Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!! Hope you all are getting a little bit of sunshine & will be able to enjoy some Spring weather over the next few days! Before signing off for the day, I thought some Friday Favorites were in order, can we make this a weekly thing? 🙂
Harper’s new favorite game involves a mini-rubbermaid full of Easter eggs that she found in our playroom closet, popping them all apart & then matching them together again. It’s crazy to see her do it with different shades of pink & purple when last year she barely understood colors at all. I put one set together for her and said “voila!”, which means now every single time she does one, she yells “wah-lah!” which she sometimes confuses with “boo-lah”? and “hola”! Obsessed with toddler language.

Brandon & I went to the Bulls/Hawks game here in Atlanta the other night with my brother & his wife. I ate my weight in nachos & we sat in traffic for about as long as we sat at the game, but it was a blast & the Bulls won! 😉 The funny part is, we told my brother who was home babysitting Harper to put the game on so she could watch (she is obsessed with “baffit-ball”). Of course, while he was putting her to bed, they showed us on TV, just at the moment that I was taping the slam dunk trampoline show because I knew Harper would love watching the video on my phone!

Da Bulls Tee

Looking forward to another fun night out in approximately six long months! 😉

Some of my not so favorites this week?

I made the rookie mistake of putting Harper’s lunch on her high chair tray before putting her in it. So naturally, as I lifted her up, she roundhouse kicked her bowl of macaroni across the kitchen. You know those days where you feel like all you do is clean up mess after mess? It was one of those days.

Harper also skinned her knee at the park, or dare I say barely skinned). This has caused two straight days of no nap while she pulled up her pant leg & said “uh-oh” repeatedly for an hour while staring at her knee. I’ve kissed it a few hundred times & put band-aids over it, which she rips right off & replaces with stickers. It has been quite an ordeal.

But back to favorites, Harper has learned how to blow her own bubbles & is on cloud nine doing it every afternoon! She still hands me the wand to blow some for her, and then tells me “good job mama!” I can’t believe how grown up she is looking these days. I know she will only seem bigger once we bring home a newborn, I just love her to pieces.

 Tee \ Polka Dot Shorts \ Jelly Shoes

I added this potato crusted tilapia back into our weekly menu rotation, our go-to Friday dinner option during Lent. It’s one of my favorites ever & so easy. Harper loves it too!

My favorite baseball sleeve maternity dress now comes in another color, but with only a few weeks left, I wouldn’t really get to wear it enough. But if you are looking for a super versatile, comfortable dress that you can dress up or down, this is the one. I love mine so much & will be bummed to not wear it anymore! AND the cutest ever v-neck tees for toddlers are on sale this week with free shipping, Harper has a few of these & I love all of the fun colors! Plus, they fit long & lean, and the material is so soft after each wash.

 Also, I have been loving seeing all of your koozie photos on Instagram (@jlgarvin) so thank you all so much for supporting our shop & rockin’ our koozies! We have another super fun giveaway happening this weekend, so stay tuned! 🙂
Hope you all have an amazing weekend! XO


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