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Eloise’s 4th Birthday Flower Party

Eloise turned four a few weeks ago & this weekend we got to celebrate her with family in town! She requested a flower party, so we decided to have it outside on Sunday morning & it was a pretty perfect setting! We kept things super low key, which I think is now a forever theme for all of our kids birthdays moving forward, we had a big breakfast inside, then came to the patio for cupcakes & making that big four year old birthday wish! Ellie picked out some flowers at ace hardware the day before, so we had each of the kids pot their own. Their favorite part was watering them with some cute little watering cans we found at hobby lobby.

And the best part about an outdoor birthday party after chocolate frosting & potting soil? The sprinkler!! It was the perfect morning for our sweet 4 year old. Happy Birthday, Eloise Ruby!! You are the sweetest sister to Claire & Harper, you have the best imagination & most fun personality. Every single day with you is better than the last, we love you SO much!!

Sources: Cupcakes by Cami’s Cake Co. // Wooden Serving Tray // Patio Table // Chairs


Mother’s Day Plans with Allswell Home

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, we are so excited to share with you our new partnership with Allswell Home! I think most mamas can agree that one of our favorite places to be is our own bed. Maybe without all the late night and early morning wake up calls, but just relaxing, sipping coffee & maybe even flipping through a good book!

We were introduced to Allswell a few months ago & were so excited for the opportunity to work with them on our new bedroom. Not only did we upgrade to a king size, but we basically upgraded in every single aspect of luxury with this bed! The mattress is incredibly comfortable, especially with the plush mattress pad on top! The sheets are literally the fabric of my dreams, paired with the coziest pillows & duvet, literally every night it feels like we are sleeping on a cloud!! You know I can never say to pink, so naturally I chose the Modern Glam Woven pillows to accent the rest of the bright white bedding.

We are homebodies. So my ideal Mother’s Day is always going be breakfast in bed with my family. #banthebrunch A lazy Sunday & no where to go other than downstairs to refill coffee is always going to have my heart! We are so looking forward to this Mother’s Day weekend, what does yours look like?!

This post is sponsored by Allswell and ShopStyle, all opinions are my own! Shop the post below.

Mattress // Duvet Insert // Duvet Cover // Mattress Cover // Euro Pillow // Euro Sham // Supreme Queen Pillows // Modern Glam Woven Pillows // Coverlet // Woven Throw


Our First month in Kansas City

Where to even begin!!

We left Georgia on March 22nd & did not get to sleep in our new house until April 27th. We spent a week in a hotel and the rest of the time living with my parents, who also moved to KC. The initial work we started doing on the house when we closed on it a few weeks prior ended up just being a way bigger project than anyone anticipated, and after that, it was just one small set back after another that kept us from moving in. It was hard being in transition, but the kids pretty much loved life getting to have grandma & grandpa around all the time. Harper has been in school for a few weeks and absolutely loves it, and we have been so fortunate in meeting lots of amazing families in our neighborhood. Morning walks to get coffee are also one of my favorite parts of living here!

I turned 32 this month, we celebrated at our current favorite place, Gram & Dunn and set out to find all the best margaritas in KC. We ate lots of birthday cake & toasted to lots of new adventures!!

I have said it a million times, despite all of the road blocks & unexpected problems, we are so happy in this house & love it so much!! We are looking so forward to getting more settled, getting unpacked & gearing up for an amazing summer!

Five things I am loving the most right now:

  1. It sounds silly, but the air & the grass!!! It’s still chilly in the mornings here, and the air is crisp, it just gives you all the good feels! And the grass, so good!!!  I forgot how soft midwest grass is, I just want to be barefoot in it every day.
  2.  Noodles & Company.
  3.  Already getting to see so many of our friends & family any time we want!!
  4.  Overgrown oak trees & lilacs.
  5. And the small town feel! KC is no where near small, but at least in our neighborhood everything feels so quaint & seriously exactly where I thought I would always live.

Hope you are all getting to enjoy some major Spring weather beauty, have a happy week!! XO