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Valentine’s Day Cookies

This weekend, the midwest was basically a sheet of ice, so we decided to stay in and get some baking done! We go extra big on Valentine’s Day since it is Harper’s birthday eve (if you’ve been here a while, you know how we roll) so we baked up a giant batch of my grandma’s sugar cookies.

Watching the girls decorate cookies is probably my favorite thing ever. They concentrate so hard piling the frosting on two inches high and loading them with an impossible amount of sprinkles. The best part is loading up plates of them to deliver to our friends & neighbors, always double your recipe when it comes to sweets!

The recipe is super simple. I loved making them with my grandma when I was little and have her recipe card to keep forever, even though we know it by heart now.

Cream together: 1 Cup Sugar, 2 Sticks Softened Butter. Add: 2 Eggs, 4 Tablespoons Cream (Half & Half), a smidgeon of Vanilla. Mix Together. Then Add: 3 Cups Flour, 2 Tsp Baking Powder, 1 Tsp Baking Soda. Mix well (I used my hands here). Refrigerate dough at least two hours. Roll, cut & bake at 350 degrees for about 6-7 min.

We do a simple buttercream frosting using 1 cup softened butter, 3-4 cups powdered sugar, 2 tsp. vanilla & 2 tbsp. milk.

If you make these, be sure to let us know how you liked them!! Happy Valentine’s week friends!! XO


Valentine Vibes

Valentine’s Day is next week, and not that we need any excuse to love all the pink things any more than we already do, but we are excited for it!! Harper is turning 7 so we will be celebrating with heart shaped everything all week!!

I thought I would put together a few of the things I am loving for Spring that all just happen to give me all the Valentine feels!!

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

One // Obsessed with these little pajamas, the girls are all getting a pair for Valentine’s Day to wear for spring & summer, I actually LOVE Crewcuts pajamas, I think they last way longer than most brands & the colors rarely fade.

Two // Heart shaped sunnies, always and always!! I also grabbed a few pairs of these for the girls for our beach trip in a few weeks & am loving these for myself (they’re on sale!)

Three // Coffee mug collectors, are you with me?! All three of these weekend coffee mugs jumped right into my cart last week & I am so excited about them! Sipping coffee out of a pretty mug is one of life’s simple pleasures!

Four // Ok I am OBSESSED with this swimsuit and it’s on sale right now!! I love the way these high waist suits fit, I got one last year that I wore all the time and cannot wait to wear this one to the beach and pool all summer!! I’m barely even an A on top so this style is flattering for me since there aren’t any cups I need to fill out, and the bottom is really flattering with full coverage! It also comes in a super cute one piece!! I also love this one shoulder suit and may grab it sometime this summer too, the sundrenched peony color is calling my name!!

Five // I loooove pajamas. I wear them far more than any other clothes (work from home mama!) and firmly believe investing in pajamas you love & feel good in! This vintage pink set is on sale right now for 30% off!

Six // You’ve heard me talk about our Winc wine subscription before, it’s the most fun ever because we always have a bottle or two to drink each month, and a bottle or two to gift!! Plus I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and they’re always on their game.

Seven // These vintage lunchroom trays make me way too happy. Brunch Lady, yes please! These would be cute for a million different things, propped up in the kitchen as decor or used to serve drinks on for a fun Valentine’s brunch!

There you have it, friends! All the heart eyes! Hope this has inspired you to get into the Valentine’s mood!! Have a happy weekend!! XO


Kitchen Styling

Styling our kitchen is probably my favorite thing to do in the history of home decorating. I love rearranging shelves, clustering things on the countertops, even making the inside of the cabinets look pretty. When I asked you all at the end of 2018 what you wanted to see more of on the blog this year, this was one of the most common requests, so I thought I would put together a bunch of the rules I like to follow, ways I like to add character & some of my favorite things to use in styling! Buckle up, it’s a long one.

Ditch Countertop Appliances // First things first, I love having practical things out on display but I secretly hate countertop appliances. Toaster ovens, blenders, waffle makers, all the things, unless used daily, can typically live in cupboards or drawers. Our coffee pot lives in our office (although I do love a good coffee station in the kitchen), our microwave in the pantry and even our toaster in our last house was kept in a big drawer because we didn’t have a lot of counter space. Have a cupboard full of bowls, cakestands or serving platters? Let’s use those for styling & use that space for your juicer (again, unless you use it daily) instead. You would be surprised how much room you have for decorating when your countertops aren’t taken over by microwaves & instapots.

Declutter // Bills, keys, childrens artwork, all of those things can also totally distract from a beautifully styled kitchen. Give all of these things a designated place, maybe the top drawer of a dresser or console table in another room, a designated kitchen drawer, an office or entryway space, just somewhere other than your kitchen counter. A cluttered kitchen counter is bound to just drive you nuts and can get out of control very quickly. We have one drawer in our kitchen that we use as a junk drawer & another that we put all of the kids artwork in (and then once a year or so we take out what we are keeping and move to a designated rubbermaid tub upstairs in our closet). Our keys & such go in a drawer in our office and bills go on our desk.

Art // I think for the most part people forget that they can hang art in a kitchen. We think of it as a workspace rather than a room to decorate, but art makes a huge statement in the kitchen. If you have open shelves, opt for some smaller pieces that you can prop up. Art can go on countertops, behind the range (although you would want to clean it often), or any open wall space that you might have. I love florals or hand lettered artwork in the kitchen for something unexpected.

Baskets & Trays // Ok this is the fun part. All of the stuff you have left out on the counter that you love & use should be clustered together into baskets or trays. It’s okay to have lots of these! I have a wire basket of cookbooks, a cutting board with my cooking oils & utensils, another wooden tray with some pretty kitchen accessories and then a large round basket full of, well, more pretty kitchen accessories. Think bowls, cake stands, rolling pins, measuring cups/spoons, candles (we don’t burn candles often but I still love the look of them!), linen napkins, really just anything that (dare I say) sparks joy! Anywhere you have lots of items, find a way to group them, even things like dish soap and hand soap will look cuter if you put them on a small tray or dish! I’m obsessed with these right now for containing all the clutter, my mom has one by her kitchen sink with soap, cleaner & sponges and I have one in my office for my pencils, glasses & other accessories.

Cookbooks, Cutting Boards & Canisters // These are three of my favorite items to use in kitchen styling. I love lots & lots of books, look for ones that you will not only use but also have pretty book bindings. You can find a list of my favorites here! I keep a bunch on my open shelves, inside my glass cabinet in the dining room & also in a wire basket on my counter. Storing food in glass canisters on the countertops is also a great way to accessorize, flour, sugar, oats, cereal, even animal crackers all bring texture while still being functional! I’m also a firm believer that one can never have too many wooden cutting boards, they can be propped up against the back splash, used to set oils and other cooking items on and then used for serving or charcuterie boards!

Fresh Flowers + Plants // Flowers and plants will bring your kitchen to life!! I love a fresh rosemary plant or something that I can actually use for cooking, but also I am never good at keeping things alive. So! Fresh flowers it is!! If you have a Whole Foods or Trader Joes nearby, you an likely get flowers for under $5 each week!! #worthit. Also, think outside the box (or should I say outside the vase) for what to keep them in. I like milk glasses, baskets or mason jars.

I know this was a ton of info, and obviously all of this is just my opinion and ways that I enjoy styling our kitchen, but I hope you found something helpful in here!! If you need a place to start, just dig through your cabinets and drawers, pull out all the things you love & go from there!! Happy kitchen styling, friends!!

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