The Garvin Family Christmas Tree

Over the weekend we hit up the Christmas Tree Farm, also known as one of my favorite places on earth. We look forward to picking out our tree every year… if you haven’t gone the “real tree route” before… you absolutely have to. It will probably make you do back flips across your tree-lit living room.

Of course I dressed the munchkin up as festive as can be & then she barfed all over her clothes.
So, after a quick wardrobe change, we were off! She was MESMERIZED by all of the tall trees, lights & live music. Seriously, we would have stayed here all night if it were possible. (Did I just invent camping at Christmas tree farms?)

Bonus, Harper got to pet a pony. Which I totally thought was a reindeer at first.

This little kiddo was having a blast trying to touch everything in sight. I think she could sense the excitement & festiveness in the air because she was putting on quite the show squealing & chatting away while we picked out garlands & wreaths. We finally filled our cart, tied our tree on top of the car & headed home smelling like pine.

 Every year, the decision to decorate in color or white lights consumes me. Now that we have a house big enough, we are rocking two trees so I can do both. We got a monster, tall Christmas tree from our friends as a housewarming gift (I know, they are the shit!) so that tree is in the family room & the messy, real tree is in the entryway. As soon as the rest of my decorations arrive in the mail (yes, I greet the postman everyday outside) – there will be a full holiday house tour! But for now…
I give you… the Griswold Garvin Family Christmas Tree!

Uncle Lewis! Look what you’ve done to my tree! 🙂


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