Holidays Style

Mini Style // Valentine’s Day

Yay! We are only a few weeks out from Valentine’s Day and we have already been pulling out all the heart shaped things!!! Harper is especially excited to celebrate this since it is just before her birthday that she has been “waiting all year for…” We have gone to tons of birthday parties lately & it has been so funny listening to her try to understand why kids that are younger than her have a birthday before her, I am pretty sure I had this same question when I was little! 😉 I love Valentine’s Day and all of the happy, pink things that come along with it!

Olive You Raglan // Red Tulle Skirt // Heart Patch Tights // Grey Tutu Dress //Unicorn League Sweatshirt // Tulle Skirt Legging Duo // Felt Flower Headband // Lace-up Ballet Flats // Striped Hat & Mitten Set // Stud Muffin Sweater

How cute is the unicorn sweater & those heart patch tights?! They’re my favorite!! The girls rocked some of their Valentine’s Day gear for our trip to the park & visit to the chiropractor this morning, which warranted cake pops after since we ran out of coffee at home & had to make a pit stop for some on our way home! 😉

Hope you all are having a LOVE-ly week so far! XO




Sister Snapshot

It has been forever since I shared a bit about the girls at their current ages & some of the fun conversations we never want to forget. After a whirlwind of holidays and lots of changes, we are entering the season of all my girls birthdays, each separated by exactly two months & eight days. Just enough time for me to stop crying over each new age, collect my thoughts, and plan another celebration.

Harper is going to be FIVE in February. How is that even possible?! She is so grown up it literally breaks my heart a million times a day. She is the most caring, compassionate little girl in the world, her first priority is to take care of everyone. Her sisters have no idea how lucky they are to have her. She changes outfits ten times a day, loves trying on my shoes and accessories & practicing ballet in front of her mirror. She is currently obsessed with art and making letters & love notes for everyone. Her stick figures of daddy and his beard are the very best. She loves to sneak away from her sisters and go draw upstairs, fold up her little papers into envelopes & hide them in the drawers of our night stands or bathroom vanity to find later. Be still my heart.

Eloise, my little lovable ragamuffin. This girl makes my heart swell and brings me to my breaking point hundreds of times each day. She can put a smile on anyone’s face in an instant & has the silliest little personality. She loves school, arts & crafts, and always tells us she’s a big girl and stands on her tippie toes. Her two best buds at school are Brody & Hollis, who she pronounces “booty” and “pelvis” and it has us dying laughing every night at dinner when she talks about them. She is happiest when snuggling or being rocked, and is almost always singing or dancing.

Claire is rolling into one of my favorite stages ever which is the word burst! She has been talking up a storm lately, her favorite sayings being GO CUBS GO and OH NUTS. Her daily struggle is just being too darn little to do everything that her sisters are doing, she will never understand why she can’t cut with scissors or drive the barbie jeep just yet. Her favorite activities include sitting on the side of the fireplace flipping through books like a little elf on a shelf, having her hair brushed, and playing in the shower. She loves all food, loves to hide snacks in her shirt or diaper & is always trying to steal a sip of my coffee. She also has the best kiss face ever & will always run full speed to hug our legs when we walk into a room.

I try to remind myself that these are the days. Even when dinner plates get flipped over on the floor & I am pulling my hair out because I just cannot break up one more fight or make one more snack, I have to just breathe deep and know that these days are fleeting. I want to remember at least one sweet moment from every single day, and I hope that they will too.

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites // New Year Edition

Happy Friday, friends! Hope you all have had an amazing start to your new year! As soon as our snow melted, it decided to be Spring real quick, which is both good & bad because none of us are ready to give up evening fires just yet. Sharing a few Friday Favorites before we sign off for the weekend, is it too late in the day for another coffee?!

One of my favorite things about the new year is diving into a new planner!! There’s something about all those blank pages! I got a STARTplanner last year & have been anxiously awaiting getting to open it up!! How gorgeous is this cover?!

This is the cinnamon roll recipe that we used the other weekend (so good!!) but I swore no more sugar for breakfast for a while… at least until Valentine’s Day. Currently scrolling through pins for some good egg casseroles for the weekend! If you have a good one, leave it in the comments!

New year, new sippy cups! I think these miracle cups might be the best sippy cups of all time, I was afraid to try them because my kids only ever liked straw cups, but they ended up loving them & seriously, they are awesome!!! No more crying over spilled (explosive, leaking, volcanic) milk.

After Christmas sales are the best, our faaaaaaavorite swaddle blankets are on major sale with an extra 40% off, I grabbed a bunch for only five dollars (!!!!!!!) for lots of baby showers this Spring!

Tell me this Million Dollar Spaghetti recipe does not make your mouth water?! Adding this to the menu for next week!

Also, if you asked about my sweater on Instagram yesterday, I got it from Nordstrom and it sold out, but I found the same one here, it does run a bit small, (and another very similar one here!) and I am in LOVE with it.

But this weekend, I plan on wearing pajamas the entire time because we are setting up CAMP in the living room!! We promised the girls we would get out our tent & set it up for them to sleep in. It’s like a full size eight man tent and it’s not going in our yard Rus, it’s going in our living room. We are ordering pizza & making homemade popcorn, and hoping to find the old school Parent Trap on Netflix to watch! Rememebr that movie?! I think Harper will love it!!! Hope you all have an amazing weekend!! XO