Birthday Party Planning

Ahh, the party that I have been planning in my mind for over a year now is finally just a few weeks away! I’m excited to share some of the details that we have picked out! I decided that “birthday” is theme enough, so we will be sticking with just a color scheme of pinks & golds.
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You all know by now that I would do nothing short of painting my walls pink & gold to match the party theme… (as I casually look around the living room thinking that maybe I should actually do it) but the plan is to stick with lots of balloons, streamers & garlands for the decor. Cupcakes, cotton candy & a popcorn bar will be some of the goodies on the menu. Also, a kick ass pink ombre smash cake.

This is also appropriate. Of COURSE there will be cocktails.
There will probably also be tailgating. Now I just need to get my shit together & finish her invitations on time so we will actually have party guests! 🙂

Also, for the record, still no kisses. But she is an expert head-butter & eye poker. Still love her to pieces.

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