Mama Style Week + Weekend

I am aware that I am not a fashion blogger, but I get a surprising number of requests to share some of my favorite mom styles, which is incredibly sweet & really fun to put together. I will keep these coming if you all enjoy them! 😉
Most days, if only around the house & running errands, I live in comfy clothes. And confession, I still wear my maternity leggings most days. But for lunch dates or playdates, I love a good pair of jeans & a casual tee. I literally have four pairs of jeans, maybe only three if you consider which ones still fit me post-baby. My J.Crew toothpick jeans are my favorite, but I also love the way my Old Navy Rockstar Skinnies fit, they are amazing & super affordable. I almost always spend more on my comfortable clothes than dressy clothes, since I wear them so much more often. I live in my Camp Brand Goods Tanks & just picked up a few of these football style tees that I am currently in love with.
On the weekends, we typically meet friends for dinner after work on Friday nights & do something on Saturdays that calls for a dressier outfit. I’m always a fan of a cute maxi dress, otherwise I will wear jeans with some of my favorite flats & a flowy tank (the one above is my current favorite as you probably already know).
Really though, all style goes to hell in a handbasket when post-partum hair loss is taking over. I swear I am in a constant state of “Is there a hair on me?” You know that feeling when there is one stuck to the back of your arm.Yeah, you know. My hair is falling out all over the place & should probably be hidden under a baseball cap for the next few months. Eek!

What are your favorite go-to mom styles?!

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