Ten thoughts that go through my head every single day.

1. How is it already morning? Is Claire ever going to sleep through the night, or are the girls ever going to sleep later than 6:30 am ever again? Hmm. Probably neither any time soon. Thank the good Lord for coffee.

2. *after drinking too much coffee* What should we do today?! We should go to the park! Or let’s go to the zoo! Going to the mall with three kids isn’t so bad, let’s go! Let’s do all the fun things!!!
3. Holy shit why did I attempt to do all the fun things. Not enough hands. Not enough energy. Why is the park so crowded? Why is the train table so full of germs? We should drive through chic-fil-a.
4. When was the last time I washed my hair? One glimpse in the mirror (or even worse, the horrifying accidental front facing camera) tells me it wasn’t anytime in the last 72 hours. Ooh, maybe I’ll shower when the kids are napping! Spoiler alert: I won’t.
5. Can my kids actually not hear me? I mean, I did tell them ten times not to yell while Claire is sleeping or put their socks in the toilet, right????
6. I really need to vacuum.
7. Where is Ellie’s sippy cup? Why am I always looking for Ellie’s sippy cup?
8. Is it wine o’clock? Did I just hear a car door? No. Was that the garage opening? Nope. Hang in there, we’re in the home stretch. Brandon’s almost home. Brandon’s almost home. Brandon’s almost home.
9. Ughhhh, they’re all so cute and sweet. Drinking their milk & reading books before bed, I love them. I wish they could all just sleep in our bed.
10. Was I a good mom today? Did I yell too much? Did my kids have enough fun? Why does Brandon have more patience than me? Because he isn’t home all day with them, right? If I went to work, I would be overflowing with patience when I came home at night, right? Maybe I should go back to work. Or maybe I’ll just try to do better tomorrow. Let’s watch Breaking Bad.

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  1. Love this? and I can totally relate to every thought!! I have two girls the same ages as your oldest two! So fun & exhausting all at the same time! Keep up the good work?? We plan to try for our third soon? Kinda scared!

  2. #10–every day I ask myself those same questions: was I a good mom? Did I yell too much? Did my kids have enough fun? and Did I cuddle them enough?

    I believe that the fact that we ask ourselves those questions means we are good moms. Three kiddos seems like NO JOKE. I have 2 and I contemplate a 3rd and then I'm like…hmm…nope. But who knows. I would love a baby girl 🙂

    Anyway, have some wine and relax with your hubs tonight–you deserve it! xo bickerstaffblog.blogspot.com

  3. Seriously. This is hilarious. We have kids almost the same age and the same things go through my head! Is he home yet… Is my patience dwindling…. Am I the only one who thinks 3 is the game changer!!

  4. You could not be be more spot on! Are you camping in my brain! Great to hear a grateful, cheerful yet truthful account of a day with your hands full.

  5. hahaha so completely true! i only have one so i can't imagine the chaos you deal with on the daily.

    i just wrote an entire blog post regarding your #7. toddlers hiding things should be a reality tv show.

  6. hahaha so completely true! i only have one so i can't imagine the chaos you deal with on the daily.

    i just wrote an entire blog post regarding your #7. toddlers hiding things should be a reality tv shot.

  7. This is such a great post!!! Makes me feel like I'm not alone my little one wakes every two hours my toddler finally sleeps :/) how often do your little ones wake!!! Always coffee and wine

  8. OH FRIEND. I could have written #10 myself, lol. FOR SURE – I always think Paul has more patience than me because I'm home with them all day. Sometimes I even make the mistake of saying it out loud, and then I sound like such a jerk. Lol! Glad I'm not alone.

  9. That last one. I was tearing up. I think that every single night. My husbands name is Brandon too and we have 3 kids, two boys 3&2 and a 9 month old girl. My husband asks why I talk to them a certain way sometimes or he says ' but they're so cute, why are you mad?' They are so cute when you've spent the last 10 hours breaking up fights, cleaning up messes, carrying a fussy baby everywhere and holding in your pee because you forget to use the restroom. But like they say, it won't always be like this, they won't always be little

  10. Something I ask myself everyday and then turn to my husband and ask was I a good mom today? Do you think she had fun today? Was there something more I could've done? It's nice to know I'm not the only one who has those questions. I love your posts like these. Thanks!!!!

  11. I love that I am not the only stay at home mom who has these thoughts daily 🙂 thanks for always being so honest about how amazing but yet crazy real life is!

  12. #8! I always think I hear my husband pull up and I'll open the door and nope, my ears are playing tricks on me 🙂 I also thought to myself today if I can continue being a stay-at-home mom to my girls this morning after I was already exhausted by 8:30 am HA. I love them and wouldn't want it any other way!!

  13. Number 10 is me ALL the way! Oh my husband had a thanksgiving lunch catered today at lunch.. What did I have… A few bites of my 22 month old's pizza lunch able…and he will probably have his last meeting of the day at a bar with cocktails… So he will come home wth all the patience I don't have.. While a newborn is attached to my boob and my toddler is running around the house destroying everything while I make a half ass dinner … Bring on wine o clock and a husband with patience 😉

  14. Have you ever posted your skin care routine ??? I know random but I have two littles ones, suffer lack of sleep and I feel like my face is showing it big time— you look great!

  15. How about, "when are the real parents going to show up!" And then I remember (gratefully) that I am the real parent. (sometimes it take a few seconds or LONG MINUTES).

  16. #3 for sure!!! I want my kids to grow up with fun memories, traditions, etc. But every time, my fantasy of what our adventures will look like come crashing down around me. Three kids is no joke!

  17. You Rock, I have all those same thoughts plus many more about my kids and my parenting everyday! Thank you for keeping it so real it's so refreshing to read and so relatable.

  18. I don't have any little kids but I read you because you are funny and real. You're doing a great job – I think. As someone said before – the fact that you worry about whether you're a good mom is proof enough that you are. Happy holidays to you.

  19. Three things: 1. I love this post SO much! 2. There need to be more drive thrus because I do not have the energy to get two kids out of the car and back in. 3. Every single day I get my hopes up thinking I hear the garage door only to realize it's the sump pump. (Rainy days are the worst!) I always think "now that was definitely the garage!!" Nope…sump pump again.

  20. I'm pregnant for number 3 right now. I'll have a 3.5 year old, 22 month old and newborn in March! I think alllll of these things alllll day. I never shower at nap time ha! I'm still terrified of the logistics of three. What do I do in parking lots and stores and the list is endless?!

  21. Thank you for sharing your heart! I'm a school counselor who teaches PreK-5th grade all day, and I'm constantly afraid I'm using up all my energy and patience before I pick up my boys. I know I doubt myself as a mommy and wife at times, but I continue to thank God for giving me His grace and my own beautiful mess.

  22. Oh, I am having a LOT of days lately that end with #10. I have to keep reminding myself that my daughter is a toddler so that I can refrain from yelling. I love that each day is another chance to start over brand new and be a better mom.

  23. Yes, couldn't of written it better myself, except I have 4 yo twins. Debating for the last year whether to have 1 more. But get scared every time I remember how challenging babies are up to 3 yo. Reading your blog re-affirms that too. Only now do I think I could handle it but still scared…

  24. This was so funny and SO TRUE! I am so glad i am not the only one who goes through the roller coaster of emotions and who looks at the clock counting down the minutes until the husband gets home!

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