Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! We are super excited for the weekend, we have some of our best friends from college coming into town to stay with us & can’t wait to catch up with them. We have heard amazing things about the Cards Against Humanity game so we picked it up to play with them, have you played? I hear it is wildly inappropriate, so it is right up our alley!! Time for some Friday Favorites & a few funny highlights from our week, I am still laughing about these!

Brandon came in the house from golfing the other night with a tallboy (beer) that he had emptied out of his golf bag, it was wrapped in a brown paper bag & he set it on the counter. As Harper came running around the corner to greet him, she saw it sitting there & started shrieking “daddy! did you bring me GUACAMOLE!?! that’s my faaaaavorite and this is gonna be so much fun!!!!!!” Yes folks, that’s right, she thought it was Chipotle in that brown bag & made her way right over to the table because she was so excited about it. Someone had some explaining to do. Dad of the year? 🙂

Yesterday morning, I asked Harper what she wanted for breakfast, toast or waffles? She said “toast, my favorite!” So I said okay & opened the pantry. She then came running over & said “actually, would you just get me some chips & salsa?” I died laughing. This is the funniest age!
Can you tell these girls just love each other to pieces?! 🙂

 Purple Football Tee \ Purple Clover Print Onesie (both on sale)

Some of my favorite finds this week include this adorable chambray skirt that I got Harper for her first day of nursery school, which I can’t believe starts already in just two weeks. She has already been carrying her little ruffled backpack around, which is finally back in stock here for those of you who love it as much as we do!! I’m also loving this denim shirtdress, which would be so cute with sandals for the rest of the summer or with leggings & boots come Fall. The color is so pretty in person & I love that they offer it in petite sizes since gap dresses tend to run really long.

For anyone who asked about the blue football tee I was wearing in Tuesday’s post, it is from Target in the little boy’s section. I got a size large, it fits really cute because they are long & have longer sleeves! I also found these varsity tees that are very similar & also a really soft fabric, love all of the colors too for football season!

And since we are always looking for good movie recs, I wanted to share that my sister-in-law & I rented The Other Woman this week & loved it!! It was so funny & definitely a movie a guy wouldn’t mind watching as well. I love Cameron Diaz, any movie with her is a win in my book!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!

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