Decorating the Baby… Etsy Edition!

Most often when anyone asks where Harper’s cutest stuff is from… it is always Etsy! 🙂 I love shopping on Etsy, even more so during the holidays! It does take time to scroll through thousands of listings to find the perfect item that you are searching for, but it is always worth it! Also, don’t be afraid to ask shops if they can create custom items for you. If you are looking for a blanket in a certain fabric, you can likely ask any shop owner to create it for you! Same goes for headbands, clothing items, paper goods… the list goes on.
This is what makes Etsy so great, not only the creativity & unique finds, but I love supporting small businesses & handmade goods!

So, here is a look at all of my favorite goodies for babies this holiday season!


 Headbands are of course my absolute favorite Christmas accessory for decorating the baby! 🙂

Jameson Monroe (2) as you may know, is my go-to-shop for custom made headbands! They have such a huge variety of flowers, bands & all the bells and whistles to make the perfect headband to match any outfit around! These creative girls are so darn talented!
The Snootie Pig (7) is one of my most recent headband shop obsessions, with some of the most unique, creative & down right fabulous headbands I’ve ever seen! We got Harper’s Thanksgiving headband here to match her dress & now I am just in love with the Christmas line!

I also had to include a little boys outfit for those of you with cute dudes to dress this season! I totally drool over all of the suspender & tie holiday onesies. This one is just too cute for words! Paired with a little conductors hat, jeans & some cute boots and I’d say you have a winning baby boy’s Christmas outfit!

And speaking of headband perfection… get a load of this.

This is one of our favorite headbands from Little Hip Squeaks on Etsy. I am in love with this Christmas tree print… I’d kinda like it to also be on my bed sheets! 🙂

Christmas Carol Book

Also, if you follow me on Instagram (@jlgarvin) you will know that I successfully painted Harper’s toes this week!

Most of you are probably wondering – how in the hell did you get her to stay still long enough?! This kid always sits sideways in her high chair, with one leg sticking out the side. Once she gets in this position, she can’t get out of it unless I help her. The other morning, sitting like this, I realized it is one of the only times that her ankles aren’t crossed & her feet aren’t able to touch anything! So I gave her a bottle & some cheerios, then went to town with this Piggy Paint. It took a couple coats since it is a little watery – but she spent plenty of time eating (and playing with her food) for me to paint them & for them to dry.

Now, when she sits like this with her ankles crossed, she just looks like a little lady.

As my heart explodes into ten million pieces.

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