Happy Birthday Eve, Harper!

The day is finally here, sweet little Harper Eve’s birthday eve! 🙂 A year ago today, we went to dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day and had no idea what was in store for us the next morning. And tonight, we will be celebrating our little hearts out! I love this little ball of fire more than I ever thought possible. We sit up at night watching her on the monitor as she sleeps, talking about how we want to go wake her up so we can play with her & let her sleep in our bed. Granted, we would never dare wake her, because in reality she would be Judo kicking me in the face instead of actually snuggling or going back to sleep. Sweet baby.

This little stroll down memory lane over the last twelve months makes me tear up. But, I also smile bigger than I ever have thinking of all the fun that is to come as we watch our little doll grow even more & our love for her grow exponentially right along with it.

Happy Birthday Eve, Miss Harper Eve!! 🙂
Oh, and we wish you all a VERY Happy Valentine’s Day! XOXO

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