Our Weekend + Bathroom Sneak Peek

Happy Monday, friends! Hope you all had a great weekend. I can’t believe we are well into June, there is an overwhelming amount of things to be done around here before baby girl arrives & I’m pretty sure we are running right out of time! Brandon was in Iowa for work for a few days & we were so happy to have him home late Saturday in time for some weekend fun. I took the girls to Ikea Saturday morning, we finally picked up the outdoor chairs I wanted so they could have a place to lounge, they’re obsessed with them! Sunday morning, my sweet friend Ashley hosted a small baby shower/sprinkle to celebrate baby girl #3. Instead of gifts, everyone brought date night ideas, which was the sweetest, most creative thing ever! 😉 Did you know there is a treehouse bed & breakfast in Atlanta?! It was so fun having a relaxing morning & donuts with some of my favorite ladies, while the girls danced around us in butterfly wings of course!

And most exciting of all, we finished our master bathroom! I still need to add some accessories to the shelves, do a few small paint touch-ups on the cabinets & add a bamboo blind above the tub. I’d really love to find some plants for the bathroom too, maybe something Eloise won’t try to eat. So maybe a fake one? 😉 Any recommendations!? We ended up going all the way dark with the walls AND cabinets (Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore), which I never intended to do but was loving the way it looked along the way. We added some raw wood mirrors & shelves, and my favorite rug ever as a runner in the room to bring in some color & texture. I love how it all turned out, despite many bumps in the road! Here is a little sneak peek!

Double Diamond Rug // Wood Shelves // DipDyed Stool

Can’t wait to share the full room later this week!! Hope you all are having a great start to your week!



  1. Oh my – love love love the bathroom! We remodeled ours back in January and I have been searching for the perfect rug. I've had that same Athro one in my cart for months and I think you've convinced me to pull the trigger- it looks perfect in the space!

  2. Please please please tell me where that white dress is from. I am pregnant as well and need a white maxi for beach pictures I'm taking next month. Love your blogs and you make everything look good!


  3. Swooning over the tile on the floor. And a fiddle fig would be perfect in there if you get enough natural light. Although, my two year old would be all into that so fake might be best. Ikea has some big fake ones.

  4. Eek! It couldn't have turned out more perfect! I agree that some green would give it a nice pop of color. Maybe some succulents that aren't prickly? Low maintenance too! (I tend to kill plants) Or you can always go with the little topiary style ones that are fake. Awesome work!

  5. Love your bathroom- would totally pin it on pinterest 😉 I am such a sucker for white everything in kitchen and bathroom but I feel like my husband and I would meet somewhere along the lines of what you did. Speaking of, we have 3 (yes, 3) bathrooms that range from needing little tweaks to ma$$ive renovations. So congrats on getting it done.
    And I am swooning over that rug!

  6. You should get a snake plant, also called "mother of tongue" plant! It would look beautiful in this space! They grow straight up so it won't take up much space, very VERY low maintenance, and they're popular for bathrooms because it helps get rid of mold spores. I got mine from Home Depot for like $10 in October and have only watered it once! Win!

  7. Bathroom looks great! I have to work on the hubs letting me incorporate pink into my house.. he refuses! If our baby ends up being a girl his protest will be over tho.. haha, love the bathroom tho! Happy it all worked out for you in the long run!!

  8. I found it by searching google because I loved it too!! its on amazon called: Banzai Big Splash Inflatable Activity Wading Kiddie Pool Sprayer Basketball Hoop 🙂

  9. I love the idea of putting all the bathroom supplies in their own glass jars. That makes it easier to see what is inside them without having to open a box, plus a glass jar looks so much better too. Next time I go to the store I am going to need to buy a bunch of jars.

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