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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner, like right around the corner and totally snuck up on me. So, here is our round up of very last minute gift ideas for the dads in your life! From beer glasses to razor subscriptions to remote control drones that will keep men entertained for hours, we’ve got you covered!! Most can even ship in less than two days!

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Beer Glasses // These beer glasses are so fun, designed right here in Kansas City, they’re a perfect guys gift that you’ll secretly love so much and want to keep out on the bar cart.

Airpods // Untangle your headphones no more! They may not tune out the sound of your kids screaming at you, but you can definitely jam to some music or multitask while on the phone. An especially great gift for someone who travels often!

Brass Bottle Opener // A fun gift to throw in with a six pack of his favorite beer.

Herschel Duffle // A great gym bag or travel bag that is sophisticated but also durable! (A tribute to the awful backpack that Brandon carried around for almost ten years since college until I finally got him a duffle last Christmas).

Charcoal Grill // We have had this exact grill for years, nothing super fancy but good old fashioned charcoal makes the best food! An inexpensive, and thoughtful gift that will also probably ensure a delicious dinner!!

Dollar Shave Club Subscription // Always a favorite over here, we have subscribed to dollar shave club since they very first opened. A great gift for anyone, unless they have a beard.

Bird Dogs Shorts // They’re gym shorts but also swim trunks but also appear to be golf shorts from far away, so basically guys can wear them for almost every occasion. Brandon is obsessed with his & highly recommends!

Remote Control Drone // I don’t think there’s a guy out there who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive one of these as a gift. My husband, dad and brothers are all obsessed with them & the kids are always thoroughly entertained watching!

Cheers, friends!! XO


Five Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer.

It is officially summer break and we are already loving every second of it! I don’t think I fully appreciated summer break until having three kids in school full time. The happiness I feel each morning when I wake up and don’t have to rush to pack lunches or get out the door is indescribable. Slow sipping coffee for the win!!

So I thought I would share the five main things on our Summer Bucket List this year, we have some travel plans and tons of fun visitors, but this is what the girls have on their agenda & we think it’s a pretty great list!!

Popsicle Stand // Last year we did a lemonade stand and the girls had the most fun! They have been asking to do a popsicle stand this year, which is what my best friend & I always did when we were little. We also painted rocks with nailpolish and tried selling them. We probably should have just stuck to the popsicles. All you need is a table, a cooler & an assortment of your favorite popsicles! We might even make our own, but not making any promises.

Camping // Who needs mountains and lakes and real campgrounds, when you can camp right in your backyard?! We are planning our first ever backyard campout this year, complete with a tent (maybe an air mattress), a campfire & s’mores!

Amusement Park // We are taking the girls to Adventureland this Summer, a super nostalgic amusement park in Iowa that we used to go to when we were little! They have lots of fun things to do for kids & we can’t wait to spend an entire day there riding rollercoasters & eating funnel cakes!

Baseball Game // Such a fun way to spend an afternoon! I think our girls are finally old enough to actually enjoy a game & maybe even sit through the entire thing. Especially if popcorn is involved!

Backyard Party // You don’t technically have to leave your house in the Summer to have fun if you have a backyard. The slip-n-slide, sprinkler & inflatable pool are our kids favorite thing to do. Invest in a few fun backyard toys and you’ll find yourself having the best Summer ever without even trying!!

I would LOVE to know what fun things you have planned this Summer! I am truly looking forward to lots of downtime which means hopefully lots to share here!! Cheers to making it through another school year, mamas!! XO


Last Day of School

School is out for summer & we are SO excited about it!!! The month of May has truly felt like a marathon, we had a busy April with traveling and came rolling in hot to the last month of school. It felt like we were living at the girls schools every day with parties, art shows, book readings, all. the. things. And let’s not even talk about end of the year outfits or lunches! Mamas of elementary aged kiddos, do you feel me?!

I have never been so happy to sleep in & spend all the lazy days at the pool!!

I wanted to share the girls first day of school picture & their last day of school picture, their little baby faces from last Fall bring tears to my eyes!!

Naturally we had outfit changes before and after school and eyes were closed, but it’s the best we could get & I will cherish these pictures forever!! The chalkboard lives on!! 

Harper is most excited for Second Grade because she gets to meet new friends & take more fun field trips. Eloise is most excited for Kindergarten because she gets to be at school with Harper and to be best friends with all of Harper’s friends. And Claire is most excited for pre-k because she gets to have Ellie’s teacher who she loves!

Tomorrow I am sharing our plans, travel & ideas for things you can do with your kiddos while they are home this summer!! As always, thanks for reading!! XO