional bassinet/co-sleeper next to the bed, it also involves pushing it out of the way or trying to squeeze around it when getting out of bed. Enter, the Halo Swivel Bassinet. This is a tried & true life saver for the newborn days, with a full 360 degree swivel, a wide base that will easily go underneath your bed so you can pull the bassinet to you & a drop side to pull your baby into bed with you. It also has a night light, a vibration setting & pockets on the ends for diapers & wipes. I am honestly in love with this product & wish that I would have had it for the other two girls. Here’s the catch, it is very pricey & is something you may only use for a month or two while your baby is sleeping in your room. I went in on this with a few of my girlfriends who were also having babies this year, so we have split the cost & passed it around to each other as we needed it for the newborn stage, so we each only ended up paying around $50 for something that was really invaluable.
So so so worth it, highly recommended.

The Angelcare bath seat was something I discovered after Eloise was already sitting up in the tub, but I always dreaded bath time because I always felt like I had to hold onto her in any/all bath tubs/seats that she used. And I swear, we have used them all. I used this when I gave my nephew a bath at my brother’s house before Claire was born & knew right away that we had to buy one. This seat tops them all, to use from the time your baby is a newborn through the wobbly-slippery-tub-sitting stage. The soft rubbery back keeps them from slipping & the base stays put in the tub. Claire absolutely loves bath time & I am certain it has a lot to do with her being comfortable in this little seat.

4moms sent us their new bounceRoo a few weeks ago & we were so excited to try it out. I swear by bouncers, I think babies are most comfortable & relaxed in them above anything else, between the vibration setting & the way you can bounce them with your foot. This one did not disappoint, and you know I love the modern style & neutral colors. It is lightweight, portable & battery operated so you can move it to any room of the house or take it with you wherever you go.

My favorite muslin blankets, all natural rubber pacifier & the best ever nipple balm are also must-haves for me. And I think we can all agree that the little knotted baby gown is the most adorable thing ever! These are soft, stretchy & super convenient for diaper changes. I also have to mention the noise machine that we love, we have one in each of the girls’ rooms for white noise while they sleep, I swear by them, especially in our crazy loud zoo of a house these days! Also, I recently tried the Ollie World Swaddle which officially takes the cake in terms of newborn swaddles, Claire has yet to break out of it when she sleeps at night!! If you have a swaddle ninja, I would highly recommend trying the Ollie!

Hope you find this helpful!! Wishing you all a happy Tuesday & lots of hours of uninterrupted sleep! XO


Baby Number Three Wishlist & Must Haves

Let’s be honest, noise cancelling headphones & a huge bottle of wine is probably what I’ll really want about a month from now. Lack of sleep + a newborn + the little crazy train of toddlers is sounding more terrifying by the day. But ready or not, here she comes, and while we don’t need much at all, every new baby needs a few new pretty little things!
Pilots Cap // Grey Shortie Romper // Hedgehog & Goose Burp Cloths // Pretzel Rattle // Natural Rubber Pacifier // Zip-Front One Piece Sleeper

I am loving all of these colors for our soon to be Summer baby. Peach & lilac are such a perfect pair! Lightweight zip pajamas, itty-bitty-rompers & a few fun printed burp cloths are always staples, but something tells me I just need that pretzel rattle! 😉

I recapped a few of our baby number two must-haves shortly after Eloise was born, wasn’t that just a few weeks ago?!  I plan to use my baby wrap as much as possible since I know I will need all hands on deck for the other two girls, but other than that, I’m convinced it will be a total circus & there may be no way to prepare for what’s to come. Advice is welcome & as always, any of your must-haves that you’d like to share as well!


Baby Number Two Gear

Let me preface by saying that we absolutely LOVE having two kids, it has been such a fun adventure & we adore seeing the girls interact with each other. It is so much fun (most of the time) to experience the newborn stage a second time, knowing how quickly it passes & allowing you to savor every sweet little moment just a little bit more. That being said, baby number two is a game changer. The second you leave the room to change your newborn’s diaper, you can bet your ass your toddler is now guzzling your iced coffee & unfolding an entire basket of laundry.
I know it will be second nature in no time, but it’s crazy how all of a sudden you can’t believe you ever thought having one kid was hard.

I put together a few of our favorite things that we have found most helpful now with two. Not pictured is the movie Frozen, which has quite possibly been the best thing that has ever happened to our daily routine. 

Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller \ Summer Infant Dual Video Monitor
Solly Baby Wrap \ Boon Lawn Drying Rack \ 4moms rockaRoo

Double Stroller \ We chose the Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller after lots of research & so far, we LOVE it! It is such a smooth ride, so easy to push & easy to manipulate the different ways to use it. I wanted something that would grow with the girls, so for now, we are using the carseat attachment (this adapter specifically for the Peg-Perego Infant Carseat that we have) but will eventually have it ride with two seats. There are tons of different options, I am a huge fan of that. Plus, the basket underneath is giant & that is always a win in my book!
rockaRoo \ The 4moms rockaRoo doubles as both a portable infant seat & a full on swing, with a rocking motion that soothes her right to sleep. I also love that it is low to the ground so Harper can see Eloise when she is in it, she is always sitting next to her talking to her or giving her “toys.” It also has an adapter to plug into your ipod/iphone to play music, DJ Harper’s favorite feature! 😉 
Dual Camera Monitor \ We bought this Summer Infant Dual Camera Video Monitor because the one we originally had didn’t support a second camera. We love Summer Infant because the video quality is the absolute best. With the handheld monitor, the screen automatically switches every eight seconds between cameras so you don’t have to constantly check it. Definitely a must have so you can rest assured your babies are safe when they’re sleeping in the other room.
Baby Wrap \ I recently bought a Solly Baby Wrap after hearing so many rave reviews & am so glad that I did! It is so soft, lightweight & most importantly, I really feel like Ellie is perfectly snug & secure when I wear it. I am surprised with how much I have used it already, both around the house so I have two hands to do things with Harper, but also just about everywhere we go solo since I can’t lift the carseat out of the car on my own for a few more weeks. Plus, it comes in so many gorgeous colors, the grey stripe & orchid are my favorites. No surprise! 😉
Boon Lawn Drying Rack \ We had the smaller sized grass one forever, but with double the dishes & even less time to put things away, this larger drying rack is one of my favorite baby items ever. I love the fun & functional design. And when your baby dishes are just piled in the sink & you have absolutely no intention of washing them any time soon, this drying rack works just as well for wine glasses.

I hope that this is helpful to those of you about to welcome baby number two. More than anything, we have found that taking the time to give each baby the attention that they need is just as important as spending time all together as a family. Sometimes it’s easy for each parent to take one kid & do their own thing, but embracing the chaos by getting out & about together is what it’s all about.
Even if you do feel like a traveling circus. 🙂

Blue Dresses (sold out, similar romper style here) \ Mint Blanket c/o Little Hip Squeaks