How far along: 25 Weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 15 lbs. at my 25 week appointment, so still right around the same weight as I was at 21 weeks
Maternity clothes: Yes, and a round up of all of my maternity favorites can be found here!
Stretch marks: No
Belly button in or out: Out
Sleep: Sleep is not so good this week, after catching another cold. 
Best moment this week: Another doctor’s appointment confirming baby girl is doing well.
Worst moment this week: Missing out on most of our weekend in bed with a migrane & a cold. Harper has also had a cold again for the last few days after going back to preschool/mother’s morning out. Kids germs are the worst & I am so ready for cold/flu season to be over.
Miss anything: My immune system.
Movement: Baby is a mover & a shaker! And a future chalkboard maker? 
Cravings: Strawberry cupcakes, Nutella & milk. Together or separate, I wouldn’t mind either! 😉
Queasy or sick: Another week with just a little heartburn, but overall feeling good.
Looking forward to: I can’t say this enough, looking forward to SPRING! We need to open the windows & get some fresh air! Plus Spring puts us just a little bit closer to meeting baby girl!
Also, this story. Just too good not to share. 
In the midst of Harper & I both being sick this week, we made a little couch bed & snuggled for a while the other morning. I must have gotten sucked in to the entertaining episode of mickey because I totally forgot that I had set my full iced coffee on the ground next to us. When Harper finally decided she wanted to get down, she climbed off the couch & immediately punted my coffee across the living room. Before I could even sit up, she yells “oh no, sweetie! i got it!!” (she now calls Brandon & I “sweetie” because we call her that all the time), she takes off running to the kitchen & comes back with a single Boogie Wipe to clean it up. I couldn’t stop laughing, I had to grab a bath towel since there was an ocean of coffee soaking into the carpet, but Harper just kept dabbing away. She surprises me every day with the new things she says & does, but this one totally takes the cake. 

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