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Summer Style Faves

I asked you all on instagram last week if you wanted to see more mini style or mama style, and it was a pretty heavy sway towards clothes for us! I don’t shop for myself a ton, since I mostly live in pajamas and comfy clothes since I stay home most of the time, but I am always up for a splurge on a good dress and swimsuit (or two!) every summer!

Easy, breezy style is my jam, I almost always wear jean shorts with a comfy tank, dressed up with jewelry & wedges if we end up going out somewhere, otherwise still rocking the same pair of old navy flip flops that I have had since the year Brandon and I got married. So here you have it friends, basically my entire summer capsule wardrobe, or a fancy way of saying, the handful of things I wear every single day. 

One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven

How fun is that blue maxi?! Again, versatile enough for daily errands but also totally still says “let’s get margs!”

Swimsuits! I am usually a black one piece kinda gal, but went for the green plunge one linked above (my favorite ever!!) and the a yellow floral high waisted bikini that I just grabbed on sale and can’t wait to wear to the pool!! Swimsuits can be so tricky but I promise both of these are safe bets! And many of you have asked about the handkerchief/bandana that I have been wearing in my hair, it’s the most fun way to dress up a top knot (or hide a bad one, really) and my favorite is linked below!

Hope these have given you a few fun ideas for fun summer style, although let’s be honest, I’m basically just hanging around waiting for Fall. 😉

Shop additional faves + similar items below.



Mini Style // Back to School

My very first baby is headed to Kindergarten this year & I am a complete mess over it. Sending your little one out into the big world (full of big kids!) is so much to handle, I fully intend to spend as many of my free hours volunteering in her classroom or at least sneaking in for lunch. Harper is so much braver than I am, she has been talking non stop about how she can’t wait to meet her teacher and make new friends, and to finally get to have a folder again! Sweetest girl. While I try to take my mind off of the hard stuff, we are taking the easy way out and talking about back to school styles!

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

Harper picked the cutest sparkly high tops & a few dresses that she loves (like the pink ballerina one above!). We are adding in some layers for cooler weather, some versatile pieces like a denim jumper that can be worn with short or long sleeves underneath (or a sweater over top), lots of sequins and the CUTEST backpack (similar one here) that we plan to accessorize with some fun tassels or patches! I also love to have lots of cartwheel shorts on hand so she can wear dresses as much as she wants (which is basically every day!) until we pair them with leggings or tights later in the season.

I loved reading all of your sweet advice on my Instagram post about kindergarten, if you have any other tips for the transition we would love to know! And where are you shopping for back to school this year?! Happy almost weekend, friends!! XO


Mini Style // Fourth of July

The most fun weekend of summer is just around the corner, we can’t wait for food trucks, fireworks & sparklers! I put together a few of my favorite Fourth of July inspired mini styles, I always look forward to coordinating the girls in their red, white & blue. I love all of these because they are versatile enough to wear all summer long, my girls pretty much live in dot leotards & graphic tees! I’m also obsessed with those swim trunks and need that pattern on a swimsuit for girls asap! Something about ice cream & bomb pops always gets me.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

On the topic of online shopping, I thought I would share this story as a reminder as to why I rarely shop in stores (especially with my kids). Last week I took the girls with me to a local store to buy a dress for my trip back to Iowa, I normally put Eloise & Claire in the double stroller & Harper walks, but Eloise was begging to walk this time. I let her (against my better judgement), so while we were in the store, I had Claire in the stroller, Harper holding onto it, and then Eloise holding Harper’s hand, so she was the furthest from me but they were all being really well behaved. I bent down to look at a pile of folded clothes on the bottom shelf of a table, when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head and heard a crash. I fell to the ground and turned around to see that the girls had knocked over three seven-foot-tall mannequins, all of which came crashing down on top of me. I burst into tears, one because it hurt SO bad, but second because I had already been on the verge of crying all day buying a dress for my grandma’s funeral. Needless to say, I was so thankful they hit me and not anyone else or the girls, but damn. Lesson learned, we are online shopping for life.

What are your plans for the Fourth?! Hope you are having an amazing start to your summer break! XO