Super Powers

Harper has recently become obsessed with super heroes and has been asking so many questions about all of their magic and super powers. The other day after making capes for the girls out of dish towels, I heard Harper tell Eloise, “well, I might want to have all the powers from The Incredibles. Or maybe mom’s super powers, she can draw anything AND carry all three of us up the stairs at once!” I laughed so hard, and was so humbled by her sweet response. And I couldn’t help but think about all of the amazing super powers that moms really do have!

Moms can make themselves invisible when it comes to putting their children’s every need before their own. Moms have superhuman strength when it comes to protecting their families. Moms can heal with a kiss, and fix just about everything else with a hug or a hot glue gun. But that’s not all, we also have powers that even The Incredibles probably couldn’t pull off.

Like, the ability to make a perfect over easy egg while two toddlers physically climb you like zombies.

The ability to put on a full face of makeup, mascara included, in the three and a half minute Starbucks drive through.

Or maybe the ability to not completely lose your shit when all your kids are screaming at the top of their lungs about who got a bigger cup of milk, the tv is blaring at max volume 36 because someone is sitting on the remote, and your husband interrupts it all to ask you to put a duvet cover on.

Whatever it is, if you’re feeling defeated or wondering if you’re doing things right, remember that you are amazing! And you can do things that nobody else can. So pat yourself on the back & tell us what your super powers are, we would love to hear them! XO

Spring Style // Shoes + Accessories

Spring is almost here! And as much as I am not looking forward to our morning wake up call being an hour earlier, I am SO excited about that extra hour of daylight in the evenings. Harper told me the other day that she can’t wait for warmer weather so she can wear her hula skirt like Moana every single day to school. I like her style!

I wanted to share a few fun Spring inspired accessories that I am loving lately, lots of pink & all under $100.

White Clutch // I love clutches because my purse fills up so quickly, I love to just grab my wallet and go if I am by myself. These tassels + the texture are perfection!

Oversized Leather Tote // A lot of you have asked about the bag I carry most of the time, it has been sold out for a while but is by Sole Society. This cognac one is similar, and these fun perforated holes are super fun for Spring!

Colorful Sneakers // I’m addicted to comfy shoes because I wear yoga pants 80% of the time. Plus, loving these colors!

Pink Hat // Every girl needs a good hat to throw on to hide a bad hair day, right?! Hats are a lifesaver for me for school pick up, early morning grocery runs or even meeting up with my girlfriends for a drink at the end of the day when I probably should have stayed home to wash my hair.

Espadrille Wedges // Always a sucker for a cute wedge sandal. I also love these flats that are under $30 (although I have wide duck feet so not sure I could pull them off) but the colors are all so pretty!

Sunnies // Aside from my prescription glasses that I wear for driving, I love cheap sunglasses because 1. my kids always want to wear them and 2. they’re perfect for the beach, pool, etc. where you don’t have to worry so much about them getting scratched.

Cheers to the last week of winter, bring on all the pretty pastels + patio dining!! XO


Weekend in Savannah

I think it’s safe to say we need another weekend to recover from our weekend! We took the girls to Savannah for the first time, we had never been but always heard what a beautiful city it was. And it did not disappoint!

We got in town early Friday, and our first stop was for an early lunch at B. Matthews, a super adorable little brick building with ahhmazing food. The girls ran around across the street at the park under the willow trees while we waited for our table, so it was a perfect thing to do when we first got out of the car! We got early check-in at our hotel, and then headed straight to Tybee Island since it was going to be the warmest day of our trip. It was in the mid 70’s but with the wind coming off the water, it was still pretty chilly. The girls didn’t mind one bit and had the best time running into the water, building sand castles & collecting shells. Claire only ate a few hand fulls of sand so we will call that a success!! 😉 We couldn’t pass up a good spot for seafood so we grabbed dinner at The Crab Shack on our way back, which was delicious and brought back all the fun beachy vibes from when we used to live in St. Pete!

We stayed at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Savannah Historic District/Riverfront, which was the perfect location. Just out of the way enough that it was super easy to get in and out of, but also right next to a trolley stop & just steps away from River Street! The hotel was so beautiful, our room faced the water so we could watch all of the cargo ships (if you have seen the movie Captain Phillips, seeing the actual size of these ships will totally blow your mind!). The hotel had a pool, bar & fire pit on the roof, which was such a fun spot to hang out in between all of our outings, we would love to go back once it is warmer!!

Staying in a hotel means everyone is up extra early, so we had a head start on our day and were out the door before 8:00 am. We grabbed some coffee at the highly recommended Coffee Fox, where they had cold brew on tap. My kind of place!! We wandered around downtown for a few hours, went to the city park and ran into a Forrest Gump impersonator which was easily the highlight of the trip for Brandon! We stopped in The Paris Market (which was definitely the cutest place ever!!) and The Savannah Bee Company.

Probably our favorite restaurant that we ate at was brunch at Pacci Italian Kitchen. Not only was it the cutest restaurant of all time, but the food was incredible & the atmosphere was so laid back and kid friendly. Highly recommended if you are ever in the area, we can’t wait to go back!!

We took the girls to Forsyth Park, the big girls played while Claire took world’s shortest cat nap in her stroller, but there was a bubble soccer tournament going on that everyone was totally entertained by so I don’t blame her. In the afternoon, we jumped on the Historic Trolley Tour and it was AMAZING. Seriously so much fun learning about all of the town’s history, and learning that we absolutely MUST come back sometime without the kids! We highly recommend this if you are visiting with kids, as you get to see SO much of the city in a short amount of time, with the windows down & a few snacks, the kids were happy as clams riding along and our tour guide was so entertaining!! Also, you can bring your drinks on the trolley, can I get an amen?! 😉 We were all losing steam after the tour, so we decided to do an early dinner and call it a day. We grabbed pizza at Vinnie Van GoGo’s (and it was definitely just as good as everyone said!!) and stopped into the Savannah Candy Kitchen, both were in the City Market area. I am still savoring the last bit of my bag of white cheddar popcorn and never want it to run out.

We left on Sunday, and although we do wish we had more time, two nights away with three toddlers seemed like twelve, so we were ready to be back in our own beds. I won’t pretend like this trip was a breeze, we have probably never felt more outnumbered than we did this weekend, with two kids who wanted to be carried almost all the time (the traffic downtown is a little crazy & depending on what street we were on, there wasn’t always grass & parked cars between the sidewalk and road) so we needed to always be holding someones hand, carrying another and/or pushing one in a stroller. Add a drink in the other hand, and well, hands were full. And if you have toddlers, you know their attention spans are pretty short, so it is always a race against the clock to keep everyone happy. But overall, they loved it, and so did we, and all the chaos was totally worth it!!! Until next time, Savannah! 

Our hotel stay was courtesy of, which we highly recommend as a resource for planning your Savannah trip & finding all of the best places to visit!