Baby Bump + Blueberry Pancakes

Last week, we had the most fun little lifestyle photo shoot at our house, me & the girls making our favorite breakfast food, blueberry pancakes! I opted not to take traditional maternity pictures this time, but I feel like these pictures totally capture the bump in all it’s (oversized) glory! 😉 Doing a lifestyle shoot like this is so much more natural, and way easier on kids than a posed family shoot in the middle of a park. Bonus points for Harper getting to pick out her own outfit & Eloise getting to eat for most of the time. So excited to share a few of our favorites, part two coming soon! XO

Thank you so so so much to our talented photographer, Ashley Scobey of Scobey Photography. We will love these photos for years to come!!

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  1. I was considering doing a lifestyle photo shoot for our last round of pictures but opted not to. I think I will have to do it for our Christmas photos. What a great way to capture the bond between you and your girls and your adorable bump!

  2. OMG, I just love this idea over a traditional maternity shoot. I've always wished for a non-sappy way to capture the bump, and really didn't like the posing. This is GREAT.

  3. Amazing… you and your girls are beautiful. Can I ask where you got Eloise's straw sippy cup? I have been looking for one like that. Thank you:)

  4. I LOVE these photos! Such a great idea. Cannot wait to see your sweet baby girl #3! What size is Harper's tutu? Not sure if I should get 2t or the 4! Thank you!

  5. I'm in love with all of these photos. I've never considered a lifestyle photo shoot but these truly show the essence of our lives at home. I'm in LOVE! Definitely calling up our photographer to get her ideas rolling on how we can make this happen for our own little family (:

  6. (Sorry if this posted twice!) but I'm loving that whisk bowl! Is it an old purchase or is it still around!? Thanks! The pictures are gorgeous! I like the candid shots so much! You and the girls look so happy!

  7. Pregnant with your third and not one ounce of back fat. I loathe you in the nicest way possible! 🙂 You look fantastic! And your daughters…too cute for words!

  8. These are SO precious! I've said it a million times, but I just love seeing these sweet pictures of you and your girls since I have a daughter as well. 🙂

  9. I'm just obsessed with these photos. I always love when people choose lifestyle ones because they feel so natural and I feel like capture real memories. Beautiful!

  10. This is the best idea ever! I cannot wait to do this whenever a third baby may come along (I hope sooner than later, my husband hopes later than sooner). Either way these are adorbs, your girls precious and I love the relaxed feel of it all!

  11. Oh my goodness, these are just the best! I LOVE lifestyle shoots and wish I had thought about that when I had my son almost three years ago. My favorite the picture of you high five-ing Harper while pouring pancake batter!

  12. As a photographer, I am always wanting my clients to choose lifestyle sessions. I think they so perfectly capture the memories that are made during every day life. These are beautiful images and you will cherish them forever! Enjoy these last few days!!

  13. I love these pictures, especially the one with Eloise and her soppy cup. So cute. 🙂 I also thought I should tell you that you were in my dream the other night. It was so weird!

  14. You and your girls are just natural beauties!! Both inside and out. Thank you for sharing these photos. They should be in a magazine! -NG

  15. These are precious! I love the idea of a less stress photo shoot. My daughter's 1 year pics were so hard to get because I had these ideas for poses and she just wanted to be on the move, so a lifestyle shoot seems like it would be a waaayyyy better idea! Plus, my hubby HATES posing so maybe this would be less painful when baby #2 gets here. Thanks for the idea and sharing your adorable family!


  16. I know, I didn't even notice that at first, my face is showing plenty of ones I had printed & the second set I haven't posted yet. I guess the girls were more important here 😉

  17. Yes it is the LollaCup! 🙂 They do leak out the straw though, they're more meant for older kids or just to have at the table. We try not to let her run around with it unless it just has water in it because she loves to dump the water out. But we do love them!

  18. Thank you! My husband made it, super easy there are tons of tutorials online, this was just a sheet of smooth finish wood painted with chalkboard paint & framed out in white 2×1 trim! 😉 XO

  19. Thanks Stephanie! These were actually the Krusteez brand from a box with blueberries added, just in the essence of time! 😉 But I use tons of different recipes just depending on what ingredients we have on hand. The trick to making them fluffy is letting the batter set for 3-4 minutes after mixing before you make them! 😉

  20. Thanks so much! It's actually from an old beach restaurant in Florida, I asked if I could buy one from the table because I loved it so much. It was holding ketchup, mustard & menus! 😉 Wish I had gotten more looking back! 😉

  21. Thanks so much! It's actually from an old beach restaurant in Florida, I asked if I could buy one from the table because I loved it so much. It was holding ketchup, mustard & menus! 😉 Wish I had gotten more looking back! 😉

  22. Yes, they're so much easier on everyone. My husband got out of these because he was at work, we wanted them to be more about the girls anyway. But we will do something similar for our newborn photos I'm sure! 😉

  23. Thank you! I think we will have both table cups and "around the house" cups 🙂 And you are super sweet and awesome to reply to everyone. I appreciate it so much! I don't know how you do it with two and one on the way…I can barely function with my one, lol!

  24. I love these photos! So natural and beautiful. And, can I please just say how much I love your blog?! It's so effortless and real, which is totally my favorite thing about it. I would love your help on getting mine started! I emailed you maybe a week ago with some questions about it. Any advice you could lend would be appreciated. I'll be praying for a safe and healthy delivery of baby girl number three, mama! 🙂

  25. Long time reader, first time commenter 😉 I love lifestyle photo shoots and I LOVE these photos (so shout out to Ashley Scobey!) I just wanted to chime in and say – the photographer took an artistic approach and I totally love the images you posted. I could go to any blog and see a zillion posed images with everyone cheesing at the camera- I love your style and your take on this maternity shoot! Can't wait to read a baby post!

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