Baby Fashion!

 Hi everyone! We are just getting settled into the new place, so bear with me as I get my ducks in a row to start posting again. I have gotten a lot of questions about Harper’s outfits on instagram & via email, as well as some requests to post about our favorite places to shop! Love to share with you all – again though, please try not to post her photos to pinterest. I will try to include multiple images in each post so there is something else to post to pin a link! 🙂 Thank you ALL so much!

I love, love, love shopping for fun baby outfits, but always on the lookout for good sales of course. Here’s a breakdown of Harper’s wardrobe staples:

  • Shop local! Iowa has a great shop called Raygun where you can get adorable onesies with fun sayings. If you do some digging you’ll probably find something in your state or city as well! Green onesie is from Raygun & headband from Jameson Monroe
  • Shop in the big kids section! I buy Harper lots of shirts from the 18-24 month toddler section and she wears them as long tunic/dresses with leggings underneath. Granted, she is a good eater, so maybe she just fits into them? But it’s fun because it broadens the selection of clothes they can wear to things outside of their own size. White glitter printed shirt & plum leggings are from the Gap.
  • Pants dont always have to go on the outside! Ok maybe they do, but I like them underneath! I think it is way cute, especially when the onesie has a fun image or design, then you can put tights or leggings underneath. Black Onesie is from BuyBuyBaby, teal leggings from the Gap & Chevron Bowtie Headband is from Jameson Monroe.
  • Rompers, rompers, rompers!! You can only get away with these in the summer, so stock up! They are seriously the cutest, easiest for babies to wear & fun to show off their little thighs! Pink & black dotted one is from the Gap.

 Below are some of my current favorites in stores these days! Harper wears the terry cloth rompers ALL the time from the Gap, they’re so soft and easy to put on. The apple hat (and lots of other fruits and veggies!) are just too cute for the season and the cool summer nights. Threadless t’s are at the gap, again, in the toddler section, but adorable with little leggings!
The green romper, our favorite, is available at the Gap and the white one at Old Navy. Both summer staples! The white & black polka dotted onesie is from Old Navy, and would be adorable with ANY color of leggings underneath – like the fuschia ones from Target shown below, that are sooo soft and comfy. We love them! The best part of all this, you can accessorize with cute summer sandals or headbands! 🙂

Next up, fourth of July fashion for your little GUYS AND GALS! 🙂

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