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Finding our people in Salt Lake City.

We just returned from a week long trip to Salt Lake City for the Young Living Convention. As a homebody + (extroverted) introvert, I totally didn’t want want to go up until almost the very last minute. But the second we got on the plane, excitement took over & I was ready for all the fun that comes along with exploring a new city, meeting new friends & getting inspired (and spoiled) by the best company ever.

Almost four years ago, I bought my essential oils starter kit for sleep & immune support. The more I learned how to use them, the more I began to love them, and then two years ago, I loved them so much that I knew I needed to share, and I jumped right into the business. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. At the time, I was blogging, running my print shop & staying home full time with the kids. I was overwhelmed & exhausted. And to be totally honest, felt a little out of place & unsure about where the entire “blogging” industry was going. So I said yes to the oils business. The thing I loved the most right away was the sense of community that comes with it, not like the competitive & disconnected community that we can experience through a lot of social media. Your people, your tribe.

And that was solidified for me this week in Salt Lake City. We hit the rank of Diamond in our business in March, and even then, going to convention to meet so many other entrepreneurs, speakers & everyone else who is hustling in their business still felt intimidating to me. I was sure they were going to be the most organized, professional, no-nonsense people, and that we would feel out of place. But then I got there, and I hugged them, and they hugged me back, and collectively we all admitted how intimidated we were and realized minute by minute how exactly alike we all are. We are all hot mess moms juggling home and work and all the things. We all hate washing our hair and have overflowing email inboxes. We all were afraid to do this business, afraid of what other people would think and afraid we would fail. But something prompted each of us to say yes, and get out in that arena, and we all agreed that our only regret was not starting sooner. We challenged each other to work harder, be better humans and dream bigger dreams. We cheered for each other & encouraged each other. We laughed. We cried. And we drank all the moscow mules in Utah.

Outfits: Tulle & Sequin Gown // White Crochet Top

The week was a whirlwind, the city was filled with all the beautiful sights & amazing food. We stayed out in West Jordan with friends, but spent most of our time in the downtown area. We also got to spend an evening at the aquarium, which was so much fun! There were too many cute restaurants to even count, we ate burgers at the Copper Onion and some of the best brussels sprouts of my life at White Horse Kitchen. I definitely couldn’t hack it in the desert air though, it was hot as a mother & there was not enough water in the world to keep us hydrated! 😉

I am thankful for every single person that I got to meet in person & hug, and cannot wait to go back next year. And I would love to have all of you along for this beautiful ride. If you are reading this thinking yes! I need this in my life, jump over here and learn more. We would love to welcome you to our community and show you what it’s all about! It is so much freaking fun.


Father’s Day Favorites with Macy’s

Father’s Day is just around the corner & we are excited to partner with Lids at Macy’s, sharing something your man is sure to love!

We are brand new to Kansas City, and it took us all but five minutes to get excited to cheer on our home team. This city loves their sports teams & we love their enthusiasm! And while packing up all three kids and heading to a baseball game in the ninety degree heat just isn’t in the cards for us right now, we are always up for a fun outing to our favorite outdoor patio to watch an afternoon game!

Locker Room by Lids at Macy’s has the most fun, stylish gear for every single team. Not only is everything soft & comfortable, but it’s also stuff you can wear anytime and not just to a game. The girls helped me pick out a few shirts (you know I can never pass up a soft grey tshirt!) & this clean up hat for Brandon, but we quickly decided to keep it for ourselves! 😉 They have something for everyone in the family!

In the middle of kitchen renovations, busy work schedules & lots of travel this month, it feels good to take a minute to celebrate the most special man in our lives. After all, baseball, beer & blue eyed girls are just a few of his very favorite things!!

Now let’s take a little seventh inning stretch, go shop for your favorite team & get it just in time for Father’s Day!! Xo

This post is sponsored by Macy’s and Shopstyle, all opinions are our own. Shop sources + more favorites from this post below.


Backyard Summer Fun

Our favorite thing about summer is low maintenance fun in the backyard! After the first few summers in our first house where we had no backyard at all, all I ever wanted was lots of flat grassy space for my kids to run through the sprinkler & play in a kiddie pool. Granted, all they really want in life is snacks, but this is a close second. Our backyard is completely finished now, we are working on the brick patio next & hope to plant some hydrangeas back here next Spring! Over the weekend, we grabbed a new inflatable pool for them + a dozen or so jumbo bouncy balls for them to play with. It might be the cheapest backyard entertainment ever, they love to play kick ball, see who can bounce on them the longest and always have enough to share with any friends we have over!

Claire is in a big kid bed now, so she can get out at her own leisure, and although she has been extremely good about staying in it, this past week she has been sneaking into our room bright and early with one arm out of her nightgown and her swimsuit halfway on over her diaper. Always ready to get the party started, just like her mama. 

Swimsuit sources: Colorblock One Piece // Rainbow Two Piece // Ruffle Stripe One Piece // And a super flattering coordinating option for mama!

Embracing each season as it comes is my favorite, and getting to experience them all for the first time in a new city just makes them all that more fun! Hope you are enjoying yours so far!!

PS. I also wanted to share this post from last year because we are about to queue this up for the weekend of storms ahead, our Summer Movie Lineup! xo