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Thoughts on Thirty

I turned 31 yesterday, which is hard to believe because I most certainly still feel like a college kid. This year flew by, and they say time will only pass more quickly as you age. It’s funny to think of how old I used to think thirty was (like back when I was sixteen and thirty seemed so old) and now I’m here and it’s not so bad. It’s pretty great actually.

What I thought thirty would be like: wearing mom jeans, driving around in a mini van & having a million kids. Having my shit together, always being on time everywhere & eating kale on a regular basis. Waking up by five, doing zumba & in bed by nine. Strictly drinking sophisticated things like tea & red wine. Saying things like “thirty is the new twenty” and probably cutting my hair short.

What thirty is actually like: loving mom jeans, driving around in a mini van & feeling like I have a million kids. Still completely unorganized, late to (almost) everything & rapping Nicki Minaj on a regular basis. Barely waking up before my kids do, considers vacuuming an acceptable form of exercise & stays up way past bedtime watching netflix & drinking margaritas. Fueled by iced coffee & creativity. Feeling incredibly blessed and thankful for my amazing husband, sweet babies & the rest of our family & friends who make our world go round.

Thirty was good & I am so excited and optimistic about the rest of this decade. Thank you ALL so much for the birthday wishes, I am so grateful for all of you & this little community. XO

PS. This dress, to everyone who asked about it on my Instagram, I bought it a few months ago to wear to a wedding later this summer & wanted to break it in for my bday! Sadly it has been sold out for a while, but I found a bunch of similar styles for anyone who is interested!! Also my bag is by Cult Gaia (Brandon makes fun of it and calls it the birdcage) & my shoes are these in Mushroom.


Mini Style // Nine Spring Dresses

We are finally packing away tights & sweaters around here, can I get an Amen?! With three kids & all of the cold weather layers, our laundry pile has gotten completely out of hand. We are so ready for Spring dresses & rompers! I am rounding up some of my favorites, a few are perfect options for Easter & most are on sale!

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine

Obsessed with that gingham bubble romper, hoping Claire’s chubby thighs stick around just a little bit longer!

Another one of our favorite dresses from last year is back in stock & on sale here, my girls have been fighting over who it fits right now so we might just have to buy another one. Harper just turned five but is already wearing a size six in almost everything, she is getting so tall! We are officially shopping in the “girls” section instead of toddler, and she basically needs an entire new wardrobe for this season. I also love these tutu tank dresses & know they will be a staple for the girls this Spring and Summer!

Do you have a favorite?! XO


Rainbow Inspired Mini Favorites

This week is St. Patrick’s Day, which means it’s the one time of year that we have Lucky Charms in the house & it is a marshmallow world! Lately I am loving all of the rainbow inspired clothes for kids, Eloise is obsessed with everything blue which is hard to find for girls sometimes, so whenever she spots something with rainbow colors on it, she immediately wants it. I thought this year instead of going all green, we would round up some of our favorite rainbow inspired styles.

Stripe Dress // Swimsuit // Pajamas // Ruffle Suit // Tights // Stacker // Pillow // Tutu

How fun is that rainbow stacker toy?! The girls have a smaller version, but I love the colors in this one! It might make it’s way into an Easter Basket at our house next month! Now we just need this winter weather to disappear. And some green beer! What are your St. Patty’s Day plans?!

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