Mama + Mini Cozy Style

It’s no surprise that grey is my favorite color. I don’t know why I love it so much but I always have, I think at least half of my closet is grey, black or white. And unless I am traveling for work, it is rare that I even leave the house in anything other than leggings or a comfy pair of jeans. I can be found at the grocery store in my pajamas any day of the week! 😉
I have been loving all of the cozy grey styles for both mama & mini this season, especially leggings, scarves & fur slippers! This totally speaks my style language.
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven
Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve

 We have had to work really hard to stay extra warm & cozy lately since our heat is still broken. It has been COLD here, like dipping down into the 30s at night, and not that I really need an excuse, but that has me living in leggings & camp socks. I’ve also gone back to the dark side, drinking hot coffee instead of iced most days! 😉

Of course, trying to keep the house warm also requires running the fireplace! I was nervous at first with Harper but she has done a good job staying back from it. And we only run it when we are in the room with her or she is in bed. Having the fireplace on also means making lots of s’mores! They are such a perfect snack because they are like the equivalent of a single serving cupcake or cookie but without all the work! Did you know that graham crackers now come in little short stack packages too so they don’t go stale as quickly? Moms of toddlers, the things that excite us! 

Hope you all are staying nice & warm!!
Festive Friday fun is just around the corner!

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