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Creating a Gallery Wall

It’s no secret that I love a good gallery wall, collecting art is my favorite & it is so fun to piece them all together to create a beautiful display. I would have gallery walls in every room of our house if I could, and to be honest, I just might at some point!!

Just before the holidays, we finished the gallery wall surrounding our TV that I had been dreaming up since we moved in. In our last house, we had our TV mounted above the fireplace, so I was hoping that by adding a gallery wall around our television we would make it feel like a piece of art instead of an eyesore. This is one of my favorite walls in the house now, and I have every intention of changing up the artwork in our frames over time!

A lot of you have asked about putting a gallery wall together, so I thought I would share a few tips for creating a well thought out look.

  1. Plan everything out by laying all of your art on the floor in different arrangements. Take pictures, then rearrange them. This gives you a chance to take a step back and see them how they will look on your wall. Keep doing this until you find the combination you love most!
  2. Mix & match your art and frame styles, but keep the matting and spacing consistent. This will make the gallery wall feel cohesive & intentional.
  3. Start with your largest piece first, work your way out. No need to make it symmetrical, but balance the pieces by spacing out darker prints or frames, and mixing in some white to not make it feel too heavy. Avoid too many small frames without larger ones to anchor it.

We partnered with Framebridge for all of this artwork & I could not have been happier with the way it all turned out. Their entire process is seamless, I was so impressed with every single detail & seriously cannot wait to use them again!! My favorite thing is that you can upload your own artwork or digital files, they will print & frame them, and ship them to you in a matter of days! The quality also cannot be topped, they came with everything you need to mount them & it was so easy that I literally hung this entire wall myself while the girls were napping!! Hence my sub-par photography skills as I propped my camera up on a makeshift tripod using an end table stacked on top of a coffee table. 😉

You can save 15% off your first Framebridge piece with code garvinandco15!

I hope this answers some of your questions for building your gallery walls, our next one will be going up the back stairwell with family photos & I am so excited to get started! Happy framing!!! XO

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Snow Day

It snowed!!! This is a pretty big deal in the south, since snow days don’t happen all that often, so we make the very most of it! Friday night just before the girls went to bed, we looked outside & saw the big, beautiful type of snowflakes coming down. It felt like Christmas Eve, we were all so excited before bed & hoping it would all stick around until morning. We woke up to mostly ice, and about two inches of snow! We came out of our room to find Eloise & Harper camped out in front of the doors in the living room so they could look at the snow, it was the cutest. We made cinnamon rolls while we waited for it to warm up a bit, and then took on the 47 minute task of getting everyone dressed to go outside. Claire was bundled up Christmas Story style, there’s nothing cuter than a baby in a snow suit! 😉

We were in and out four times throughout the day, Brandon pulled the girls around in an old sled (R.I.P. inflatable swan), they jumped on the trampoline and attempted to make snow angels in between complaining that they were too cold and asking for hot chocolate. Seeing the kids enjoy the snow almost made me miss living in the midwest, until it came time to cram uncoordinated toddler fingers into gloves and mittens for the eighteenth time, and I realize maybe we Georgia isn’t so bad after all. Totally exhausting and so much fun!!! I love snow days, hopefully we will get one more before winter is over!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend & got to enjoy a little bit of winter magic wherever you are! XO

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Built In Bookshelves + Inspiration

Happy Friday, friends! It certainly feels like it has been a long week getting back into our regular routine after the holidays, the girls are back to school today after Winter break which is bittersweet. We are expecting to get snow here this weekend, and we could not be more excited!!! It seems like we get one snowfall each year, and it is something we hope for & look forward to so much!! The girls have their hats & mittens ready by the back door, patiently waiting for Saturday morning. This is exactly how I hope to spend our weekend, putting everything on hold to see the snow fall & finding just one more excuse to make hot chocolate.

One of our projects for the weekend is to finish up our built ins! Since we have moved in, they’ve basically been a junk-drawer on display, so I am so excited to finally have some storage below and some shelves to decorate! I wanted to share the progress pictures to show what we have done to them & how they are looking today. They felt a little out of place since they didn’t go all the way to the ceiling, and the trim felt unfinished. The existing structure was in good shape but the shelves were not, so we took most of those out, and had our carpenter come in and add some simple, clean trim work, add new shelves & build some custom cabinets for the bottom.

Brandon & I then filled all of the existing holes from the old shelves (hard to see them here because they were small, but there were approximately 200 holes!), sanded & primed. We still need to caulk some of the gaps, then we are ready to paint & add hardware! I also want to add a library ladder, I bought one at a thrift store before we even moved in but realized once these were built that my ladder is about a foot too short, so we will be on the lookout for another one! All of these updates have made such a difference & I can’t wait to share finished photos with you soon!

PS. How cute is this metallic woven basket?

 I wanted to share a few of my favorite inspiration pictures for built in bookshelves, and although I am about a thousand books short of ever achieving these looks, they’ve definitely given me some ideas!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Cheers to finishing our first project of 2017 and BRING ON THE SNOW!!! XO