Making Valentines

Harper & I are both still battling colds, plus it is officially winter outside again, so we attempted to deal with our mad cabin fever this week by making some handmade Valentines to send out. Cute hearts cut out of construction paper, scribbled on with crayons and slathered in stickers & snot. 
This girl lives for arts & crafts. We spend most of our days at home playing with her five different types of crayons, coloring on the chalkboard & making masterpieces with her magna-doodle. This has been a great way to teach her the alphabet & her numbers, she has gotten really good at identifying them all just from me drawing them a thousand times over. Her new favorite thing is for us to draw balloons for her & then she will draw the string attached it, although she refers to it as the balloon’s tail. Love this girl & her ever growing vocabulary.
By the end of the day though, everything is a bust. She is over her crayons & the play table has likely been flipped upside down. Even her dolls are fed up, they are smashed into the bottom of her toy shopping cart covered in cans of cardboard food & all the rest of her art supplies.
And there’s nothing scarier than a toddler with a shopping cart full of toys, hauling ass down the hallway with no regard for your bare ankles.
Anyway, back to the Valentines, we are keeping it pretty simple this year. I plan to put some festive pictures of her, with all of her handmade goodies & probably some heart shaped lollipops in little envelopes with some confetti to send out to friends & family. I am not the best at sending snail mail so I love to have a little extra fun with it for holidays. Hopefully I will get them sent out by Thanksgiving! 🙂

Dress from J.Crew Outlet (similar here) \ Tights by Trumpette \ Headband
 Heart Garland \ Play Table \ Sippy Cup from PBK (similar here)
Hope you all are staying warm (and staying sane!) as Spring takes it’s sweet time to arrive. Happy Hump Day! 🙂

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