The First Month: My Must Haves!

 As promised, my list of things that we could not live without during the first month with our little munchkin! Keep in mind, this does not include the obvious necessities such as diapers, a pack n play, breastpump, etc. But, this is the list of my favorite things things that just make daily life a little bit easier! 🙂 
 Boppy – This is an absolute MUST for so many reasons! We used this within the first hours of Harper’s life for positioning while breastfeeding. It helped tremendously since I had a c-section so I could rest her on the pillow instead of on my body. It is also great for sleeping in the hospital bed as well as snuggling the baby into for short naps or during play time. 
Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets – I know everyone raves about these, but they truly are the best. They are lightweight enough so you don’t feel like you’re overheating your baby and stretchy enough to swaddle them into the tightest, most impressive burrito you have ever seen. We also use it to throw over the carseat when we take her places to shield her from germs, sunlight & nosy people 🙂 Pair that with the adorable patterns and you have yourself a winner!
Satsuma Baby Mittens – As I mentioned before, they are small enough for newborn hands & don’t fall off. The last thing you want is your baby clawing at their face for baby pictures.
Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads – If you are breastfeeding (or pumping) these will become your best friend. They are stupid expensive… but they are a TREAT… your nipples will thank you. Also, the Lanolin cream they make is a must as well. As mentioned before, works great as chapstick!
BabyGanics Hand Sanitizers – Love the small size bottles, the fact that they are organic & do not smell. We have a million of these all over the house & use them all the time. Plus they don’t dry out your hands!
Boon Grass Drying Racks – Obsessed with these. I love the way they look on our countertop, so fun, but SO functional. Perfect for millions of breast pump & bottle parts that may not fit on other drying racks. I seriously LOVE these. And you can buy flower attachments that stick up out of the grass to hang nipples or membranes from pumps on. Have I mentioned that I love this product?
Johnson & Johnsons Hand & Face Wipes – Gentle on baby’s skin & smell fantastic. A must-have for the diaper bag but also great to have lying around to use on pacifiers & your own hands. All of the others smell like alcohol or aren’t soft enough, these will be my go-to wipe for any purpose.
Cocoa Butter Skin Treatment Oil – I know I said the smell of ordinary cocoa butter lotion makes me gag, but the oil doesn’t have much of a scent. The oil is made for Scars & Stretch Marks (with Vitamin E!) and has already done a number on my c-section scar. I know others who have had amazing results with this product so I plan on slathering it all over my belly from here on out. 
Naked JuicesPut a little in your baby’s bottle, they will sleep through the night. KIDDING! 🙂 This is for you. Busy life with a newborn leaves not much time for cooking (or eating) yet this is the time when you need your calories, nutrients & energy the most! These are packed with fruits & veggies, they are filling & they taste soooo good. They are my meals a lot of days.
Hope this is helpful to the first time & soon-to-be mommas out there! I hope these items will help you enjoy time with your bambinos just a little bit more.
And of course… an adorable picture of my little Harpsicle just for fun. Couldn’t love her more!

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