Stocking Stuffers & Handmade Gifts

Christmas is officially one week away! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself, my brain is like a snow globe this time of year. Cookies are baked, presents are wrapped & all of our Christmas movies have been watched. Several hundred times.
The only thing left to do is stuff stockings! Stocking stuffers are always hard to pick out but this year I went with some art supplies, a cute blanket & some girly accessories.
I put together a list of some things that I think would make perfect stocking stuffers (not pictured is the giant bottle of champagne that I would normally be asking for in mine), including gifts for mama, mini & the Mr.
Hello Onesie \ Pink Almond Candy Lip Balm

What is going in your little’s stockings?!
You can also find our stocking stuffer ideas from last year here.

And of course, there is nothing better than handmade gifts, especially sweets! 🙂 Every year, I bake dozens of cookies, all different kinds & stack them in quart size mason jars to give out as gifts. We give these to co-workers, neighbors & lots of other sweet people in our lives. Like the lovely coffee shop barista that is always so sweet to Harper & gives her special straws whenever we come.
This year, I made chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar cookies (made ahead of time & frozen, recipe here), oatmeal brown sugar (pre-made dough, they just sounded so good at the store!), double chocolate fudge cookies with a white chocolate peppermint hershey’s kiss on top (recipe here, I leave out the walnuts) & dipped pretzels.

Then we just stack them in the jars (make sure to get the wide-mouth quarts) & dress them up a little bit! A much easier, and just as delicious way to fill them would be with Christmas popcorn or ingredients to make S’mores. Oh the things you can fit in a mason jar! 😉
Hope you all are having the happiest holiday season so far!! I wish you all so much joy & happiness as Christmas quickly approaches! XO

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