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5 Ways to Cozy Up Your Home for Fall

Happy September!! The first official day of Fall is just a few weeks away and that means we are ready to open the windows & pull out all the fuzzy blankets. I can’t wait until our local farms are full of pumpkins so we can line our steps & fill our house, but until then, I wanted to share 5 ways that we are cozying up our home for Fall! Because I just couldn’t wait any longer.

Couch // Polka Dot Pillows // Fall Branches // Blanket // Coffee Table // Rug

1. Bring out all the cozy blankets, pillows & table linens. We are pillow & blanket hoarders over here, so even the slightest 60 degree breeze will have me piling blankets on the couches & beds. I love an extra basket in each room with some blankets, adding quilts to beds, and table runners or tablecloths to throw on the outside table when we are entertaining. I’m not opposed to having so many pillows on the couch that there is hardly room to sit. Using thicker textures like linen or soft faux fur will make every room feel warm & inviting!

2. Switch out accessories. One of the reasons I love neutrals so much is that it is so easy to make each room reflect the season. I like to switch out our brightly colored patio plates, berry baskets & cocktail glasses for copper mugs, cutting boards & cake stands. Adding a Fall garland to the mantle or even adding in festive artwork on the walls will make everything come together.

3. Bring the outside in! Pulling twigs or branches from outside to stick in a vase will instantly give your house a Fall feel. If you don’t have good branches quite yet, faux stems like these, will also do the trick.

4. Fill up your diffuser. It’s no secret we love essential oils & diffusing them to make our home smell like Fall all day long is one of my favorite ways to use them. You can see a list of our favorite diffuser blends here, they are a great alternative to candles (which are expensive & full of toxins) & a few drops go a long way to keep your house smelling amazing all season long! PS. I still have candles all over my house for decoration, I will never get rid of those pretty volcano jars! πŸ™‚

5. Set the mood with a Fall playlist, I love having music on in the kitchen all day long. Here is our favorite Fall playlist, and I’m also loving everything on the new John Mayer album.

Can’t wait to share our full Fall decor home tour soon! In the meantime, happy decorating!! XO


Back to School 2017

This week has been one for the books! Our two littlest sisters went to preschool!! They go to our church so it is super sweet programs for two & three year olds, we have been doing this since Harper was a 18 months. It really is such an awesome growing experience for them and all mamas deserve a minute of free time. Who’s with me?! πŸ™‚ Getting them out the door each day has been a struggle but they enjoy it so much once they are in their classes & their teachers text me lots of happy photos! Eloise is so excited to get to cut & glue, and also have her best buds from last year in her class “booty & pelvis” (brody & hollis, and I will be so sad when she can pronounce their names right!!!). Claire is mostly excited about getting to wear a backpack.

Stage five clingers on their first day of preschool. ^

Last year we had to fill out some things for the girls’ classes answering a few questions & I have loved looking back on them so much that I decided to do it again with the girls this year. I will cherish their answers forever!!

How old are you?
Harper: Five
Eloise: Free
Claire: Claire

What is your favorite color?
Harper: Pink
Eloise: Blue
Claire: Pink! (although she calls every color pink, so maybe too early to tell)

What is your favorite food?
Harper: Pancakes
Eloise: Sandwiches and grapes
Claire: Gum

What is your favorite movie?
Harper: Tangled
Eloise: Elf
Claire: Trolls

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Harper: A ballerina, a doctor and an artist.
Eloise: Mommy
Claire: umm. Trolls.

What is your favorite thing to play with?
Harper: Beads to make jewelry
Eloise: Babies
Claire: Coffee

What do you love most?
Harper: My family and God and going to pancake house.
Eloise: Babies and mommy and daddy and harpie. And claire. And baby pictures.
Claire: Snackies.

Hope you have all had more happy than sad moments as all the little ones head back to school, we are so looking forward to getting into routines & all of the fun that is to come this FALL! πŸ™‚ xo


Friday Favorites

It has been forever since we have done a Friday Favorites post! We are about to head out with the kids for our Friday night pool + pizza tradition, but first, I wanted to share all the good things!

Our very firstΒ BOGO SALE in the print shop!! I am so excited to work on some new prints for the holidays, but first, we must have a sale! Grab your favorite two prints (like the set of Roald Dahl quotes!!) and use coupon code BOGO to get one free!!! This sale will last through Sunday night!

The brown butter popcorn you absolutely MUST make this Fall.

Wine delivery. Yep, we are obsessed. Since we started doing online grocery ordering + pickup, browsing the wine aisle is no longer a thing, and every time we wanted a bottle, we were out. I came across Winc a few months ago, we ordered a box & we freaking love it. I’m obviously a sucker for good packaging, but so far every single bottle we tried is amazing. We are really into reds and rosé for the summer, but I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these. This is totally not sponsored, but you can use my referral link (if you’re into that sort of thing!) for $20 off a delivery! And for reference, the Summer Water is hands down the best rosé I have ever had.

Our favorite tutu dresses for girls are back this year in all sizes & tons of pretty colors, they were wardrobe staples for Fall & Winter!

It’s Anthro Day, which means 20% off everything + free shipping. I couldn’t resist this pink globe!!!

My all time favorite essential oils diffuser blend that smells just like Anthropologie volcano candles.

Also, I’m calling it. Cutest skirt of the season! Ordered in all the girls sizes!

And last but very not least, our super simple strawberry breakfast pie (aka. jumbo poptart) recipe! We had a few jars of homemade strawberry preserves leftover that we made earlier this summer, so we decided this would be the best way to use some! Using a pre-made pie crust from the grocery store, I rolled it out, filled it with strawberry preserves & put the top layer over it. We pressed it closed, brushed it with a bit of melted butter & used a fork to seal the edges. I baked it at 425 for not even 20 minutes, cut it into smaller pop tart sized pieces & frosted it with a simple homemade buttercream. This was a super easy (and way fun!) breakfast that can be made in under half an hour. Plus it makes a ton, so we delivered some to our pregnant mama friends!! πŸ˜‰

That’s all we have today, folks! Have the best weekend ever!! XO