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Valentine’s Day is already a month away, which also means my little Harper girl will be turning three! I got so teary eyed watching old videos of her the other night, ones where she was just learning to talk and dance, I really can not believe how fast these past three years have gone by. We are planning a small birthday party the weekend before to surprise her with the big news, that we are going to Disney for her birthday!! We considered doing it for her birthday last year but decided to wait until she was a little older, she is so obsessed with all of the Disney princesses, I can’t wait to see her reaction!!

So even though we won’t be home for Valentine’s Day, you know we will be celebrating this fun & happy holiday with heart shaped things all month long! I can’t wait to share some of the fun crafts & recipes we have in mind, starting with some free printables & homemade raspberry jam next week! In the mean time, I’m going to need that heart tulle skirt in my size.

Ban.Do Jeweled Bobby Pins // Heart & Stripe Pajamas // Heart Pocket Sweatshirt // Valentine’s Day Card // Gold Foil Heart Onesie // BKR Heart Water Bottle // Heart Tulle Skirt // Plant a Kiss Book

And of course, nothing says Valentine’s Day (or Spring… which is many many cold days away) like fresh flowers! These were a much needed pick me up for the post-holiday winter blues!

Metallic Reversible Tote 

 Hope you all are enjoying your week so far!! XO


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  1. Thank you so much for posting the link to that bag!! I was totally swooning over it when I saw your pic on IG. My birthday is in 2 days and hubby was hounding me for gift ideas. This is perfect!

    How fun that you are planning a trip to Disney for her birthday! I am pregnant with #3 as well and we are going to shoot for a trip for right before he turns 3 (that way he's still free, ha!) My girls will be 9 and 5. Make sure you record her reaction! I bet it will be priceless.

  2. Aw, she's going to be so excited, and smart that you are getting the first round of disney in before babe #3 arrives. The bag is a great find too, definitely wasn't expecting it to be so affordable, would be a great gift!

  3. Disney is SO much fun and a bit overwhelming with kids! We took our daughter back in September. It was her first time going and I hadn't been since I was 9 so things were very different. I felt like the first day was a learning day and then the 2nd day we understood how Disney worked and were able to do much more!
    We really wanted to get pictures with the princesses and learned that a lot of the locations have bad lighting so we ended up having my husband video tape too, that way if we didn't have a great picture we had video and honestly the reactions from my baby was the best! My daughter was 9 months and LOVED meeting the princesses, would play with their dress, earrings, and smile away even though she had horrible stranger anxiety at that point with family and friends. Since that's about the same age for Eloise and your trip I thought I'd share that they have a little room near the 1st aid for babies. Seriously AWESOME! They have nice big changing tables, a bathroom for moms and toddlers, a little area for siblings to color/watch Disney movies, highchairs, a bottle warmer, microwave, and tons of overly priced baby items if you run out.
    As far as Harper meeting princesses we figured out that we needed a map the night before and used a sharpie to circle the princess locations. Then we used the my Disney experience app (you HAVE to get it!) to see what time the princesses were out. Sleeping Beauty was only out once for 30 mins, Anna and Elsa were all day, some come and go throughout the day. We talked to the staff because we kept missing characters even though we were there right when the greeting started, and found out that you should be at the meeting location 15mins before the greeting time starts. They close the line after so many people and then some characters either take a break, or don't come back for an hour. We started showing up early and never had a problem again or wasted our time running around! We would spend the 15 mins waiting from being early which is really being on time, then wait maybe 5 mins while the people in front of us met the character. Each character spent a good amount of time chatting and taking pictures so it was worth it! The only long line was Anna and Elsa (60-90mins all day long both days). Some parents were splitting up so one waited with their toddler and one took the baby to be fed, changed, etc. Also, we found out on the second day that if your child is sleeping in the stroller, you don't have to park it before getting in line to meet the characters. Another cool thing an employee told us was back in the rightside of magic kingdom is a circus area to meet Minnie, daisy, goofy, and Donald.
    We had an amazing time! I couldn't believe my 9 month old was able to go on so many rides, stay up for the parade (she couldn't stop looking) even though she's in bed by 7pm every night, and enjoyed herself so much! I'm sure you guys will have a blast!!!


  4. I'll be working in Disney while you are there! That is so cool! You're going to have such a magical time! And congratulations on baby number three!

  5. That's so much fun! We are going to be in WDW in early February for our daughter's first trip and were originally going to go for her second birthday in April but I am due with little girl #2 the first week of May. We have been there many times but I am admittedly a bit nervous about going with a little one! I hope you take tons of pictures and have a spectacular time!

  6. Ahhh! Disney! We are huge Disney fans at our house. We are actually going on a Disney Cruise in a few weeks and we could not be more excited! I know that our kiddo is just going to die over the princesses because she's obsessed too. (Never thought that I would have *that* daughter haha!) Happy almost birthday to miss Harper!

  7. How exciting!!! You have to do the bibbidi bobbidi boutique! https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events-tours/downtown-disney/bibbidi-bobbidi-boutique-downtown/ My friends have told me about this and I can't wait until my 20 mth old daughter is a little bit older! I hear it's worth every penny and it's guaranteed that she'll get to meet all of the princesses! I'm assuming you're going to Disney World . . . we live in CA, but that link shows they have it there too. Have so much! I just love following your blog!

  8. Aw, so fun! My oldest daughter turns 4 (WHAT?!!) on February 10th so I feel your pain. It's so bittersweet. I watch old videos of her all the time and get all teary-eyed. We actually took her to Disney on Valentine's week in 2013 for her 2nd birthday and we had a blast. She is a huge princess lover as well and it was so magical to watch her little eyes light up every time she met someone new. I can't wait to take her back now that she's older. Y'all will have SO much fun and I can't wait to read all about it!

    If you need any food recommendations, please do yourselves a favor and ride the monorail over to Ohana for breakfast one morning. It was seriously amazing! It is a must-do for all our future Disney visits.

  9. Disneyland or World? If World try to get reservations for lunch at Belle's castle. There's always a huge wait but if you can get in it's well worth it. They even have a dessert called 'the grey stuff' and yes, it is delicious! (Corny I know). I went this past November at 7 months pregnant and the good news is there are plenty of rides you can go on (get your Dr's okay first of course) with Eloise too.
    Have Fun! We go every November and I already can't wait to go back this year.


  10. Love all your cute suggestions. I gotta admit, I was kinda hoping baby #3 would be a boy so you'd share cute picks for boys with us. I have boy/girl twins and it's so easy to shop for her and such a challenge for him. Any chance you'll keep doing some of the "boy" style posts you've done in the past? I love the great stuff you find!

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