Updated Chalkboard Tutorial

Hi Everyone! I have still gotten multiple questions & comments regarding how I made the chalkboard so I wanted to post an updated, simple tutorial as to how I made it.
Went to local Goodwill looking for an old picture.You’ll want something that has a solid wood frame AND a wood backing (some are cardboard). Make sure that you can easily remove the backing/picture from the frame itself & make sure that the entire thing seems sturdy.
You can see in the before picture, I found this picture of the ocean. The painting was held together by bendable staples, so we opened them all up and took apart the three pieces – the frame, which we painted white, the wood backing, which we painted with chalkboard paint & the painting paper itself, which got tossed in the trash. 
I used spray chalkboard paint when I initially did this – but have since repainted it with this much better Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint from a can. It goes on thicker & is much more durable. Then we just put the chalkboard backing back into the frame, tightened up all of the staples and BOOM… you have yourself a chalkboard 🙂

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