All You Need Is Love

Hello, Valentine’s Day card.

I love sending out Valentine’s Day cards. I look forward to it even more this year since I failed to get our Christmas cards finished in time.

Now that she is bigger & can stand, I can’t wait to take more pictures of her with our festive chalkboards! I really can’t wait until I can bribe her with Fritos to sit still & smile too.
I got this little one piece romper at the Gap, it was literally on the site for a day & I couldn’t scoop it up fast enough. It was so fitting for Harper’s first Valentine’s Day! Little chubby baby arms in tank tops?! I mean. Come on. I die over the cuteness.

This chalkboard print has also been added to my Etsy shop! Here is a sample of what it looks like printed & framed…. with a festive washi garland attached too of course! 🙂

Print Available Here.
Thank you all for the sweet comments on Harper’s videos & for the encouraging words about my complex about her not kissing us. I read each & every comment on every post…  You all are the BEST & I LOVE YOU. I will be taking all of your advice, especially about kissing her stuffed animals to make her jealous! 😉 Hopefully we will be getting kisses by the time she turns one!
Crazy how much things have changed since last year…

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