Seasonal Sister Style // Fall Haul

We are starting brannnnnd new today, a seasonal style haul for the kids! I wouldn’t consider myself a capsule wardrobe kinda gal, mostly because I’m not that organized. But it is true that I typically only jump online once a season and gather new clothes for the kids. Not to say I won’t buy them random things on occasion, but I get distracted way too easily so if I’m just browsing all the time, I will never actually get anything done.

I shop primarily online and in recent years have the girls jump on my lap and pick a few of their own things. No, they don’t pick out all of their own clothes, Eloise would end up with 42 turtlenecks and Harper would have only formal dresses if that were the case. So I decided this year to keep everything put together so that I could share it in one big haul for you guys, and also share in my stories some of it up close and even a try on if the girls are up for it!

Also one more thing to note, we are all about practical and comfy clothes, but I will never stop buying stripes, polka dots & leopard print. And since we are homeschooling this year, our splurge was on, you guessed it, pajamas!

These sparkly leopard pajamas for everyone and yes I’m crying because they don’t come in my size. Will we live in them all season? Who’s to say.

The very best basic tops & basic leggings in the cutest prints and also in solid colors!

One of my favorite finds of the whole season, these cozy terry dresses for kids, got them in a bunch of different colors & sizes! Also on SALE!

Harper picked this pleated midi skirt which I know will be so freaking cute when she puts outfits together!

A Fall wardrobe is never complete without metallic ruffles.

Denim seems to hold up the best year after year so they’ve been passed down but I grabbed some of these jeans for Harper, they fit super well & are really comfy! Also can’t beat the price point!

The cutest and most affordable soft polka dot sweaters, love these for Fall!

Love a good pair of slip on sneakers, we grabbed these leopard sneaks (on sale!!) for each of the girls to wear until snow boot season!

Hope you guys find this helpful! Almost ALL of this is currently on sale!! If you have any questions on sizing, let us know, and catch it all in my Instagram stories, I’ll save to highlights! XO


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