The Print Shop

We are SO excited to share the launch of our new Garvin & Co. Print Shop, a total dream come true!!

When I was in grade school, I used to draw & paint little squares of paper (and rocks, but that’s another story) and sell them at yard sales. It was always my dream to become an artist, and thanks to this blog and all of you, one small step at a time, it has become a reality. It all started when I was able to turn my original chalkboard drawings into digital prints. I loved that, but still wanted to be able to hold a print in my hands, package it up in pretty wrapping and send it off. After putting art aside for so long to focus on my kids and blog, I have finally been able to come back to what I have always loved doing most, which is creating. So we will be offering prints of original paintings & hand lettered art, on the prettiest matte paper, all wrapped up and sealed with an official Garvin & Co. Print Shop sticker. Mailed WITH SO MUCH LOVE, to you.

I am so, so grateful for all of your support & encouragement, and cannot wait to show you everything we have planned! PS. Free Shipping ALWAYS, even to my Canada babes!

Garvin & Co. Print Shop // Photos by Sarah Joiner


Easter Activities for Kids


We are excited to start planning some of our Easter festivities this year, I have been slowly working on Easter baskets & the girls are super excited. I wanted to share a few fun Easter activities to do with kids, if you’re avoiding the mess that comes along with dyeing eggs, this is for you!

1. Bunny toast! My girls loved this last year, toast your bread lightly, add jelly cheeks, and some banana ears. Give your kids some fruit or chocolate chips to add on the rest. Such a simple breakfast or treat, no baking, mixing or flipping required!

2. Make PEEPS play doh, it’s edible even, so totally safe if your kids like to chew on it more than play with it!

3. Indoor egg hunts! The Easter bunny isn’t the only one who can hide eggs & I am certain that kids never get sick of playing with them! Hide puzzle pieces, stickers or even snacks in them and send your kids on a hunt while you enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet.

4. Make Easter goodies & deliver them to friends. We have lots of new neighbors that we can’t wait to bring treats to, we grabbed these cookie cutters from Amazon and plan to bake & decorate them next week. It’s my girls favorite thing to do & it always puts a smile on their face when they get to knock on someones door with a basket of baked goods!

5. Find local events or activities at your church to participate in. There are so many fun things happening in our community, the girls have tons of stuff going on at school & church next week, along with a neighborhood egg hunt & egg decorating at a local art shop.

What are your Easter plans?! Would love to hear any of your fun ideas & suggestions as well. XO


Mini Style // Nine Spring Dresses

We are finally packing away tights & sweaters around here, can I get an Amen?! With three kids & all of the cold weather layers, our laundry pile has gotten completely out of hand. We are so ready for Spring dresses & rompers! I am rounding up some of my favorites, a few are perfect options for Easter & most are on sale!

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine

Obsessed with that gingham bubble romper, hoping Claire’s chubby thighs stick around just a little bit longer!

Another one of our favorite dresses from last year is back in stock & on sale here, my girls have been fighting over who it fits right now so we might just have to buy another one. Harper just turned five but is already wearing a size six in almost everything, she is getting so tall! We are officially shopping in the “girls” section instead of toddler, and she basically needs an entire new wardrobe for this season. I also love these tutu tank dresses & know they will be a staple for the girls this Spring and Summer!

Do you have a favorite?! XO