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Summer Movie Lineup

One of my favorite things about summer is evening storms! We seem to have them a lot lately, in the late afternoon or right after dinner, the sun still pours in our living room but the rain is loud and it makes for the coziest movie nights! We have pulled out our camping tent twice this year already, and the girls love to pull the pillows off the couch and build a bed on the floor for movies. The other night we were picking out some of our favorite movies to add to our queue, and I thought this would be fun for a blog post!! I love all the things that evoke the feelings of the season, so watching a good baseball movie on a summer night will always be my favorite! Field of Dreams, anyone?!Β 

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Sharing a list of our favorites! Crack open the windows while it’s storming, make a big bowl of popcorn or some stovetop s’mores & throw back to some of the best summery movies of all time!

The Parent Trap

Eat Pray Love

Field of Dreams

Now & Then


The Sandlot

Wedding Crashers

Bridges of Madison County

500 Days of Summer

And if it’s after the fourth of July, well then Hocus Pocus is totally acceptable, my kids insisted in reading the Grinch last night before bed so we are really getting ahead of ourselves. What are some of your favorites (including any Netflix series!) that you love to watch on a stormy summer night?! I would love to hear all of your recommendations! Happy Monday!! XO


Claire Turns Two.

Claire turned two this week and we have been celebrating all week long! Where has the time gone?! I have been pulling some pictures of her to print and wanted to share a few of my faves, plus a little update of what two looks like for her.

Eats: Literally everything. Claire is never not asking for a snack or trying to eat something off someone else’s plate. Loves cereal, yogurt & pasta. All of the messiest foods that we try to avoid at all cost. Pretzel sticks, Pirates Booty & gum.

Loves: Snacks (did I already mention that?) and stealing sips of my coffee. Baby dolls (especially if they are Ellie’s) and her blanket collection. Wearing underwear over her diaper. Holding food off the side of her high chair while staring us in the eye to make sure we know that she knows, that she is going to throw her food on the floor in protest for whatever it is that she might be mad about. Her play phone that records voices & the wooden toy cracker box that she pretends is also a play phone. Brushing her teeth & eating as much toothpaste as possible. Getting her nails painted. Wagon rides & the sprinkler. Mickey, Little Einsteins & Sing.

Says: “I want snacky.” (basically the firs thing she says when she wakes up each day). “Meeeeeeeeeeeeeoooowwww” (her response to most things, aside from “No, I don’t wannu!!” “Olweez! Top it!” (Eloise, stop it! Because ellie is always trying to snuggle/hug/kiss/lick her). “Sang! Moomie!” (When she talks to the microphone on our remote to play the movie Sing). “Want toenails!” (I want ponytails, this is new, and is my favorite). “Hold you!” (you hold me).

Claire is FULL of personality, she is either all the way happy or all the way mad, usually nowhere in between. She makes us all laugh all the time, especially when she walks around with her eyes closed with her huge gap toothed smile, knowing she is funny. She loves to be held, snuggled or sitting on my lap at all times. She still wants to be rocked before bed every night, loves to sing Twinkle Twinkle and needs all of her blankets/stuffed animals to be a certain way before she will go to sleep. She loves her sisters so much and looks up to them like crazy, watching her imitate them is one of my favorite things in the world.

We are so excited to celebrate her this weekend & see her excitement over getting to eat an entire piece of cake. Happiest second birthday, Claire Vivien, we love you to infinity and beyond.Β 


Fourth of July 2017

Hope you all had an amazing fourth of July with your friends & families!!

Monday we met up with some of our friends & went to a local fourth celebration with some food trucks & kids activities. We didn’t end up staying for fireworks because 1. HEAT and 2. the kids were just exhausted from walking/dancing/asking for snacks. One of my favorite parts of the day was that we gave Claire her first pigtails, that morning Eloise & Harper kept asking her if she wanted ponytails so we put them in her hair just like theirs and she loved it. When we were getting dressed up to leave, she brought me a ponytail holder and grabbed her hair and said “toe nails? toe nails!” Toddler language is my favorite ever!!

On the fourth, we spent most of the day at my parents’ neighborhood pool. They have a kids play area that is so perfect for our girls’ ages, little slides and a wading pool. Everyone was exhausted so we came home to nap in the afternoon while it stormed for a few hours. There is nothing better than snuggling up on the couch during a storm! The event we planned to go to got rained out early in the evening, so we took a detour and went out for tacos instead. We brought the girls home so they could change into their pajamas before walking to nearby fireworks. There were tons of fun fourth of July parties going on outside so we listened to nearby music & the girls danced around with their flags while they waited patiently for fireworks to start. The show was amazing & everyone did so good, no ear plugging or anything! πŸ˜‰

I will never get tired of these bomb pop jammies.

Have a great rest of the week, hope your fifth of July hasn’t been too rough! XO