We did our first annual Christmas cookie baking day this weekend, with my mom, sister-in-law, Harper & myself. Lots of different recipes, all of our favorite Christmas tunes & messes that only a toddler could make. It was so much fun & we have boatloads of cookies to show for it. I packaged up two dozen large mason jars full of cookies to give out to co-workers, friends & family, I hope they all love Harper’s frosting job as much as I do! 😉 My parents watched the girls Saturday night while we went out to a holiday party, dressing up is always so much fun. It’s like prom, but with champagne.
 Sunday morning, our thoughtful little Elf made a bold move & brought us some goodies to make a gingerbread house! Harper was so excited to build it, after I explained that it wasn’t just a giant cookie to eat. I take gummy vitamins, which she sees me do every day, so when we started putting gumdrops on the house, she starts laughing and says “that’s a lot of bitamins!”

 And then there’s our Christmas tree. Not only does it seem to be dying, even though we keep it watered, but one of the the ten strands of lights on the tree went out, causing the entire bottom third of the tree to go dark. There are both white & colored lights on it, all criss-crossing (yes I hate myself for the way I string lights), so I don’t even know where to start to find which one needs replaced. It’s one of those things, where it’s almost Christmas, so is it worth taking everything down to put new lights on it, or just leave it & chalk this year’s tree up as a loss? The funniest thing though, as I’m watering the tree this weekend, I notice a pair of Harper’s pants neatly tucked deep into the tree. I was dying laughing, I can only imagine her putting them there while she went to the bathroom & deciding they made our sad little tree look a little better.

I also read this (Haters’ Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog) over the weekend & was laughing so so hard, just had to share. 
And I can’t believe Christmas is in TEN days. 
That’s all I’ve got, Happy Monday!! XO

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  1. Your girls are the cutest ever!!! I just love those faces.

    I loved that your daughter put her pants in the tree! That is funny 🙂

    The gingerbread house looks good!! And the cookies!! Yum!

  2. I have adopted three little ones from South America. I would love to have your cookie recipes! I think Amy would love icing the cookies, too! Love your blog❤️

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