Our Weekend in Pictures

 We had such a busy weekend, all of us battling summer colds & working on a bunch of projects around the house. I have had a major cleaning/organizing itch lately, wanting everything to be ready for Fall decor in just a few weeks! We are almost finished with Harper’s room, tackling a few projects in our master bedroom & somehow ended up knee deep in closet organization at the same time. How lame, right? (See more cleaning & organizing favorites here!)
Anyway, early this afternoon when the sun came out, we were able to put all of our projects on hold for a fun afternoon at the park & the picnic we have been wanting to have forever! 🙂 This yellow striped blanket caught my eye a few weeks ago, it basically backflipped off the shelf & into my cart screaming PICNIC! I had no other choice but to buy it. Don’t you hate when that happens?
 On the menu: Egg salad on sourdough, seasalted sunflower seeds, fresh fruit & kettle chips. We put the food in mason jars & paper boxes, then threw them in a cooler. Made for extra awesome cleanup with a toddler, I forgot how kick ass it is not to have to sweep after each meal! 😉

Only our kid would take a break from eating to smell her feet.

It was such a fun time, I can’t wait for the weather to keep cooling down so we can do this more often! I can picture it now, trying to set up shop for a picnic at the pumpkin patch. I’m sure they won’t mind! 🙂

I hope you all had lots of fun & maybe even a few tasty cocktails this weekend!
Monday, here we come! 🙂

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