Splish Splash!

It definitely feels like Summer is here already & sent Spring packing. Girl, bye. Sunscreen & cool clothes can only keep us at the park for so long, so we have resorted to getting suuuuper creative with water toys around the house for our outdoor entertainment until the splash pads open. Our plastic beverage bucket & a few dollar aisle sand toys kept these two little Georgia peaches entertained for an entire sixty minutes. Sixty! I even had enough time to paint one hand of my nails & let them dry fully. Granted, I had to chase the littlest toddler around quite a bit to make sure she didn’t eat any worms or wander off into the ivy, but still. Fun in the sun means happy (and tired!) babies.

Things we know from these photos.
1. There is something magical about transferring water from one bucket to another bucket to another bucket. I mean, toddlers can do it for an eternity.
2. I still suck at braiding, although I have been watching tutorials & trying really hard! 😉 But her hair still looks so sweet like this & makes me smile every time.
3. Eloise ultimately cares more about snacks than playing, always and forever. She especially likes to stick her hand in her snack cup and leave it stuck there, walking around & playing like it’s no big thing. Very Captain Hook-esque. 
4. We really need a more kid friendly yard.
Doing stuff like this is all fun & games until I have to put the hammer down & make everyone come inside for lunch & naps. 
Harper: Can I just do quiet time today, I don’t feel like taking a nap really.
Me: Hmm, maybe you can just try to take a nap & see if you fall asleep?
Harper: Nope. I can’t. I’m seeris. I just can’t do it.
Me: Well we don’t have to take naps yet, we can play a little longer & still eat lunch.
Harper: Ok. That’s good news. Let’s keep it that way.
Just call her the naptime negotiator. And me, the mom with still only one hand of nails painted.

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  1. I need to invest in a bucket and some toys too! That's a great idea. Also, baby rolls in little bathing suits are the cutest! I think you did a pretty darn good job at braiding. I am great with one side, but then I have the hardest time with the other on my 3.5 yr old. Not sure what my issue is!

  2. Jessica, As a mother of a toddler I have discovered Jamberry Nail Wraps for when I want to do my nails but don't have any time. I signed up to sell them quickly after (for the discount). But I love them! Theres no dry time, they are super cute, tons of styles to choose from, and are non-toxic too! I use them on my (almost) 2 year old too and they last way longer than polish! You mentioned going with only one hand painted and that makes me laugh because I currently only have a couple of fingers done too! ha ha If you haven't tried them, I'd love to send you some free samples for you and Harper to try! My email is misses.beckett@gmail.com.

  3. FYI water in beverage tubs is extremely dangerous! Toddlers can easily tip into them and drown. Buy a wading pool much safer.

  4. Haha! Oh my gosh I love it! Sounds much like my day today. Go into the back yard with my 21 month old and all she wants to do is climb the cement steps..ahh!

    Ps. Let them play with the hose! It keeps them busy FOREVER! (I mean any time to our mommy selves feels like forever right?) 🙂

  5. These are my very favorite type of posts! Just the everyday stuff. Also, a HUGE thank you for mentioning that you used your beverage bucket for the girl's water play. I have 2 of those and never thought to use them! I'm so excited to have an outdoor activity without having to buy anything, especially since we're trying to move and trying not to buy more stuff.


  6. Haha water is endless entertainment for the kiddos! Harper is a true negotiator! They are both the sweetest little girls. I started painting my nails the other day and only got to my thumb when Elliot decided he needed me right that second so I sported a green thumb nail for a good couple of days. 😉

  7. how on earth do you get Eloise to sit still long enough for her nail polish to dry? I attempted a paint job on my 20 month old's fingers, and she was so intrigued that she could not leave it alone to dry.

  8. I love this post! We barely broke 50 degrees all week so we are wishing for some warmer weather! My daughter loves dumping water into different cups at bath time too! Eloise's little pig tail is too cute–I'm with you on the whole hair braiding thing…good thing for YouTube! 'Tis Our Life Blog

  9. Yep I totally understand. At Eloise's age, and the fact that we only have concrete space for them to play on, a wading pool is not an option. I would obviously never leave them further than an arms reach from me while they're playing with this 🙂

  10. Yes, I love how fast it dries but I swear my nailpolish comes off quicker when I use it. It seems to peel off in one fell swoop even, do you have that problem too??

  11. I am a long time reader of your blog and love all your posts. I am just starting my journey through my first pregnancy and when I saw this post got me thinking about sunscreen. I have read that some are not great for pregnant women. What have you used in the past or what are you currently using to protect your skin as we enjoy this wonderful weather. 🙂

  12. Hi from Wellington, New Zealand. Can I just say I absolutely LOVE your blog. What a fantastic virtual scrapbook that you can look back on years from now. 🙂 My husband and I are currently TTC our first little Angel and your family is just absolutely so beautiful. Since TTC I have been obsessed with pregnancy blogs and have read a few but I have to say yours is definitely up there in the top 3. Much love to you all and looking forward to (virtually) meeting your third one. xx

  13. My 2 littles just LOVE the water table and buckets of water too! It cracks me up how something so simple keeps them so entertained! We added some dish soap and made everything super bubbly and they thought it was the greatest thing ever lol 🙂

  14. Your make shift water entertainment is genius 😉 we will be doing this! Avery is 5 months from being three and we are still going strong with nap time. And I certainly hope it stays that way! Hah. I'm not ready for any nap time negotiating.

  15. I think Harper and my Charli are cut from the same cloth. I get the I am just not tired today so I am not going to lay down. I will sit on my bed and read. Okay that is fine. Seriously I am not laying down. Okay. and 30 minutes later out sitting up:)

  16. I love. This! I have a son who will b 2 next month and he loves pouring water or sand or dirt into buckets and can do it all day long!! I started using the gelish nail system that's similar to shilic and normally I get 4fingers done on one hand before he either wakes up or wants me to dig for worms!! Your a wonderful mom and I love all of your fun summer ideas! Your girls are perfect!! Have a great week and stay Cool! Xox

  17. I call my son the "little negotiator" ALL THE TIME. I cant believe the negotiating skills he has. And transferring water or sand from one bucket to another is a favorite over here as well. Not sure what it is about it but I'll take it for as long as I can get.

  18. I go around with messed up nails on the daily because sure enough even when I try to paint them on nap time someone wakes before they are dried.. and babes in bathing suits! So happy the sun is back out!

  19. I love your blog and I get so many ideas from you! Can you do a grocery shopping post with like weekly staples? And maybe pics of your list? (Because I'm sure they are the cutest grocery list s out there haha) Grocery shopping is my least favorite chore and I'd love to see how you tackle it and how often. Thanks!

  20. Just sell your house and move on down closer 😉 haha JK! I love Harper's stories..she is so smart already! This past weekend was ridiculously hot though..I'm not ready! I'm totally paranoid with swim suits and sun burns so I've basically bought rash guards for M, but your babes look so cute in theirs, I'm thinking about getting her a real suit! I just get so paranoid! #firstimemom

  21. Your last line had me laughing out loud. Before your comments, my first thoughts were "Harpers braids are ADORABLE" and that "I love how Eloise always has a snack trap in hand." We have a little water table (just a little less water than the bucket and no chance of Olivia diving head first into it, being pissed that she's soaked and can't breathe underwater, and ending her (read: my) fun instantly). She does sit on her water table sometimes, but we play on. We also have a little tikes slide from target that Olivia loved starting around 15 months. We will wet that with the hose for more outdoor fun.

  22. Seche Vite has to be applied while the color under it is still wet. Did you do that? I made the mistake of not reading the directions the first few times I used it and they did chip horribly. BUT you should try INM 'Out The Door". It's better than Seche Vite and it doesn't have that horrible super strong scent! It's cheaper too, so it's worth the try!

  23. My son is almost the exact same age as Harper and he officially stopped napping about a month ago. I gotta say it's not so bad. His nap kept getting later and later which led to a super late bedtime and finally he managed to not nap a few days in a row and it clicked and now, no nap and asleep for the night muuuuch earlier so I actually have my evenings back again – hallelujah!
    I think I may have to recreate your water fun setup in my backyard soon for my littles as well – they'll love it for sure as much as your girls.

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