December Happenings

There have been so many things going on over here lately and I feel like I haven’t done a proper job of updating the blog, a direct result of not enough sleep & too many kids in my hands at all times. This month has just been the best, although we are mostly frazzled, scrambling to go places & get things done, the girls have been absolutely loving all of the Christmas fun & so have we. Time is just flying!
Harper had her first mid-season ballet & tap dance recital this month and it was quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. She was so enthusiastic and outgoing, I loved every minute of watching her dance. I totally had tears in my eyes as I tried to switch between video taping & snapping pictures to share with the family, this girl just loves to dance! She is also obsessed with writing her name, taking care of her baby dolls, drawing pictures of our family (so cute!) & making her bed.

Eloise, at 19 months, is probably my favorite age of hers so far. Although she is a handful (which is a total understatement) she is so much freaking fun. I love listening to all of her new words each day, she calls milk (and her buddy Max) “box!” and calls diaper cream “sauce!” I added exclamation points because she is always shouting. She just wants to do everything Harper does, which is incredibly sweet but also very challenging. She is obsessed with riding the pig rocker, is the messiest eater on the planet & has a mean whip & nae nae.

Claire has made lots of progress over the last few weeks, she has been taking a bottle finally, sleeping without a swaddle & might even be close to teething. She has tried a few foods (oatmeal, sweet potatoes & apple puree) and at her last checkup weighed a whopping 17 lbs! We are still in the trenches of post-four-month-sleep-regression (when will it end?!), but she is a mostly chill, happy baby during the day.

The weather has been unusually warm here, making it not always feel like December, until this morning when we woke up to 30 degree temps! Happy to finally get to wear Claire in my  winter edition Ergo carrier (bought it last year when Eloise was this small!) it is fur lined & has a fur hand muff, it is seriously one of my favorite cold-weather baby accessories of all time. This weekend is Brandon’s company Christmas party & we are excited to finish up our last minute shopping & wrapping. 
I hope you are all having the BEST December, sending lots of festive + merry wishes your way!! XO

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  1. Absolutely adore that Ergo! I just had my second, and my Ergo is a lifesaver 🙂 I'm curious — how do you balance naps? I'm struggling with two kids. My 2 year old DEFINITELY still needs one and goes down easy most days. However, my 7 week old is not the easiest babe to put to sleep, but if he doesn't get his naps, he's an overtired mess at the end of the day. I feel like I am spending so much time away from my daughter getting my little one to nap. He's currently napping on me in the Ergo, but I don't want to do that ALL of the time.

  2. Love this, it really cracks me up how Ellie and Kenley are so similar. The volume level of yelling all the time, same over here. Love all the girls festive pjs and holiday looks.

  3. Love following your blogs! Your girls are adorable and they are so fashionable! Where did you get the "oh what fun" outfits that they're wearing in the 7th picture? Thanks!

  4. Those girls of yours are just too sweet! We are holding off on babies for a few more years but my goodness every time I read a post of yours I reconsider for a second! And I love the garland around the chalkboard! I have been looking for something cute to do with mine.

  5. My goodness, I wish that I could pull off Christmas jammies and boots in public like that! Why is it not acceptable for adults to rock that look? 😉 Loved this update, and that last pic of you and Claire is gorgeous. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your sweet family. Looking forward too seeing what 2016 brings!

  6. Oh my goodness your girls are always the absolute cutest!

    And girl, you aren't kidding about this weather! 80 degree temps in December are just no bueno… and I just checked the weather for Christmas Day and it says thunderstorms and a high of 81. Say WHAT?!

  7. Hi Jessica! I have followed your blog since you were pregnant with Harper and have had a pleasure getting to virtually know you and enjoy each of your posts. Today you blocked me from Instagram and I have no idea why �� please advise! @tanyalee87

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