First Birthday Countdown!

We are down to the wire, with less than TWO weeks until Harper’s first birthday! I’m totally that person that jots down ideas on random pieces of notebook paper, sends myself text messages in the middle of the night & of course endlessly pins things that I will never come back to… until it is almost too late & I’m doing the oh-shit-I-haven’t-ordered-anything-yet dance. Eff. I hope all of my goodies get here in time. 
Ready to see the birthday wish list? 🙂 Harper personally asked for all of these items (not), since she got SO many toys for Christmas, we are taking a bit of a different route for her first birthday. A few things that will have her name embroidered on them to commemorate the occasion, some stylin’ wardrobe accessories for the spring & some other fun goodies.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven.

I also love this birthday cake toy food set, but not sure if it is age appropriate with all the smaller pieces. But seriously, how cute? Gift ideas are so hard for one year olds, especially with birthdays so close to Christmas! If your little ones are also approaching the big O-N-E, you can find some ideas in this post that Harper currently loves (minus the walkness monster)!

I just finished her invitations, I am super excited to have been able to incorporate not only pink ombre & gold glitter, but also chalkboard! I can’t wait for the party & to share all of the pictures and details that we have planned!

In other Harpie Doodle news, she & her hair are both growing like weeds. Her new favorite things to eat are TownHouse crackers, raspberries, shredded chicken & homemade fruit smoothies. I’m trying to milk all of her 6-12 month outfits for one last run before she grows out of them. And her new favorite activity is pulling the chair pillows onto the ground & climbing over them… for hours. Literally, the best entertainment ever.

And of course, thank you all so much for the sweet comments about Harper’s killer dance moves. I’ve passed along all of the compliments which have encouraged her to continue perfecting her skills. I know, I’m in trouble! 🙂


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