Fall Around Here

This weekend is the official start of Fall, no more pretending, waiting or wishing! Are you all just as excited as I am?! A few things we are looking forward to this Fall include a trip to the pumpkin patch, apple picking & of course, a pumpkin carving party! Can’t wait to share some details soon! We also do Soup Sundays in the Fall every year, where we make a different homemade soup every Sunday to eat during football (and to have lots of leftovers for the week!) so we are excited to kick that off this weekend as well! 🙂
What are your favorite Fall traditions?!
I love that Harper is old enough this year to enjoy some of the festivities a little more! 
I am still waiting to get my hands on some more pumpkins, but for now we finally put some decorations out around the house. A few ombre pumpkins & some felt garlands are making our fireplace extra festive, especially with Hocus Pocus playing on repeat!
Felt Leaves Garland | Yellow Gourd | White Felt Garland from West Elm last year

And one can not decorate for Fall without a caramel apple spice in hand or a pumpkin pecan waffle scented candle burning in the background. 
Speaking of perfection, our weather has been in the 60s/70s the last few days, say whaaaat!? So we have finally broken out the hammocks again & are getting a real taste of Fall in our backyard.

 Even though our weekdays can be a little bit hectic, it was pretty epic to pretend it was the weekend for an hour & go swing outside this morning. And yes, there is totally a string tied to hers so I can “push” her from my hammock! Husband is a genius.
Sending cool weather vibes your way, friends! Happy Hump Day!

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