Our Third Anniversary

 Today, my husband & I celebrate our third wedding anniversary. 
Three years ago today, we were stuffing our faces with Happy Joes Pizza, sipping cocktails with all of our friends & family, and enjoying our first night as Mr. & Mrs. We have spent the last three years living in Sunny Florida, traveling, building our careers & drinking on the beach.
Today, we feel all grown up. Expecting our first baby in just a few short months.
Seems like just yesterday we were in high school on our first date. The years have flown by, through all of the good times & bad, we find ourselves happier than ever. He always pours my coffee in my favorite miniature animal mug, drives out of his way to pick me up cake flavored frozen yogurt on a Saturday morning & knows all the words to Hocus Pocus. He lets me get away with never folding or matching socks & never complains when I decorate for holidays two months ahead of time. I love him more than I ever have in my life. I just know he is going to be the BEST dad in the whole entire world & I can’t wait for it!!
I feel so blessed & thank God every day for giving me such an amazing husband.
Cheers (with my glass of milk!) to three amazing years!

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