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Fall Bucket List

On the eve of the first day of Fall, I asked the girls to help me put together our Fall bucket list! We love doing this for every change of season, it’s so fun to have things to look forward to and to cross them off as we go! Can you guess which things the girls wrote?!

chalkboard tutorial coming soon // crayon caddy // halloween pajamas

Rake the leaves and jump in it.

Go apple picking & make a pretty pie.

Carve pumpkins.

“Eat so much candy.”

Make treats to deliver to our neighbors.

Bring back Soup Sundays.

Go to the pumpkin patch & have a pumpkin painting party.

Make an amazing pot roast.

Go on a bike ride when all the leaves are falling.

Make Halloween chex mix.

Go to a football game!

Make homemade caramel corn.

Have a Halloween party.

Perfect our pumpkin pie recipe.

Watch Hocus Pocus at least a dozen times!

What are all the fun things you have planned for Fall?! I cannot believe our favorite season has FINALLY arrived!!!!!!!! Eeeeeek!!!! Happy Friday, friends!!! XO


Essential Oils for Fall

If you’ve been reading here a while, you know that we are slightly obsessed with essential oils. We started using them about three years ago when we were looking for some serious sleep support (hello toddlers & newborns!) and quickly fell in love with them and all of their benefits! If you are unsure of what essential oils are, they are the life blood of a plant, extracted via steam distillation and bottle for us to enjoy & to use to support our own body systems. Yep, I have that memorized. While I love using oils for dozens of different reasons and all year round, using them in the Fall is probably my most favorite (and the most important!!) so I thought I would share all about that in this post!

Wellness // Tis the season!! If your kiddos are back to school, then Fall & Winter wellness is probably top of mind for you. This time of year can be so rough, so having great immune support is SO important. Thieves, which is one of Young Living’s most well known and popular blend, is our go-to oil right now. The name was actually inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated a special aromatic combination composed of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals used to stay well while robbing the dead and dying. We do a few drops in a 10ml rollerball (filled with carrier oil like coconut oil) and roll down our spines and on bottoms of our feet daily.

Cleaning // If you have ever cleaned your home with Thieves Cleaner, you know what’s up. Thieves cleaning line is the all time best, smells like the holidays & cleans without harsh chemicals. We use their dish soap, hand soap, laundry soap & all purpose cleaner. If you’ve ever read the label of traditional cleaning products, you’ll likely see a phone number to poison control or a list of health warnings, but on the back of Thieves? “If ingested, drink plenty of water.”

Sleep // Busy minds from back to school & all the fun Fall activities mean we need all the sleep support we can get. A few of my favorite diffuser blends for sleeping are Frankincense + Lavender + Orange, SleepyIze in the kids rooms, and Peace & Calming. We start our diffusers about 20 minutes before bedtime and it creates the most relaxing, calming environment that encourages the dreamiest sleep. It used to take me hours to fall asleep (too many tabs open in my brain!!) and I am so thankful I can say I vaguely remember those days! Forever grateful for the way that oils have changed our sleep habits around here!!

Skincare // I swear as the seasons change, so does my skin! I threw away all of my old expensive skincare regimens a long time ago and have replaced almost everything with clean, safe skincare from Young Living. If you haven’t tried Mint Satin Face Scrub, let me just tell you, it will be your new favorite face wash ever ever ever! Our DIY Glow Serum is another must-have in your beauty routine. Glow Serum: 1 tbsp aloe vera gel (rich in vitamins c & e, helps to soothe skin & fight signs of aging), 15 drops Frankincense (brightens & tightens skin, fights blemishes & promotes healthy, glowing skin), 5 drops Geranium (promotes cell regeneration & supports smooth, healthy skin), 5 drops Copaiba and top with Jojoba oil. Apply to clean skin each night before bed! Game changer!! There are tons of different ways to use oils in your beauty routine, you can read more over here.

Diffusing // Everyone wants to make their house smell like an apple orchard + pumpkin patch + stroll through the crunchy leaves right? Or maybe that’s just me. If that’s also YOU, then keep reading. Did you know that the candles we burn in our homes can fill the air with lots of artificial fragrance & toxins that are actually harmful to our bodies? No fun, right? I still choose to have candles for decoration or burn an occasional candle during a dinner party, but for the most part, we diffuse essential oils instead. And rather than masking odors or other smells in your home, they also help to purify the air while making it smell good at the same time! Here are a few of our all time favorite Fall diffuser blends that I know you will love!

Fall Breeze: Tangerine + Balsam Fir

Warm Apple Cider: Cinnamon Bark + Nutmeg + Orange

Crunchy Leaves: Cedarwood + Tangerine + Clove 

Cinnamon Rolls: Stress Away + Cinnamon Bark + Cardamom

Snuggled Up & Cozy: Patchouli + Clove + Orange

Orchard Stroll: Bergamot + Rosemary + Orange

Witches Brew: Inner Child + Lime + Peppermint

You guys, diffusing oils & making up new fun combinations will never, ever get old. It is SO much fun and the best part, all of these blends support our bodies, our immune systems, our focus and emotions in so many positive ways!!! 

Oh, and of course a make-at-home pumpkin spice latte, if those happen to be your thing!!

2 cups milk
2 tablespoons pumpkin puree
2 tbsp. sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 drop cinnamon bark vitality
1 drop nutmeg vitality
1/2 cup strong hot coffee
whipped cream or marshmallows for serving

Combine milk, pumpkin puree & sugar in a saucepan over medium heat. Heat until hot, but don’t boil. Remove saucepan from heat and whisk in vanilla, essential oils, and coffee. Pour into two mugs, top with whipped cream or marshmallows, serve & enjoy!! YUM!!

Yes, that is a ton of information, but that is truly just the tip of the iceberg for the ways you can use oils!! If you are interested in getting started with essential oils, you can learn more over here! I am also so excited to share that we are currently offering FALL FLASH SALE with 10% off starter kits right now, a sale that never happens, so there has really never been a better time to get started!! I would love to welcome you to our amazing community, it is truly the best & we have the most fun ever. And for those of you who already use oils, I hope this post was helpful in finding all the ways you can make the most of them this season!! Happy oiling, friends!! XO


Our Office Before & After

I am so excited to share our home office before & afters with you today, feels like such a Monday space to share, right?! Brandon works remote so he spends a ton of time in this room, he wanted a darker green paint color, I pulled a ton of options (including some light purples that he shut down pretty quickly!) but we settled on Coney Island by Behr. It is SO pretty and we are super happy with it!! Brandon built another desk, a little longer than the one we had in here previously, so that we could use our old one for the girls coloring table in our playroom/family room (sharing that room next)! We work in here together a lot so having a ton of work space is important, mostly so all of my piles of junk don’t get too close to his tidy side.

Here was the office when we moved in, super modern with built in office furniture, an exposed ceiling (which I did sort of like but it felt off for this style of home) and super funky lighting. It was also carpeted, which we pulled up and had hardwoods laid to match the rest of the house!

And here is the office now! Dark & moody, but also super fun & functional!!

sources: wall color: coney island by behr // chandelier // leather recliner  // tassel blanket (similar here and here)// curtains // curtain rods // desk chairs // poetry stick // diffuser // bunny ear stand // to do list paper pad // drink more coffee pennant

This was a really fun space to design because it is very closed off from the rest of the house so I felt like I could go a different direction with dark paint & fun accessories. We still need to find a rug (and agreeing on a rug might be the hardest accessory to ever choose for our home!) but we are so happy with how everything turned out. Another room checked off the list!!

Hope you loved this little tour!! Hoping to share a full Fall home tour in the next few weeks as we wrap up just a few more projects! Happy Monday, friends!! XO