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Happy One Week ’til Thanksgiving! More importantly, Happy One Week & One Day Until Christmas Tree Decorating! Even though I don’t do a lot of decorating for this holiday, it is one of my favorites (although let’s be serious…what holiday isn’t…) and I cannot wait to plan our menu! Cheesy potatoes (yes, the ones that I dumped upside down into our brand new oven this summer), Stuffing cupcakes and a deep fried Turkey are the staples. Anyway, enough holiday chatter (ok, there can never be too much…) let’s move on to 8 Month Favorites!

Silicone Baby Bib – As soon as you start finger foods… you should start silicone baby bibs. It is a catch-all and prevents you from having to sweep a thousand times per day or find cereal in between your baby’s toes. Bonus, you can wash them at the end of the day in the sink with & not have fifteen bibs in the laundry at the end of the week! 🙂
Wooden Activity Walker – Harper absolutely loves this thing. Now that she is standing (and almost walking!) she loves to climb on this, push it across the floor (on it’s back, not standing all the way up yet) and play with all of it’s parts & pieces. Plus, it is the cutest wooden toy of all time. (Side note – we had to take the drum stick things away from her because she flings them around too much & I’m afraid she’ll poke her eye out!)
Plum Organic Puffs – I had these on our favorites list from just a little before Harper turned 8 months. She has now progressed to eating cheerios, goldfish, and all other sorts of other finger foods in addition to these. But they are amazing for starting out with finger foods… they dissolve within five seconds of being in their mouth.
BabyGanics Foamin’ Fun Bath Soap – Now that Harper is obsessed with her bath time, I had to go on the hunt for a cheaper (can’t afford California baby every time!) bath soap that still gets lots of bubbles! This was the winner. The way it squirts from the bottle makes it extra foamy and she is mesmerized by all the bubbles in the tub. Plus it makes bath time way more fun  with a foaming Santa beard!
Elefun Ball Popper – Harper got this as a gift from our good friends who said it was always a big hit with their little boys…and as always.. they were right! She loves this thing! Her favorite part? Turning on the blower button and pointing the trunk at her face! 🙂
Summer Infant Sure & Secure Gate – Now that this kid is constantly on the GO… this is a lifesaver. We have been able to block off a whole room for her & it is secure enough that she can stand up and lean against it. And the mesh is great because she smashes her face against it at least thirty times a day.
Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat – Finally time to upgrade from the infant car seat! Little munchkin was getting too cramped. The Britax Marathon has some of the highest safety ratings & almost everyone we know with kids has it & raves about it.

And finally, chalkboard prints have been listed in my etsy shop! For the time being, I am offering just the digital files until the holidays are over. With all of the upcoming festivities & travel plans, I have decided to hold off with printing & shipping until the new year. But until then, please use coupon code 30OFFCHALK for 30% off all digital chalkboard prints!
The sizes listed in the shop are all that I have available at this time. Unfortunately the Thankful print wasn’t scaled properly when I drew it (not thinking about printing at that time) so it is only available in a 5×7. I hope to add some more Christmas prints before end of the month!

Harper’s Holiday Nursery is up next!! 🙂


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