Big News!!

We moved to Florida just after graduating college, in fact, I finished my last semester of school there taking a few online classes to fulfill my remaining requirements & then flew home to graduate. My husband (fiance at the time) got a job & of course I wasn’t about to stay behind in Iowa.. so off we went! We rented a 600 square foot apartment for 3.5 years. In that 3.5 years we had 70 VISITORS. A few were repeat visitors of course, but nonetheless, that much company in a one bedroom, one bathroom crib. Funny business right there.
We have been in Georgia for just over a year now & have been renting a small townhouse here. The townhouse where I spent my whole pregnancy, where Harper’s nursery was built & where our sweet girl has spent the first few weeks of her life. YAY for this townhouse being very sentimental …and while I will never forget this place… we will be turning over the keys in just a few short weeks to move to OUR NEW HOUSE!

I hope you all will join me on my journey through decorating a 3,000 square foot blank canvas. I have big plans. Big. HUGE! Anyone that knows me & knows my obsession with decorating will understand the wheels that are turning in my head at this very moment.
My current ideas include the following:
Dark Charcoal Walls (somewhere!)
Exposed Brick in the Kitchen Makeover
Colorful Office/Playroom …BEYOND!
Cozy, Kid Friendly Breakfast Nook
And is it too soon to put pumpkins on the front porch?!
BOOM, baby! We are almost homeowners!

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