Halloween Book List + Free Printable

I had big plans of finishing my homeschool post for you guys by today, outlining what our days look like & our thoughts after one month of school so far. However! The day got away from me. And that just about sums it up! The days are long and full and busy, but you guys, we really really love it! I promise to finish the post for next week but did not want to end the night without sharing the fun printable from my Instagram stories this morning & a few of the books we are loving for October!

All you need to do for this printable is save it to your computer as a JPG, open it up and format to print on an 8×10 sheet of paper or card stock! If you have trouble formatting for your specific printer, drop it in a word document instead and size it from there.

I had the girls draw faces and decorate them today while I rotated working through each of their lessons. And if you need to buy more time, have them cut them out when they’re done, and maybe even glue them onto a piece of black card stock. I find that if they have some busy work to do while I give them each some dedicated work time, the day goes a lot more smoothly. Giving Claire a pair of scissors and a glue stick basically makes her day!

I also wanted to share a few of the Halloween books we have been rotating through. I typically have Harper read these out loud to her sisters to knock out some of her read-aloud time, and gives me five seconds to make another coffee! You know the drill.

The girls are currently loving:

Sweep (such beautiful illustrations)

No Such Thing (I love this story & they love finding the ghosts on each page)

The Little Kitten

Pick a Pumpkin

Ghost Afraid of the Dark

Cat’s Night Out (a favorite every year, also obsessed with the illustrations!!)

How to Make Friends with a Ghost

One Black Cat (the fun cat cut out book in the photo, the girls love it!!)

Have you read any of these?! I love this time of year so much!!!!! Hope your kiddos love the coloring page, there will be more to come!! XO



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