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Brunching Around the Christmas Tree

The holiday season brings everyone together, and we think the very best thing to gather around is food & Christmas lights! With little ones, it is sometimes hard for us to have dinners and evening get togethers with friends, so we love to find ways to make this happen in the morning or early afternoon. We partnered with Einstein Bros Bagels to share their festive box of bagels, the easiest way to bring the goodness to your gathering!

We got a Baker’s Dozen box with 13 bagels & two shmears, but they have many different size options to choose from. Not going to lie, one of my favorite parts about working in the agency world years ago was someone almost always brought Einstein Bros Bagels into our office each morning during the holidays. No reason why I can’t carry on that tradition and pick up some bagels for my current co-workers (even though they’re all five and under) right?

My all time favorite bagel for years has been the Asiago Cheese bagel (toasted!) with Garlic Herb shmear. If you have not tried this, RUN to your nearest Einstein Bros location & make this happen. The girls were huge fans of the toasted Chocolate Chip and the French Toast bagels with Plain shmear, and I can’t argue, it’s delicious!

So if you are a bagel lover or just appreciate a good brunch to go, grab a box from Einstein Bros (and use this $2 off coupon!!) for your next holiday huddle!

This post is sponsored by Einstein Bros Bagels, thank you for supporting the brands that support our blog!


Winter Wonderland

We woke up Friday morning to the most festive surprise, the faintest little snowflakes were starting to fall just as the sun was coming up. In the south, there are lots of times when we are expected to get a little snow, but nothing like what we experienced this weekend. I took the girls to school, part wondering if I should have kept them home so they could enjoy it, and part wondering how long it would take for school to get cancelled because that’s the sort of thing that happens around here if we get more than thirty minutes of snow or ice. Sure enough, as soon as all the kids were at school & I was back home getting started with work, we got the call that school would be let out early. By then we were getting the biggest, most beautiful snowflakes and it was all sticking!! Brandon was working from home too, so we ran out & picked up the kids from school to hurry them home & into their snow suits. We had three inches by early afternoon, enough that they could pack it and make a snowman (with whoppers leftover from Halloween for his eyes and mouth) and have dad pull them around the yard in their sled. Of course no proper snow day comes without hot chocolate, so we made a fire in the fireplace, turned on some Christmas movies & warmed up before doing it again. And again. And again.

The girls were worn out from all the fun, but the snow just kept coming! We watched it fall until almost midnight with the string lights turned on, it was seriously one of the most beautiful snowfalls I have ever seen, even after living in the midwest!! It was nothing short of magical!! Brandon woke up early to make sure all the girls snow stuff was dry so they could go back outside first thing in the morning and made French Toast for everyone (we made homemade whipped cream the day before so we needed an excuse to have some for breakfast).

It snowed most of the morning and finally disappeared, we knew it wouldn’t last long but it was seriously the most fun 48 hours. An excuse to slow down in December, which never happens, and make memories that we will never forget!

PS. Dear Santa, we wouldn’t mind if this happened one more time this year, especially on Christmas Eve.


Christmas Gift Guide 2017

It has been a struggle putting together a gift guide this year. Our kids rarely play with toys and haven’t asked for much for Christmas, they would rather be cooking in the kitchen or painting in the garage than playing with anything they have in the house. We have rounded up a few of the things to share with Santa for our 2017 gift guide this year, but also want to make note of a few things our kids have been obsessed with if you are looking for some fun activities & craft type gifts for your little ones.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight// nine // ten

Our girls always love new pajamas, tights, slippers (exactly like mine!) and anything they can use for playing dress up. They’re super obsessed with puzzles, magnatiles and games we can play as a family. And we always wrap up a few books or fun stuffed animals, and this year a mini camera for Harper who loves to take pictures! The girls recently got these craft boxes and have spent hours playing with them, they also love these jumbo sticker books and barbie clothes for their dolls! Some of their favorite toys from past Christmases (if you’re still looking for a few things) are these play food sets (on sale!!) and these easels they still play with outside every day!!

Hope this has been helpful for you as you search for the perfect Christmas gift for your little ones, and if you have ideas that aren’t on our list, be sure to share them in the comments!! xo