Easter Basket Making

 Thank you all for the well wishes on my last post, we are all FINALLY feeling a bit better over here. Gotta be in tip top shape before the Easter bunny comes! 🙂 Harper & I have been hard at work over here with some Easter basket goodness.
Headband, Leggings, Felt Bunny Baskets from Target’s Dollar Section (score!)

I’m still working on part two of the questions & answers, but wanted to share this fun project… an Easter basket for my man!
Grab a six pack of beer, remove three from one side (and obviously drink them) & fold back the separators in the empty space. I used Stella since it’s not only one of my husband’s favorite beers (he otherwise prefers Busch Light in a can), but the bottles are also pretty.

 I used a roll of white tissue festooning (you can find this at any local craft store or make your own), used double sided tape and just started cutting & sticking strips of it around the beer box. FYI, you can get totally cray here & really stick any thing on here… cover it in wrapping paper, stickers or if you’re hard up for craft supplies, cover it in cotton balls, seems legitimately festive to me.
Then just grab some Easter grass & fill the empty side with all of your goodies!

I stocked it with beef jerky, a mini whiskey, candy, gum, k-cups & some notes in a plastic egg.

Beer Easter Basket
Now I just hope he doesn’t see this blog post before Sunday!
And if he does… I’ll take some chapstick, a pastel Essie nailpolish (or two) & a family sized bag of Fritos in my basket.

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