Father’s Day Gifts

Dad’s Day is just around the corner, and as promised, I am here to share some of my ideas for gifts. My husband has dominated fatherhood so I plan on going all out with a full on breakfast celebration & a few fun gifts. You know I love any excuse to celebrate!

But, you know I can’t handle gifting without trying to coordinate it with some festive extravaganza. So here are my ideas to go with each of these gifts.
The Folding Charcoal Grill obviously calls for a picnic with a hot dog or burger bar of sorts, toppings to include shredded cheeses, potato chips & chili.
The Beer Can Holders would be gifted with a mix-and-match six pack, which you can find at your local market or liquor store & probably an afternoon of yard games to show how useful they are. It took me point-five-seconds to snatch these up when I saw them, obviously they are hammock farm material. But I’m a jackass & couldn’t wait until Father’s Day to bust them out.
Dollar Shave Club, if you haven’t already caught wind of my obsession, is the most perfect gift. I love good marketing & these guys blow my mind (if you haven’t watched the videos on their website, you must). My husband & I both have memberships, their razors & shave cream are amazing, especially for sensitive skin.
The Diaper Dude is the perfect gift for all of the new & expectant dads. You can fill it with all the must haves & if you are sarcastic like me, make notes on each item about what they should be used for. Example: Baby wipes are for diaper changes, not for eating hot wings.
ENO Hammock. Ok I won’t even go here, you know how much I love them. And camping themed fun like s’mores or a trail mix bar would accompany a hammock perfectly.
The Leather Magic Wallet is a perfect gift because one. what guy doesn’t love getting a new wallet and two. you can fill them with lots of goodies like photos, gift cards & homemade coupons. I’ll leave the details of the homemade coupons up to you 😉

If all else fails, take some pictures of your kiddos that the hub hasn’t seen before & get them framed! A few tricks.
For a cute shot of leg rolls, toes or any other tiny detail of your little babe, hand them a phone or ipod that plays music & then snap away with your camera. You can get pretty awesome shots when they are totally entertained holding a phone! 🙂 You can also sneak in on them while they’re sleeping, just be sure that you leave the blinds open during their nap so you get good natural light. Also, don’t forget about all the great props you can include in pictures, like books, stuffed animals, blocks, or a framed piece of paper that says “Happy Father’s Day!”.

A picture of your child with their favorite book each year would be the perfect memento to give as a gift or save for yourself! 😉 And be sure to serve all framed photos with a side of pancake wrapped sausages on a stick.

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