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Bathroom Reno + Wallpaper Forever

Ahhhh!! Our powder room is the very first room in the house to be completely finished & we are basically in LOVE with how it turned out!!!! We decided to stick with the original plan of using our wallpaper in this room & I am so happy with it! Although I love it so much & might consider wallpapering my entire HOUSE at this point. Eeeek!! It feels just like my grandma’s house & that’s everything I wanted! Now to just keep my kids from coloring on it….

Sources: Wallpaper // Antique Brass Sconce // Round Mirror // Faucet // Pedestal Sink // Toilet Paper Holder // Door Knob

Ok so let’s rewind a bit, here are some before pictures of the room, when we bought the house & before they had to tear open all the walls for the electrical work. I fell instantly in love with this sink under the window like this, but unfortunately since we had to move the door out of the kitchen, the only way to make everything fit was to get a smaller sink & put it where the doorway was, and move the toilet under the window. There was also a super charming little ironing board closet, but it actually got taken out by mistake when they demo’ed this room. The miscommunication struggle is so real with contractors. I was so sad at first (I would have used it as a medicine cabinet and would have taken out the ironing board, so if you happen to stumble across a home with this, keep that idea in mind!), but we are over it and just so so so happy with this little space!!!! The original bathroom was seriously so cute and inspired the style for what we did.

^ Can you believe this was the view from standing right in the middle of the kitchen? 😉 No thanks.

Our kitchen renovation kicked off today and we are SO excited about it!!!! It’s going to be a long month, but we hope to have everything wrapped up in time for the Fourth of July! Stay tuned to Instagram stories for updates all month long!! xo


Summer Break Day 1

Yesterday was the first official day of Summer break here, all three girls home all day & nothing but three months of heat ahead of us! I thought it would be fun to really document our first season in our new home, the kitchen renovation that is kicking off next week & all the activities that we do with the kids. So we are going to kick off a little Summer series, week by week & share what we are up to!

The first day of Summer break kicked off with impatiently waiting to get out of bed, heaping stacks of pancakes & a long walk around the neighborhood. Harper wanted to make summer fun lists, so we each wrote down five things we wanted to do this season. Harper & Ellie’s both wanted pool, splash pad, lemonade stand, sleepovers at grandmas & an ice cream party. Claire wanted her nails painted, to have coffee & “Christmas!” so we will keep these all in mind when we wake up and need something to do.

The girls ate popsicles, played in the sprinkler and walked around the house with watering cans to water all of our flowers & grass. Having freshly laid sod in the heat of Summer is no joke! By early afternoon, everyone is pretty exhausted, I usually let them have their ipads for an hour, and nine times out of ten, Ellie & Claire fall asleep. Dreams really do come true. We are in the middle of unpacking, and at the same time, packing back up our half assed kitchen for our full renovation to begin next Monday. We plan to live with a fridge, toaster & microwave in the dining room for about a month. Oh, and eat lots of sushi & bbq!

We really love our new city & are SO excited for our first Summer here, we have big plans for baseball games, late nights at the pool and as many backyard hangs as we can handle!

What are your plans this summer?! What do you want to see more of over here on the blog? Do people even read blogs anymore? 🙂 Hope you all had a great weekend & are staying cool! XO


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!! It has been a long week over here as we unpack & get settled in, and try to resist the temptation to just play in the sprinkler every afternoon. I have tons of things bookmarked in my phone that I have been meaning to share with you so let’s jump right in to that Friday Favorite magic!!

Image via.

First things first, completely obsessed with these pajamas for Summer, and they’re on SALE so grab them before they sell out!

The cutest tank tutu dresses are back again this season & cuter than ever, we stocked up for all three girls as always!

We are in the process of designing & building some window boxes before Spring is over, I am following this tutorial for anyone who might be interested in a fun weekend project!

We love these snap bead sets for the girls, they’re a lifesaver for a rainy day (or in our case, all the crazy days of transition during our move!). I just grabbed a second set for the long Summer ahead!!

And last but not least, have. you. tried. Bubly water?! The strawberry flavor gives me LIFE. I swear I drank welch’s strawberry pop my entire childhood, and it tastes exactly like it, but without the sugar/calories!! Also, add a little champagne or rosé (and get it from winc as a monthly subscription, because you will be in love!!!!!) and you will have the best summer cocktail ever!!

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, friends!!! Hope it’s a great one! XO