It’s almost like it’s own holiday, right? It is for us, any excuse for a celebration. It’s been in the 60s in the mornings here which we love, so the girls got to wear some festive matching Halloween gear. I had dressed them separately & Harper literally squealed when she realized it, “It’s da SAAAAAME!!” Two year olds are the best. Most of the time.
Boo Dresses (Gap last year) // Stripe Leggings // Feather Headband // Glitter Headband
 When Eloise went down for her morning nap, Harper & I made a festive late breakfast, some BOO toast (nutella & shredded coconut) & green smoothies. I just used wax paper to draw out the word with a pen, the letters punched right out & I used it as a stencil to sprinkle on the coconut. Super easy & quick, can be done for any occasion! Harper loves festive food & especially loves to help make it, it’s one of my favorite things for us to do together. Cleaning up the nutella mess, not so much a favorite. We went to visit some friends to see their new baby, had lunch with my brother & then stopped by our church on the way home to grab some more pumpkins to put inside.

We took a little stroll after dinner last night (classy as can be with wine in our plastic cups) a little thing we like to call the Hot Mess Express, so Harper could pick out leaves to make some wax paper art this weekend. Did you do that as a kid? She’s going to love it, I can’t wait. Eloise’s monkey toes kill me as she latches them onto the stroller hood in front of her.

Hope you all had an enjoyable, extra festive October first. The best month of the year!! XO

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